Spotify for iOS goes universal; gets iPad love

Spotify for iOS goes universal; gets iPad love

Summary: Huzzah! Spotify for iPad has arrived in the form of a universal iOS app that was released today.

TOPICS: iPad, Mobility

I've been pretty vocal in my criticism of the Spotify iOS app, chiefly about its lack of a universal version that worked on the iPad. Well all that is water under the bridge, my friend.

Today Spotify released version 0.5.0 of its iOS app (free, App Store) and it's finally a universal build. This means that Spotify will now run on the small screen of the iPhone as well as the larger screen of its big brother, the iPad. Before today, iPad users had to use the iPhone version on the iPad, a less than ideal experience.

Spotify, for the unfamiliar, is a music subscription service that offers free, $5 per month and $10 per month subscription packages. Free is ad supported and limited to 10 hours per month, the $5 per month plan features unlimited listening and removes the ads. The $10 per month plan allows you to download songs to your iPhone/iPad for offline playback. A Facebook account is required to use the service unless you registered before September 22, 2011.

In addition to iPad-native playback, the new Spotify iOS app features gapless playback and cross fading - ala iTunes. It's still not perfect though, although Spotify's catalog is deep (~22 million tracks), some artists withhold their latest releases (The Black Keys El Camino comes to mind) from the service, presumably to protect new album sales. Spotify has addressed this with its iTunes integration which allows you to play any music that you have in your iTunes library from within the Spotify app.

Spotify is still my favorite streamer, but it isn't the only music subscription service that I subscribe to. I also subscribe to SiriusXM (I have it in my vehicle, so Internet streaming was a no-brainer) and Digitally Imported for my electronic music fix.

Apple should have acquired and subsumed Spotify a long time ago, music subscriptions are an area that is sorely lacking in iTunes. Since subscribing to Spotify, downloading music and creating playlists has really turn into a chore for me. I want to enjoy music, not become a curator of it.

Sorry Steve, people do want to rent their music.

What are your music apps of choice on iOS?

Topics: iPad, Mobility

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  • -1 for using the word "Huzzah" [nt]

  • I would suggest using MOG instead.

    I've used MOG for a couple of years now. For around $10 dollars a month, I've been able to listen to almost thing I've been able to think of, so far, and pretty much anywhere I go.

    (I don't know the depth of the catalog, but for example, I was impressed that I could find a very odd recording of a War of the Worlds soundtrack that I vaguely remember as a kid, but didn't know the artist or 'real' name of the album. But MOG found it, and I enjoyed a rare flashback moment when I was a kid ... listening to it on my smart phone over 3G, all while I was hiking with my dog in a nature preserve outside of town!)

    I can listen to all the music from MOG via an channel on Roku, on most TVs and Bluray players with apps, my BluRay player, (all of which allow me to play songs on my home stereo), and an app for listening on my smart phone, with the ability to listen to it over my car stereo, as it can even deliver high quality sound via 3G even, allowing me to listen while I drive around town. And the computer app is even better. I can build playlists, share them, recommend and share songs with people who don't even have MOG, and download songs to my computer or smart phone for off-line listening.

    And if you only want only, say ... the smart phone version, or the computer version or 'app' version, it costs even less per month. I just like to be able to play pretty much any song, pretty much anywhere I go (work, friend's house, parents, hotels, romantic picnics (with portable speakers)) .... almost on any device and in most places.

    And concerning Apple, I wonder if MOG would be a better acquisition than Spotify. But I doubt they will. Concerning Spotify, among all my techie/music head friends here, only a few of us have heard much about or used Spotify, so I can't say a whole lot about it. I could try it, but as it costs another subscription, and I don't believe it's better than what I'm alrealdy using, I'd have to hear some pretty convincing arguments to switch over.

    MOG has been a game changer. I tell alll my friends that MOG is like Netflix for songs, but even better. Try it! (And no, I don't work for MOG.)
  • Oh, wait .... it requires a Facebook account to even use? Seriously?

    I can't believe you're required to have a Facebook account to even use an app from another company. I can understand being able to use your Facebook account, in addition to other ways of setting up a Spotify account. But ONLY Facebook? That seems like a bad move for Spotify, as it has for other companies that have adopted the 'Facebook only' setups for accounts on their companies' apps/systems.

    That's DEFINITELY a deal breaker for me, as it would be for many techie people I know who, many on principle alone, would look for another app rather than paying homage to Facebook just to use a music app, no matter how great it may be. Forget the horrible security/privacy concerns that Facebook deal with seemingly on a weekly basis. (And no, I'm not a tech Luddite. I currently work in IT.)
  • NO. Facebook ??

    Can't even try it w/o a FB account- how lame!