The mother of all notebook hard drives: Scorpio Blue

The mother of all notebook hard drives: Scorpio Blue

Summary: I'm totally psyched that someone has finally released a 500GB hard drive that fits in my MacBook Pro. That someone is Western Digital.


The mother of all notebook hard drives: Scorpio BlueI'm totally psyched that someone has finally released a 500GB hard drive that fits in my MacBook Pro. That someone is Western Digital. WD just announced its WD5000BEVT mobile hard drive, a.k.a. the Scorpio Blue with a huge 500GB capacity.

The 500GB barrier was broken earlier this year by Hitachi, Samsung and Fujitsu but their mechanisms are 12mm tall and only fit in the 17-inch MacBook Pro. The MBP 15-inch and MacBook 13-inch require a 9.5mm HDD mechanism and previous to the Scorpio Blue, the largest 9.5mm drive you could get was 320GB

The Scorpio Blue is a 5400RPM mechanism that features 12 ms access time and up to 3 Gb/s SATA interface speed. It also comes with WD's ShockGuard and SecurePark. MSRP for the WD Scorpio Blue is US$220 (500GB) and US$190 (400GB) and they'll be shipping imminently.

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  • Samsung M6 beat you to it

    I've had a 9.5mm height Samsung Spinpoint M6 500GB for
    about 3 months now in my 17" MacBook Pro. I had to
    order it with an external enclosure from a reseller as
    Samsung initially wasn't selling the drive standalone.
    • Samsung 500HMS

      Yes, the korean HD, Spinpoint M6 with 9.5mm thick, has
      provided us 500GB, though it has two platter.
  • RE: The mother of all notebook hard drives: Scorpio Blue

    Your information is incorrect.
    TechRestore, Inc. installed a
    Samsung HM500LI hard drive in my MBPro 2.5GHz on July 25, 2008.
    This 500GB drive is sweet, quiet and fast, too.

    Dave Beenken <>
  • How many platters?

    I'm guessing two platters based on the 9.5 mm thickness,
    but does anyone know? The WD site didn't give any info.
    Marcos El Malo
  • waiting all year

    I've been waiting the whole year for a 500gb drive to ship
    out. Where can I get it?
    • I got mine a Other World Computing.

      When my MacBook Pro was in Apple Care service I wanted to update my hard drive to 500GB so I found the at Other World Computing (aka in July 2008. Here are the links to their website:

      At that time this was the only place I could find the Samsung Spinpoint M6 500GB drive. I think there are other places that are selling drive but I haven't checked since.

      I love the capacity and speed of the hard drive. No complaints from me yet.
      It is interesting that Jason said nothing where he got his Western Digital Scorpio Blue 500GB drive. I would like to get one for my manager which eats though disk space like a shark.
  • RE: The mother of all notebook hard drives: Scorpio Blue

    So I called the Apple store to get their rates on hard drive upgrades for the 17" MBP and learned that it's "not possible" to upgrade the hard drive on any Mac notebook, not even if I beg them to do it for me. Nice. I suppose I'll void my warranty by doing it myself.
    • Funny

      All the more reason not to buy a cap-apple
    • Your Information is wrong

      Apple considers hard drive changes as part of the user installable part. In fact it even has a guide to help you replace - - They would not do that if it would void our warranty. What will void your warranty is if you end screwing your mac cuase of the change you made.

      An easier guide is at the ifixit -
      • Thanks!

        Awesome! This is the same Apple store that sold my sister a MacBook and twice sold her the wrong video cables to hook up to the DVI input on her LCD display. So much for geniuses!
      • still assinine to take that much effort

        to replace ahard drive
        • It's asinine to remove a bracket and swap the hard drives like cartridges?

          I've swapped hard drives and upgraded RAM in several
          MacBook Pros and MacBooks for friends, and the only
          machine I've ever had an easier time upgrading the hard
          drives on was the Mac Pro.
        • It is not that bad.

          But considering Dell, Gateway, Lenovo and most other laptop manufactures Apple is a fair amount of work to replace the hard drive. Dell and Levovo have made these into easy to remove and replace slots on their laptops but it does make these laptops larger and heavier than the MacBookPro. It is a small price we pay for smaller, better looking and lighter laptop.
          Again taking apart the MacBookPro is fair amount work but the rewards are great once you have 500GB drive in your MacBook Pro. MacBook on the other hand is much easier to replace the hard drive which you just remove the battery and then remove the L-shaped cover around the battery and then put the hard drive out and replace the hard drive on the existing tray.

  • Moron Employees

    Perhaps you should write a letter to Apple corporate and let them know that there's an idiot in the system that's making life difficult for customers. I don't think any company would want someone like that ruining the customer experience.

    And you might want to take those links in to the store- have a little pow-wow w/ the manager and that salesperson- show them that perhaps they need to brush up on their Apple Experience :P
  • Pity Apple didn't make a Macbook Pro that fit standard hard drives.

    Elitism doesn't become you.

    • Pity Apple makes it such a pain to get at the hard drive

      Why they can't make it like the MacBook is beyond me.
      • That is because of the chipset differences.

        I've taken apart MacBookPro and MacBook because each person who owned it spilled liquids into them and looking at each one taken apart each one uses a different chipset so why the differences in the design. MacBookPro has very little space to spare so they didn't couldn't put the hard drive into the slot like the MacBook. The MacBook has some to spare so they can have a slot to have a removable hard drive.
        Don't ever get the display wet, if possible, since if any liquid get between the LCD and the backlight it is near impossible to clean. I have open and cleaned to the bottom of PowerBook, MacBookPro, iBook and MacBook it is possible to clean the logic board section but not easily the display.
    • The 17 inch does, Toady. <nt>

  • I'll still take 320 gigs at 7200 RPM nt

  • RE: The mother of all notebook hard drives: Scorpio Blue

    I don't see what all the hoopla is about, no matter what it still has one serious flaw from the outset, it comes from supplier of junk, APPLE!! I will use anything else first, such as Linux on a PC. Used Apple products for almost 2 years and I'd slit my wrists before doing that again.
    THX 1138