The iPad's missing apps

The iPad's missing apps

Summary: A lot of the larger developers had iPad-native apps ready at launch, but several don't. Here's a short list.

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Special Report: Apple iPad

Now that the iPad's shipping it's a land-grab for app developers. A lot of the larger developers had iPad-native apps ready for Saturday's launch, but several didn't.

While it's true that the iPhone/iPod touch version of the app will run on the iPad, it's a waste of screen real estate. What's worse is that "mini apps" remind me that I really don't need an iPad -- because the app runs fine on my iPhone!

Sure, you can double the pixel resolution of an iPhone/iPod app by tapping the little "2x" icon in the lower-right corner, it's bogus. A blown-up iPhone apps feels like you're holding the iPhone too close to your face or something. It's hard to describe other than being off-putting.

Developers that have established, popular apps need to accommodate the larger screen real estate offered by the iPad or risk losing app loyalty (and sales) to competitors that offer iPad versions. Here are a couple of missing iPad apps:

Amazon – Surprisingly there's no native Amazon app for the iPad. You'd think that Bezos and company would want to sell stuff to iPad users, but I guess not. It's a weird oversight for the mega-retailer, especially when you consider that eBay has a native app and that Amazon already released its Kindle app for the iPad.

Facebook Mobile - Another glaring omission is Facebook for iPad. Om thinks its because developer Joe Hewitt left, but really guys? No iPad app? There's got to be programming prodigy on staff at FB that could bang out a full-screen iPad client in an afternoon. Don't get duped into spilling $3 for the super-lame Facebook Ultimate either (no link love), it's a fourth-party hack that's universally panned in the reviews. Opt instead for the Web app, until FB gets its act together.

Gowalla – Speaking of social media app, where's Gowalla? I love it on the iPhone but as I stated above I'm not a 2x resolution guy. Same goes for Foursquare. Aol has release AIM for iPad, but that's about it.

DropBox - Cloud storage apps are also notably absent for the iPad. There's no Dropbox or Mobile Me iDisk. SugarSync does have an iPad app, so that's what I'm using for file storage for the time being.

Google Earth, Google Mobile - No surprises there, sadly.

Grand Theft Auto – While I'm not much of a gamer, GTA rocks on the iPhone/iPod touch and has a lot of potential for an iPad game. But that's a bit of a stretch because there are a lot of other great iPad games already on the App Store. More on them in a future post.

What are your missing iPad apps?

Topics: Mobility, iPad

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  • Missing Apps (Apple)

    While on my iPad his morning I realized that Apple left out two of my
    most used Apps the Stock App and the Alarm Clock, I can still use the
    iPhone for the Alarm Clock but I access the stock App several times a
    day. Hopefully they will make an updated version soon.
  • What?!?! No iFart(s)? Bummer! {nt}

  • Sorry! iPad is really Apple's first iPhail! ;)

    No Camera, ...duh! NO Flash 80% of the web has FLASH and
    with 10.1 it's fully accelerated so Apple's lame claim as
    to being junkware, shows it's Arogance and Ignorance are

    No SD Memory? makes iPhail only Fully Functional as an
    Overtly DRM (Digital Rectal Manipulation) Device you can
    only use as Apple Dictates. Sounds a little like China's
    Censor Filter. Only it's made to ultra protect Corporations
    rather than Governments. Forget sharing files you paid for
    even on your own devices!

    iPhone does just fine as an modest eBook reader. But for
    Web Surfing at least a Slate or Net Book can read eBooks,
    play FLASH GAMES, TAKE PICTURES, Surf the Entire Web and
    actually see and experience it, prior to 2010 when HTML5 is
    due to be Final!

    They also (unlike any iPlatform device) have real
    integrated USB plugins and a real honest to GOODNESS user replaceable batteries!

    Which all really proves that Thrill seeking news media,
    Payola Doled websites like ZDNet, along with Apple's BIG
    PROMOTIONAL Budget is all most common people ever see!

