The HTC Droid Incredible (with Flash) is the new top dog

The HTC Droid Incredible (with Flash) is the new top dog

Summary: Meet the new king of the smartphones, the HTC Droid Incredible - with Flash.


I irked some iPhone elitists when I listed 12 ways that the Google Nexus One slayed the iPhone. But that's so last month. New Android handsets hit the market every 1-3 months (compared to the 12 months it takes to see an updated iPhone) and there's already a new sheriff in town.

I've been testing the HTC Droid Incredible for a few days and, so far anyway, it lives up to its name. The Incredible is pictured here with its "terrain" back cover bearing its uber-hot 8MP cam, microSD card slot and removable battery.

The 12 ways that I mentioned last month are still valid, plus the newly released Incredible adds few more to the list of why Android OS 2.1 is better than the iPhone.

  1. Adobe Flash 10.1 - While not perfect, it's nice to have the option to view flash content. I played a  bunch of fun games at (one force closed the Browser on me). I viewed the desktop version of on the Incredible's Web browser (Hitler reacts, natch) and it launches a new app, HTC Flash player. The opening animation on was ok, but stuttered a little bit on playback. Although Steve Jobs shrewdly timed Thoughts on Flash makes several valid points, more options are always better for the consumer. Apple's lack of Flash support is all about locking you into the Apple ecosystem and its damning statements about it are both incendiary and juvenile.
  2. 8MP camera - It's nothing short of amazing, save the horrible "optical joystick" shutter release. I will be posting some sample photos that I took in NYC shortly.
  3. Sense UI - A definite upgrade to the "stock" Android OS theme in every way. I used to prefer the vanilla Android UI, but the enhanced version of Sense that ships on the Incredible is growing on me fast.
  4. Two words: Verizon Wireless (enough said)
  5. The microSD slot isn't blocked by the battery (and 32GB cards are now available)

What's troubling is that the builds of iPhone OS 4.0 released to developers indicate that Apple have only addressed two of my 12 reasons why Android is better than iPhone OS (#6 multi-tasking and #7 combined inbox).

All isn't perfect in Incredible-ville though. I'm having some difficulty installing Google Voice on my Incredible (I'm told it's an issue with my handset) and it doesn't have the super-sexy Mobile Hotspot app like the Pre+ which is literally a killer app - especially for iPad owners.

Apple needs to address all 12 reasons in iPhone 4.0 just to catch up with Android 2.1. If it's going to take the lead the next iPhone some new and unique features that blow us away. While video chat has promise, I'm not sure if one unique feature will trump the 10 that the iPhone is missing.

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  • Very good and balanced article! (NT)

  • RE: The HTC Droid Incredible (with Flash) is the new top dog

    The points that you make are superficial. As stated, Flash
    won't come on to the iPhone platform. Do you really need an
    8MP camera on a phone? How are you supposed to send that
    huge file to someone quickly? The Sense UI is not an
    advantage. I don't have any problems with at&t. In fact, the
    3G speed is far superior to Verizon's in my area. and the
    MicroSD slot is nothing truly significant considering that its
    an additional cost for the normal consumer.
    • Aesop's fox.

      Sleeper Service
    • 2nd best

      It is becoming obvious that some iphone owners
      are going to have trouble accepting the fact
      that their phone is no longer top dog. The
      iphone IS why all these new handsets are here.
      We'd all have Razr V8,000,000's now if the
      iphone had not come around. But Apple's "locked
      down" approach along with Steve's feud with
      Adobe will keep the iphone from staying #1. In 2
      years Google (Android) will have the lions share
      of the market because they play well with others
      and Apple doesn't.
    • Versus petty and ignorant fanboi drivel?

      You need flash to keep the web experience frustration level to a minimum. You need better camera resolution so your posts to social networking sites don't suck. You are supposed to send that huge file over the 3G you mentioned later, or by passing it over physically on the MicroSD card, which is hella-cool.
      Ralph Wells
  • RE: The HTC Droid Incredible (with Flash) is the new top dog

    Just look at the garish monstrosity!
    • It doesn't really look like that.

