TCO: How the Nexus One stacks up

TCO: How the Nexus One stacks up

Summary: Billshrink is out with its analysis of the Total Cost of Ownership of the latest crop of top smartphones and the winner(s) may surprise you.


Nexus One vs iPhone, Droid & Palm Pre

Billshrink is out with its analysis of the Total Cost of Ownership of the latest crop of top smartphones (or "superphones" in Google parlance). The survey (large version after the jump) compares the overall total cost of ownership of the Google Nexus One vs. iPhone 3GS vs. Droid vs. Palm Pre.

There are two errors in the GPS row (reported to the author) -- both the Droid and the Nexus One include navigation. Also, I think that calling the version of Google Maps for iPhone "turn-by-turn" is a bit of a stretch. It simply doesn't compare to Google Maps Navigation which is included on the Droid and Nexus One.

Let's hope that Google adds navigation to the iPhone's Maps app soon, but I wouldn't hold my breath. I have a feeling that the relationship between Apple and Google has gone cold since Apple (and AT&T) banned Google Voice from the iPhone.

Large version of the comparison chart with all the results after the jump...

Nexus One vs iPhone, Droid & Palm Pre

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  • Imagine that. A smartphone that is not only better than the iPhone...

    ...but is less expensive to own!

    And the icing on the cake?
    The Nexus One is offered 'unlocked' and runs Linux!

    For the iPhone Folks, that means 'no jail breaking required!'

    Oh, that is just too funny!

    Oy vey! Who knew Jason?
    D T Schmitz
    • What does an 'unlocked' Nexus One get you?

      You can't run it on anything but T-Mobile (or AT&T without 3G).
      • What's the matter rocket? Sour grapes? Yes?

        Verizon and others will be available soon.

        Take a chill pill.
        D T Schmitz
        • No, I was asking a serious question.

          The phone you buy now won't work on Verizon. When the Verizon phone
          comes out, you can buy that. So what does the unlocking buy you right
          now? What makes this a great feature?
          • I suppose you could run it on a european network? [n/t]

          • I guess.

            You don't need an unlocked phone for that, unless (I guess) you're taking
            it there to live. I used my GSM phone with no problems this summer in
            Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Poland, Estonia and Norway with no
            problems, and it isn't unlocked.
        • Does not matter...

          If I buy the GSM phone it is stuck to Tmobile(USA and if you want 3g)

          The Verizon CDMA version if it is unlocked, not sure if it will work on Sprint.

          In the USA the carriers are not as interchangeable as other countries.
          • The nexus One so far seems to the the exception

            I can always unlock my iPhone 3G and have it run on T-Mobile's network. I can unlock my Blackberry Curve that I have with Verizon to run on Sprint's network - but in both cases why would I want to? T-Mobile is worse than AT&T where I live and Sprint sucks even more in my personal experience. But it can be done. Why this phone is different I have no idea.
          • If you unlock your iPhone...

            You can run it on TMobile minus 3G, 2G only
          • Really? That I did not know

            then again I have no intent of going with T-Mobile so I didn't really research it fully... I knew it could be unlocked to work with that carrier as far as voice.
    • Let's see...

      I can get an iPhone that has both more 2G and 3G coverage than the
      Nexus One currently has, which is on a better network. Or I can keep T-
      Mobile and have voice and data outages once every 2 months.

      Yeah, I think I'll be getting an iPhone. Multi-tasking isn't a big deal on a
      phone to me (it's a non-issue on my iPod Touch), and I can even edit
      video on an iPhone 3GS, something you can't do on any Android device
      currently. AT&T works well enough for my friends that live around me,
      where Verizon in this area still has some catching up to do on call
      • Wow

        Everybody is editing their videos on their smartphones these days,'s all the rage...NOT.

        Unfortunately, you can't because you don't own an iPhone.

        I guess that rules you out as being a real hands-on iPhone expert.

        Not a big deal right?
        D T Schmitz
        • Actually, iPhone 3G S users are.

          Editing the video to trim it up a bit is right cool and MANY people do do
          it. Of course, Android users don't. They can't.
          • I have yet to experience the burning desire to edit my Video

            no my Nokia N95 and I've owned it for 2 years.

            Oh yeh, that IS right coOL...
            Many. pfffft.
            D T Schmitz
          • Do you have the option?

            I know I have on my iPhone as has my sister and mom. My friends that
            have iPhone have also used the video editing.
          • On my N95--yes it does have video editing capability



            That's a 2007 Nokia N95, which still runs rings around the iPhone.

            And so too does the Nexus One.

            Thanks for playing.
            D T Schmitz
          • Nothing is running rings around the iPhone D. T...

            The comparison chart gives it all in black and white... The number of apps alone beats the snot out of everything out there... And video editing on your POS N95 is nothing like the pleasure of editing video on an iphone. The user experience on the iPhone is far better than anything else... And that is the most important part where all the competition fails. The iPhone has the killer apps and the better UI... People enjoy using their iPhone... They enjoy it so much they actually DO use it, and the end result is bandwidth and capacity issues for AT&T... The iPhone is the only phone in history to cause bandwidth and capicity issues for any carrier... It truely IS running rings around all others.
          • Really?

            Ummm let me think...

            [b]That's a 2007 Nokia N95, which still runs rings around the iPhone.[/b]

            I think we've had this discussion - and your assertation that your N95 runs rings around the iPhone is pure delusional fancy at best and an utter falsehood at worst... please refer me to your pharmacist so that I can take the same type of happy pills...[b]

            And so too does the Nexus One.[/b]

            That remains to be seen. They made the same claims with the Driod, with the BB Storm, with the Palm Pre, with the Samaung Instinct... and where are they now, these so-called iPhone killers? I hope the Nexus One does well, it is a really slick looking phone and seems to have a lot going for it - or will once it's released to other carriers than T-Mobile. [b]

            Thanks for playing. [/b]

            Yeah, you too.
        • And YOU are a real hands-on iPhone expert?

          Or even a real hands on Nexus One expert?


          The 3GS has had video editing right out of the box from the get-go... just because you have no desire to do so on your phone (and with that clunky of an interface I can see why) does not make it an invalid feature.

          And yes I AM a real hands on iPhone expert.

          Thanks for playing.
      • Don't believe the lies about T-mobile its better than you think!

        Guess what the Iphone doesn't have more 2g
        coverage than the Nexus 1. Here's why I have T-
        mobile and anywhere there is no T-mobile
        coverage guess what happens? My phone picks up
        the ATT edge signal and I seamlessly switch
        over to ATT towers with not one problem for not
        one dime extra. So in reality T-mobile has just
        as large of a 2g network as anyone thanks to
        ATT. I have not been anywhere in the country
        yet (including rural areas of S.C., GA &
        Nevada) and not had some type of coverage with
        T-mobile. Oh and I have great customer service,
        lower fees and now even higher speed 3g. In my
        area I have 3g all over. As far as data & voice
        outages don't believe the hype. I have had 2
        glitches in the last 6 months. I have friends
        with ATT who have had more dropped calls in 2
        weeks than I have had in almost 3 years. You
        can edit video on your Iphone and I can get
        almost 2 hours more battery life on the Nexus 1
        with a better screen and better navigation for
        free. In addition I'm not locked into a higher
        priced lower service network and Itunes pay for
        everything model. Oh and for the 200 million
        people T-mobile's 3G network reaches we don't
        have congestion issues even in SanFran & NYC!