    Think 1984 Orwell with THEM having the ability dictate what
    you do and don't do. I think Apple sees you better than you
    do them or the whole rest of the World! ;)
  • RE: The iPad's missing apps

    This thing is missing a lot more than a few apps! Whoever designed it is missing a few screws. No removable battery so you can carry a spare, no printing, no flash, no removable storage, no mouse..I'll stop there. That is enough Apple bashing I can't stand the beat down I'll get over posting that much criticism.
  • RE: The iPad's missing apps

    A highly portable and fully functional device will succeed.
    • And the people who make it....

      ...will pimp slap Apple out of the large PDA market.

      Let's see... if, say, Palm Computing or Handspring had built this machine, it would at least have an expansion port so that users could use the camera Apple didn't think was necessary for the Big iPhone... a user-replaceable battery to allow users to carry charged spares (so that big screen wouldn't carry a built-in penalty compared to the iPhone and other regular-sized PDAs)... they'd have forgotten about trying to control apps they didn't sell you, or reading material and video of which they don't approve.

      A highly portable and functional device built by people with customer focus will succeed every time. Wake me up when someone gets one to market.
  • RE: The iPad's missing apps

    The geek squad misses the point entirely. Sure there are
    some 'missing' apps for various reasons, not the least of
    which is the product just shipped two days ago! The app
    store has over two thousand apps. Sorry your favorite isn't
    among them. I'm pretty sure there will be more in the
    coming months.
    As for the whole whine about how it doesn't have
    replacable batteries, again, get over it. YOU are not its
    target audience. Your Mom is. She could give a rat's patuti
    about 'spares' as the batteries will last for all the things
    she has to do.
    And the whine about how it isn't a net book. Really? Is
    Apple marketing it as a cheap piece of junk, i.e., a
    netbook? No, it is an entirely new platform so comparing it
    to a laptop or a netbook is comparing apples and oranges.
    Finally, go solder your next game box. The iPad isn't a
    hobbyist's device. It is a consumer device, meant to fill a
    marketing void that geeks just don't comprehend. iFail?
    cute, but you probably predicted the failure of the iPhone
    and iPod also. And, frankly for much of the same reasons.
    Get over it. You are not the market Apple is aiming at.
    • so

      who is the "target market"? The Apple Mind drones? Who will accept crippled products, based on a locked communist platform at 2x or more the price of non-locked down open platforms, with more power, developer support and features?
      • re: so

        I think Apple is a free market company, not a
        communist one. IOW, its not run by the state,
        but by capitalists who act according to what
        THEY want.

        Crippled? We are getting them in our hospital.
        I don't think they are crippled. Looking
        forward to instantaneous updates of patient
        files and charts though without the OS, windows.

        If you don't like it, don't use it. Don't buy
        it either. Its what we call the free market,
        free to own...or NOT. Why you pick it apart is
        beyond me. Its like they didn't call and ask
        you what they should do so you throw a hissy
      • That must be some Snake Oil...

        ...Just imagine. All those suckers that bought iPads last weekend, iPhones
        over the last 3 years, and iPods in the last decade.

        Jimster480, you must be some clever guy. So, did you buy a Zune? Those
        iPod users I spoke about must be jealous. And what's that? You run it on
        Windows XP Service Pack 23 with the updated USB driver 1.05.09. That's right
        - the one that causes your winprint printer to print only greyscale, saving you
        the need to buy colour ink cartridges. Those MS people have done you, the
        individual, so many favours!!!
    • did geeks beat you up for your lunch money?

      Because you're nursing a LOT of bile against them.

      The FACT is, fan boy, that Apple could have benefited from customer focus in designing the iPod. For the purchase price, it wouldn't have broken Apple's piggy bank to put in an expansion port for accessories that a wide cross-section of users would appreciate, and access to batteries, memory and other devices which many customers are used to changing for themselves. Apple is guilty of the same arrogance as Rolls Royce (which bolts its engine covers down with painted screws to keep the hoi polloi out). But they're not selling Rolls-Royces, are they?

      This isn't the 1980s, when Apple could get away with the "sealed box" approach to building a personal computer (remember the original Macintosh, with the case you had to jimmy open with a special tool in order to get at the hard drive and other parts which IBM users could change with a screwdriver?).