      I got mine yesterday. You don't see all that red. That's the photo with the back removed, and the battery exposed. It's really a very handsome phone. I don't know why they keep publishing the photo with the back removed.
      • Sexy Verizon Red Coolness Factor! ....and I love red undies! lol

        lol... just being silly, I know. But hey? ...iDon't
        won't ever detour from their plain jane all is one
        and one is all samo samo Look and Feel for
        everybody clone syndrome.... lol I just can't
        imagine Apple ever allowing you to take it's phones
        outer coverings off. Too Sexy for Jobs heart! Let alone be able to change the battery and
        use an ordinary USB cable to sync your iPhone or
        iPad! NEVER!!!...commands iHitler Jobs!

        So seeing the naked inerts looking so sweet on this
        phone, is tempting me to buy one for sure! :D's a sexy beast, no doubt. It's defo inundated
        FLASHING loads of swag and features! Yeah.. Love
  • One issue

    My issue is with the Android OS itself. There's no
    "universal" update for devices. With my (personal)
    iPhone 3GS, it's updated to the latest OS while my (work)
    HTC Hero is STILL stuck at OS 1.6 with, what I fear, will
    never see the 2.0 or 2.1 update.

    I would love to see the changes, but until they update
    all the devices, I can only read articles...
    • There's no universal update in Appleland either

      only the 3GS will be getting 4.0.
      • There's no universal update in Appleland either

        That's not true. The update includes everything except for multitasking for Iphone3G which is coming up on two years old.
        • not really universal then.

          if it's a different version with less features.
        • There's no universal update in Appleland either

          Well considering the software update has over 100 features getting 99 of them(free) for a 2+ year device is still a pretty good deal IMO.
          • Sure, we just have to redefine "universal"

            no big deal

            -sent from my pc.
          • And people just have to be convinced there is a "problem" ...

            ... for each and every new "solution" that gets, uh, created.

            As previously stated: "no big deal"

            My two year old iPhone?

            Last I checked, I wasn't aware I had *any* ... uh, "problems" with it
            that necessitated any "upgrade" solution in the first place, let alone an
            upgrade solution that (by one bean-counters "definition") is one
            feature short of being a "universal" upgrade.

            I don't need the 99 features that make the upgrade *virtually*
            Universal. I don't need the missing feature that would make the
            upgrade *literally* Universal --- for my two-year old iPhone, which,
            btw, haters make famous. Get over it. Yes, it may be from Apple, but,
            geesh, it's just a freaking phone. I love mine. Get over it, already. Get
            over it.

            -sent from my iPhone
            brian ansorge
          • You're a Pretentious Little iSnot Troll! ...aren't YOU? lol

      • As already addressed

        the 4.0 update is available for ALL but the 2G... so far the only thing the 3G won't get is full multitasking - which I say is bunk because my 3G can fully multitask now (since it's jailbroken) so it's not a hardware issue at all, just a ploy to get us 3G users to ante up and buy the 4th gen iPhone... and until I see the specs on that it's not happening.
    • Android 2.2 will address this feature...

      with automatically allowing apps to update themselves via Android Market. Look for Android 2.2 to debut Mid to late may.
      • Slightly off target

        The OP's issues are with the fact that his Android based device is stuck
        at an older version of the OS. However, you bring up his point. When
        will his Hero gain access to Android 2.2? Will it?

        The iPhone isn't perfect with upgrades, as the new 4.0 will lose some
        features on the 3G, and wont be installable on the original 2G phone.
        This is however, expected. While there are questions as to why it wont
        even install on the 2G (since the hardware is mostly the same as the
        3G), its not unreasonable to think that at some point legacy hardware
        just wont be capable of running properly with the new features. At
        some point, the code optimizations might not even support the older
        hardware, so even installing it and not using the fancy features might
        cause problems with the older devices.
        • Hrm...

          Well considering Android 2.2 hasnt been finally released yet - your guess is as good as mine. However his Hero was shipped with Android 2.1 and HTC Sense. Most Android devices that have shipped with Android 2.0 (or manufactured in the last few months) will be able to support probably well into Android 3.0 and beyond without a problem.