The Big Apple bites off Apple logo

The Big Apple bites off Apple logo

Summary: The city of New York has announced that they've got a new logo (pictured at right) for their GreeNYC campaign.Apple has announced that they're suing The Big Apple because the logo will "seriously injure the reputation which [Apple] has established for its goods and services" reports Wired.


The Big Apple bites off Apple logoThe city of New York has announced that they've got a new logo (pictured at right) for their GreeNYC campaign.

Apple has announced that they're suing The Big Apple because the logo will "seriously injure the reputation which [Apple] has established for its goods and services" reports Wired.

The city has filed for a trademark on the logo which is on bus shelters, hybrid taxis and Whole Foods shopping bags but Apple has filed a formal opposition (PDF).

Personally, I think that the GreeNYC logo looks nothing like the Apple, Inc. logo but hey, that's me.

What about you?

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  • Apple vs. Big Apple

    I'm a fan of Apple, buasn't NY been known as The Big Apple for longer than Apple's been around? Come on. The logos don't look that similar to me.
    • My guess would be that next

      Apple will sue New York over that as they now consider themselves The "Big" Apple, not New York.
    • Angels & Ministers of Grace, Defend Us!

      I (sort of) understand Apple Inc. has to defend their trademark or lose it - but this is just bad PR for them, and a boneheaded place to draw a "line in the sand" as well.

      As has been said elsewhere, the logos don't look REMOTELY alike - and even if they did, so what? The smartest thing Apple could do is license the logo to GreeNYC for some piddling amount, then donate the amount back to them.
  • RE: The Big Apple bites off Apple logo

    Yeah they look nothing alike and this is unfair too. Both New York State and New York City are in debt. Apple should just leave them alone. They've got no money to burn on bullshit like this.
  • Late April Fools?

    Are you sure this isn't just a late April Fool's joke?

    Does this mean that my local apple orchard won't be able to be an Apple Orchard or use an apple on their signs, logos and adverts?
    • It HAS to be a joke!

      Otherwise I would be very upset that Apple was spending time on this stupid issue while my Macbook Airport connection still isn't working correctly!
      Hey, I love Apple, but this is insane!
      An Apple a Day
  • Their lawyers should be sanctioned...

    I hope the judge scolds Apple's lawyers for initiating a frivolous lawsuit. Then they should be fined for contempt of court.
  • Apple has taken over Apples

    Wow, this is a shocker to me that a company would go after a municipality for using a symbol of an apple??? So it seems to me that Apple will start going after orchards all over the country for using an apple as their logo when they are really selling apples and not a computer named an apple?? Does apple feel so high and mighty that they are parnoid delusionists? Questions no one can answer but the all mighty Steve Jobs, but I doubt we will hear any good reasons out of him on this. What a joke this is maybe its an april fools thing because I can't see this being a real case at all. Go get them Jobs, your the man the myth.
  • RE: The Big Apple bites off Apple logo

    So if anyone uses any logo that resembles an apple...are they going to be sued too? That's just stupid. The logo does not even look like the Apple logo!!
  • RE: The Big Apple bites off Apple logo

    I think we should ALL file a class action lawsuit against NYC
    for exhibiting such bad taste and making us look at their
    ugly new logo.
  • It is time for America to punish Apple for this type of behavior

    From [url=] lying about their monitors [/url] to [url=] forcing malware onto Windows computers [/url] to [url=] releasing the least secure OS known to mankind [/url], now they are suing anyone who has an Apple in their logo? This is disgusting and I for one will not reward Apple for these types of behaviors. I'm voting with my wallet and I encourage all of you to do the same. Otherwise, you are basically telling Apple that all the above behaviors are totally acceptable and that they should continue behaving this way.
    • In order for this to be credible...

      ...Did you buy anything from Apple recently? Ever? In order for you to start a boycott of something, it is usually more credible if you are actually a customer.

      I suspect that I could say that I think I will boycott Maybach and have just as much impact on the masses/company as you will with Apple. Your anti-apple stance is well known. I would be surprised if you even like apple pie.
      • Where you in the market for a $100,000+ car?

        If so then first off, congratulations! Second, your purchase of a Bentley due to a boycott of Maybach hurts Maybach even if you've never purchased one before. If you aren't in the market for a Maybach type car then yes, your boycott is meaningless and can't be counted as a lost sale but every sale of a Bentley is a lost sale to Maybach.

        I am right smack-dab in the middle of Apple's target demographics. Youngish (not too many gray hairs yet!), a gadget freak, with enough disposable income to buy any consumer good that Apple has to sell. Every time I purchase a product that competes directly with something in Apple's lineup, it is a lost sale to Apple. Sure, it is only 1 sale but that is why I encourage all others to consider making Apple pay for their actions. One bee sting isn't likely to stop a kid from throwing rocks at a bee hive but 1,000 stings will!

        Unfortunately, as a market, we are doing the opposite to Apple. The more Apple throws rocks at us, the more we apologize for their behavior. Not only is that bad for us in the short term, it is bad for us in the long term because Apple will have no incentive to improve. I'm actually fighting [b]for[/b] Apple customers because if people don't demand better, they certainly won't get it! Apple is proof of this.
        • Forgive the OOPS in the title! WERE you in the market...?

          I hate it when people make that mistake. Shame on me. :)
    • We don't know they lied about the monitors

      They could have just been dead wrong.
      Michael Kelly
      • So Apple is a liar or is incompetent?

        3 choices:
        1. They lied.
        2. They don't understand the difference between 6bpp and 8bpp. Quite damning for a company that claims to care about graphics quality!
        3. Their quality control is atrocious and every time anyone buys an Apple product, they have to wonder whether the specs they paid for are actually the specs they are about to receive. Again, quite damning for a company that claims to have higher quality standards than the other guys.

        Take your pick, I'm quite happy with any of them. :)
        • So are you..

          a liar, or incompetent? I asked this of you recently, when you
          claimed to have installed Safari and couldn't get it to work.

          You shouldn't bring up either truthfulness or competence.
          Being suspect in both categories, it undermines any
          argument you might think you have.
    • As has been said elsewhere - in order for YOU to boycott

      at first you have to actually have ever BOUGHT anything from Apple! Old Man may as well call for a MicroShaft boycott - which you would promptly jump all over him for alleged "hypocrisy", of course, since a M$ Bigot hypocrite like YOU would know better than anybody, right?
  • This is serious!!

    I completely understand how Apple feels. My first name is Phil. With so many of you stating that you have "had your fill" of things, the uninitiated may think that I am sexually promiscuous. This could be injurious to my reputation. Additionally, statements and terms like Landfill, Fill her up, and even eat your fill, may also have injurious ramifications.

    I will support Apple's right to sue NYC, and I will have to look into suing each of you that may have made injurious "Fill" statements as well.
    • I would start with ...

      ... "Phil"adelphia then, just to keep in step with Apple.
      Confused by religion