Stop The Presses! First iPad newspaper delayed

Stop The Presses! First iPad newspaper delayed

Summary: Paul Kafka writes for All Things D that the iPad's first subscription-based newspaper app -- Rupert Murdoch's The Daily -- has been delayed. And it's Apple's fault.


Paul Kafka writes for All Things D that the iPad's first push newspaper -- Rupert Murdoch's 99-cent-per-week The Daily -- has been delayed:

Apple and News Corp. have made a joint decision to push back next week’s planned launch, according to sources familiar with the companies’ plans. The delay is supposed to give Apple time to tweak its new subscription service for publications sold through its iTunes platform.

Devin Coldewey reports for TechCrunch that The Daily has been delayed by “weeks, not months”

But the word is that Apple’s not ready to go live, and they’ve caused News Corp to delay the launch until such a time as the feature is actually complete...

the source of this information has shared that the delay is on the order of weeks, not months. Or at least, that’s when they’ll announce the next delay.

It makes perfect sense that the delay is on Apple's end if you think about it. How could an entirely new app subscription model roll out next week when the plumbing isn't present in iOS? The push-daily, pay-weekly subscription model isn't in the currently shipping iOS 4.2, and hooks haven't (yet) been found in iOS 4.3b1 which was released yesterday to Apple developers.

I'm guessing that Apple simply removed the new subscription feature from the first iOS 4.3 beta, but that it will appear in either beta 2 or 3 -- or one of the last builds before The Daily ships.

I bet that iOS 4.3 will be released to coincide with the launch of The Daily -- and that it's more than a month off.

What's your take on push newspapers? Would you pay a buck a week?

(Printing Press photo: Threedonia, The Daily screenshots: Poynter)

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  • RE: Stop The Presses! First iPad newspaper delayed

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    >More info about iPad</a>
  • RE: Stop The Presses! First iPad newspaper delayed

    Too late! The newspaper business is dying.
  • RE: Stop The Presses! First iPad newspaper delayed

    I.m sorry if, but we brits have beaten you this one with the London Times and Sunday Times.
    • Wrong story

      @jon@... This is about an iPad ONLY newspaper-- not a newspaper that also has an iPad app or web page.
    • RE: Stop The Presses! First iPad newspaper delayed

      @jon@... This is a subscription app. It means you subscribe for say 6 months or 1 year and the newspaper will automatically be loaded to the iPad app (say every day at 6am) and you can read it offline... I think this would make sense.
  • RE: Stop The Presses! First iPad newspaper delayed

    Two words: Too late. I really don't care. I determined that I wanted my "tablet" to be just that, and not an alternate PC. I bought a NookColor, which lets me read books, already has newspaper and magazine subscriptions, and lets me browse the internet and do email - all in a smaller package which costs half what the iPad costs. It also has games and will likely offer (Android-based) apps, if I feel the need in the future. For staying current on news and events, I believe that the Nook is the superior platform
    • RE: Stop The Presses! First iPad newspaper delayed

      I've had an iPad for a while and I fully agree with you. Most of what I do on my iPad is reading books and the news, and a bit of email, not much. I now have buyer's remorse. Apple needs to come up with more differentiators or they are going to be priced out by the competition (not Androids tablets, but Nooks and Kindles).
  • RE: Stop The Presses! First iPad newspaper delayed

    I would pay a buck a week - but not to Murdoch. It will be probably full of the usual Murdoch tabloid trash.
    • RE: Stop The Presses! First iPad newspaper delayed

      The NY Times app is not bad on the iPad, and so far, it's free (no "paper" subscription required).
    • RE: Stop The Presses! First iPad newspaper delayed

      @mainvision You mean like that filthy, disreputable rag the Wall Street Journal?
      • Disreputable rag the Wall Street Journal

        @GreatZen It's only a matter of time, and having enough idiots to pay for online stuff that intelligent readers can get for free. Then it'll be as disreputable as all the other Murdoch apers ;)
  • RE: Stop The Presses! First iPad newspaper delayed

    I agree, mainvision... I would pay $1/week for the NYT (or $50/year would be a better way to do it, to lower the transaction count), but nothing that foreign-national trash-tabloid peddler publishes. When he bought the Wall Street Journal he swore he wasn't going to change it, but it's slowly turned into the faux newz network in print, so I now refer to it as the Wall Street Urinal. Let those who need someone else to tell them how to think (aka "dittoheads") support him... I see more-than-enough of that propaganda when we stop in McDonald's for coffee and WiFi (where faux newz gets half the viewership numbers they claim, anyway).
  • RE: Stop The Presses! First iPad newspaper delayed

    I'm sorry, I'd be more inclined to pay a 99 cent a week fee if it was a more reputable news source that isnt run by an austrailian who views himself as a king maker in the US.

    Now if the BBC had a Web Only paper, to quote Robocop movies, I'd by that for a dollar.

    I also think Steve Jobs needs to realize his iPad is losing out to competition like the Nook and the Kindle or even the Sansz readers (I cant remember their names) because they are priced to sell where as the iPad is still horridly expensive.
    • RE: Stop The Presses! First iPad newspaper delayed

      @Relorian@... Really, the iPad is losing out to the competition? Where exactly is this happening? Other readers such as the Nook or the Kindle will be a better choice for some while the iPad will be for others, that is undeniable. That being said, the iPad isn't losing out on anything at the moment.
  • the Daily

    No great loss for the world...A right wing agit/prop Fox equivalent digital news rag is not what Mac users least I hope not. I wish Murdoch no success. I will wait for a real news service.
    • You already have the biased left-wing media, but...

      they're closing down very quickly because, most people can't stomach their biased coverage of the news. Thus, Apple and most people are tuning in to FOX and NewsCorp's other news outlets for the real "fair and balanced" coverage of the news and information.<br><br>When you're used to receiving your news "tainted" by your ideological flavor, anything which even slightly veers from that, will seem to be "outrageously" biased in the other direction to someone like you.