      For twenty years, most of the people of the world have been spoiled to expecting to be able to chop, channel and modify our computer hardware. If Apple isn't aiming at us, they're going to be highly disappointed when early adopters of the iPad drop it like a bad habit and their sales curves look like the downslope at Vancouver.
  • RE: The iPad's missing apps

  • RE: The iPad's missing apps

    Why does the iPad need a special FaceBook application. My little Asus NetBook works just fine with FireFox (and even better with FireFox in full screen mode). What is the screen resolution? Is it so bad that you need a special application other than a browser?
  • RE: The iPad's missing apps

    Don't need Amazon or Facebook apps. The real sites work fine.
    Don't need Gowalla or Foursquare because I'm not taking the iPad
    with me. Using it at to read at home comfortably rather than
    hunched over a computer.
    • ha, HA... quote Nelson from the Simpsons. You paid $500 to be able to read at home comfortably (not hunched over a computer)?

      You got GYPPED. You see, there's this thing called a "laptop computer" - you might have seen one or two since they came out in the late 1980s - that allows people to sit comfortably in their recliners and read books, watch movies, do their paperwork... what's that?

      Oh, PAPERWORK... that's a thing you can't really do well on an iPod, because it lacks a keyboard and a little thing called an "applications suite," with programs that let you open documents, edit them, then send them on their way. You really ought to go to a store where they sell laptop computers and see how well that works. My laptop has a 17-inch screen and an external video port which allows me (under Windows Vista) to play movies on a separate TV while I use my computer to do other things on the main screen.

      And I suspect another reason you're leaving your iPad at home is that no one at Apple had the foresight to think that their customers might want to travel with it, and offer the ability to swap out batteries on the road.
      • Uh what?

        No one has the audacity to invent a recharging
        plug for the car for this thing?

        WTF is going on here? This yahoo can't think
        of a reason that someone would have said
        *smacks forehead* "I should invent a recharging
        plug for the car so these idiots can recharge
        on the road"!!

        America is doomed. We don't have one idiot in
        300,000,000 who can invent a recharging plug
        for travel purposes. What a dumb f*&^ing
        country we are eh?
  • RE: The iPad's missing apps

    You can tailor iPhone apps to the "big screen" all you want, but the nagging feeling you get that you just threw $500 on a superfluous tech toy down the commode during the Obama recession will persist - because it's the TRUTH.

    Reading material and video are the only kinds of content whose enjoyment is enhanced on the larger screen of the iPad. Everything else actually works better on the iPhone, because you can tuck the iPhone back in your pocket when you're finished with it. With the iPad, unless you're wearing one of those hoodie sweaters with a huge pocket in the front you're at a disadvantage compared to the iPhone.

    I'll make a bold prediction that iPads become the new gangsta accessory - stolen iPads, that is. They're just too damn big to hide and too damn attractive to the criminal element - the same guys whose crimes our President is committed to ignoring while he chases poor whites around Michigan looking for nonexistent conspiracies to blow crap up.
  • RE: The iPad's missing apps

    lol I own a few laptops & hardly ever use them. In bed I lie on my stomach & watcing a video / reading is a pain.

    When I type I put the laptop beside my bed & use a bluetooth keyboard.

    Funny the iPad will fill both of these needs. Hmmm

    And iPad can open, create and edit files for use on any of my machines.

    Come to think of it I will have it in my studio too - displaying photos for customers to see and pick up & browse if they want to. Having a charger there if I use it for more than TEN hours isn't a very big deal - the laptop only lasts for 5 (cause it's a mac windows only TWO!).

    Any one want to buy a laptop? lol
  • The next Apple commercial...

    PC: hey Mac, I sent you an email but did not here back from you, you get it?

    Mac: Sorry PC, my expensive do-dad had a few problems.

    PC: What sort of problem Mac?

    Mac: For starters, the wifi would not work. Then, I discovered some apps were missing.

    PC: Sorry Mac, answer when you can. See ya!
  • RE: The iPad's missing apps

    nytimes has a x2 - FAIL

    i was at the Apple store Lincoln Road Miami today - it was mobbed

    the NYTimes app icon was on the home screen of iPads out on display in the store