The iPod that you can drive over

The iPod that you can drive over

Summary: File this one in the "extreme gadgets" department. Over the weekend I managed to drive over my iPod.


iPod shuffle driven overFile this one in the "extreme gadgets" department. Over the weekend I managed to drive over my iPod. With my car. Sadly, I didn't do it on purpose.

One of the best things about the second generation (aluminum) iPod shuffle is its diminutive size. One of the worst things about the iPod shuffle is its diminutive size.

Don't get me wrong, the iPod shuffle is excellent for listening to while doing yard work and other tasks when you really shouldn't be meddling with ratings. But have you ever lost a shuffle in your car? Good luck finding it.

Something similar happened to me over the weekend. My shuffle was in my car door (or so I thought) and somehow ended up falling onto my driveway. I didn't notice it at the time and only found after I had driven over it (at least once) with my car.

Did it work? Click through to find out and for two more pictures...

In the first image, the orange anodizing doesn't completely penetrate the aluminum. Small flecks of silver are exposed.

iPod shuffle driven over - top viewAs you can see from the images the iPod shuffle's aluminum skin is remarkably strong. After driving over it with a 3,000 pound car, it only sustained superficial damage where the aggregate from the concrete pitted the aluminum surface.

In the second image you can see that the shuffle's extruded tubular case got slightly bent. The main housing that protrudes just beyond the power switch (picture left) got bent slightly from the weight of the vehicle. It looks like the two triangles that make up the "teeth" of the clip caused it to bend there. The iPod was driven over clip-side down hence the worse damage to the face of the clip.

iPod shuffle driven over - frontThe business side of the iPod (with the majority of the buttons) was really no worse for wear. There is a slight dent in the upper right quadrant between the volume up and next track buttons as can be seen in the third picture.

Surprisingly - it still works! Kudos to Apple for designing an extremely strong iPod.

I don't recommend trying this at home, but I feel pretty comfortable saying that this is probably the only iPod shuffle that could withstand being driven over.

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  • well that nice but

    only if your not with the ipod when they try to drive over your ipod :)
  • Guess that answers the question as to why

    Mac users are willing to pay so much for their systems! ]:)
    Linux User 147560
    • Yeah, I'd like to see that test!!

      Come on, drive over a PowerBook and see if it still works! :)
      • If it was one of their titanium

        notebooks, I would probably try it!

        1-inch thick Titanium metal body weighing just 5.3 pounds*;

        Since all of my ultra light and ultra strong backpacking components are made of titanium and I have seen the amount of energy required to bend, let alone deform it... I have a pretty good feeling the titanium Macbooks would survive just fine! ]:)
        Linux User 147560
        • How about a plastic G3 iBook?

          Survival Stories:

          long story short, my laptop( a G3 ibook) got run over by a honda pilot (twice), and
          when i picked it up, the screen was all skewed up, but , lo and behold, when i
          booted it up,

          Yes, as Heather mentioned, I ran over my PowerBook with Maggie's car.

          he drove over it with his hummer H2.

          Not good enough for you?

          How about a 3 story fall?



          tic swayback
          • The one from Engadget

            doesn't show what the link implies. For that matter I don't see much of the site with Firefox on Linux. ]:)
            Linux User 147560
    • Yeah, how dare Apple...

      make a product that's sturdy. B***ards!
      • LOL No doubt!

        Linux User 147560
  • but it didn't hold the complete 3000 lbs did it?

    But your cars weight is spread over the tyres' treadprint. If your tyre pressures are at 32 psi, then isn't that the maximum pressure that the casing of the iPod must be able to withstand?
    • Unles youre tires aren't low.

      then all of the weight that that tire bears is on the itty bitty iPod.