      And, btw, theDaily is not being shut-down; it's roll-out is just being delayed. Perhaps you missed that part of the article?
      • RE: Stop The Presses! First iPad newspaper delayed

        @adornoe@... what, you are proponent of Fox News? Only ignorant people consider that "news". Every chance they get, they refer to real news as "liberal bias" or "mainstream media". Their "fair and balanced" motto is a joke. Just recently, an email from a Fox executive was published where he directed how news regarding climate change should be reported... really "fair and balanced"...
      • RE: Stop The Presses! First iPad newspaper delayed

        @adornoe@... (Biased right winger)<br><br>Unfortunately the numbers are down, not due to the nature of what they 'print'.<br><br>All newspapers, including Murdoch's numbers are down.<br><br>The current way to increase numbers is to publish sensational stories online, and to increase page hits by having blogs where the readers create the stories by posting in response to the sensational an often wrong story.<br><br>Each blog post is another page hit, and another reason for readers to re-visit the same page.<br><br>So the irony is that Murdoch may be leading the way in saving decent journalism by proving the business model that others can use.<br><br><br>I for one want this model to succeed, I want standards restored to the decent journals.<br><br>I also would like to make use of this model to create service charge based apps, rather than ad driven apps.<br><br>I hope that Apple allows this model to cover the use of the online services beyond their platform also. So an iTunes subscription means you can view you newspaper on other platforms.<br><br>Now to see how many bloggers think I am defending Fox's standards by this post <img border="0" src="" alt="happy">

        The most disgusting thing I have seen lately was a clip of some Fox personality mocking the comments about the shooting being connected with the Pailn/Tea party propaganda.

        The US has a real problem now - and I have to say that Fox is a part of that.

        The racist attacks I have seen on online social media by hate merchants are a sign of some very sick minds, who are being encouraged in their darkest thoughts.
      • prof123: No, not a proponent of FOX news, but, a realist...

        who recognizes the facts on the ground and not a wish-list where people try to talk-down a news outfit in the hopes of making it fail.<br><br><i>Only ignorant people consider that "news".</i><br><br>Yet, I'll bet that I'm much better informed by watching FOX news than you, with whatever you watch. Face it, your news is just the news the way you want it bent to suit your ideology.<br><br><i>Every chance they get, they refer to real news as "liberal bias" or "mainstream media".</i><br><br>The so-called "mainstream media" is the liberal biased version of the "news", and not a fully independent version of the real news. Most mainstream, aka: liberal media outlets, have become proponents of the democratic party's liberal agenda, and they jump to defend everything that Obama or the democrats propose. In fact, the liberal press, aka: the mainstream media, IS, the propaganda arm of the liberals. But, since you're a liberal yourself, it's impossible for you to see that a free-press should be separate from the liberal ideology of the democratic party.<br><br><i> Their "fair and balanced" motto is a joke.</i><br><br>It's a joke to those that don't understand what it really means and how the press should not be the water-boys for any particular political party. <br><br><i>Just recently, an email from a Fox executive was published where he directed how news regarding climate change should be reported...</i><br><br>What????<br><br>What the heck are you getting at?!?!<br><br>First off, you very likely never read the "e-mail". Secondly, you very likely were reading someone else's spin or interpretation of the e-mail. Thirdly, what the heck is wrong with reporting how climate change should be reported? All news outlets, left, right, or in-between, do that kind of directive (that's what the editors do), but, it doesn't necessarily mean that the "news" will suffer from being "mis-reported".<br><br><i> really "fair and balanced"</i><br><br>You still don't know what "fair and balanced" means, and you still don't understand what "the news" means. And, you certainly don't know what FOX news is about. <br><br>BTW, why is it that most consumers of TV and radio listeners get their news from FOX? And, believe it or not, they do have a choice to get their news from elsewhere; so, why do they still "prefer" FOX for their news?<br><br>Chances are the the majority of the people do understand how to get their news unfiltered and unbiased and choose FOX and other NewsCorp news properties over any other. Chances are that it is people like you who can't stand that the truth is finally getting out and you're becoming frustrated. <br> <br>CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, NPR, NY Times, Washington Post: all liberal leaning news sources, and all suffering from loss of viewership and readership. FOX is the only one that has shown growth in the last 10 years and has more profits than all of those other TV and radio news divisions, combined! Success like that doesn't happen if the people are being duped or lied to. Wise up!<br><br>BTW, take a look at the TV news ratings:<br><br><a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"></a>

        Also, take a look at how YOUR "left-wing" "mainstream media" was caught lying and spinning the news this week:

        <b>Newsflash for the Left: Your Lies Aren?t Working</b>

        <b>Friday Afternoon Roundup - The Media's Bloody Circus Ends </b>
        • richardw66: Good post, however,

          in the cable news front, FOX still beats the others by far, and the reach of NewsCorp in totality is what matters when it comes to the war for the minds of the audiences.

          So, while it may be true that all print news outlets have had a drop in readership, that audience for news might be increasing in other areas, especially on the internet. Thus, a presence on the internet, along with a steady or growing influence on TV and radio (especially with talk radio), along with a continuing print media, is the way to get the news to as many people as possible. What the left fears is that they no longer have exclusive control of the news/information sources.