TiVo streaming coming to iOS this summer

TiVo streaming coming to iOS this summer

Summary: If you own a TiVo Premiere you'll soon be able to stream programs to your iPad or iPhone with an external transcoder device.


TiVo streaming coming to iOS this summer - Jason O'GradyTiVo fans rejoice! Streaming from the original DVR is finally coming to iOS devices like the iPad and iPhone this summer.

During the 2012 NCTA Cable Show which opened today in Boston TiVo announced two new devices. The first, an IP-based set-top box which delivers TiVo content to other TVs in your house and -- more importantly -- the TiVo Stream which transcodes content for viewing on mobile devices like the iPad and iPhone.

TiVo first showed off a prototype Stream during private meetings at CES 2012 in January. The Stream is an external device that connects to a TiVo Premiere or Premiere Q DVR and delivers content to a tablet or mobile device.

Also interesting is that, although TiVo mentions tablets and smartphones in the generic, the company has only mentioned the iPhone and iPad by name.

The unique part is that the company claims that the TiVo Stream is the first product to enable streaming (or downloading) shows simultaneously to multiple devices without interrupting what's playing on the television. The Verge tested a prototype in January and wrote that it "streamed a show from the TiVo across the room without any hiccups."

About that downloading part, in addition to streaming, TiVo's external transcoder also downloads shows to your device for offline viewing. Be thankful if you bucked up for the 64GB iPad model.

TiVo will release both products "in the coming months," and in February CEO Tom Rogers said they would arrive "by the end of the summer."

Photo: The Verge

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  • TiVo simply the best way to get what view what you want!

    But wait now I can ditch my Virgin Media, (or as I call them Virgin Crapier contract). So soon we can watch what we like, anywhere we like. I love:)

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  • It's about time

    I've owned TiVo boxes for many years, upgrading generation by generation. We now have two, one for me and one for my wife. But over the last year or so, as streaming from Netflix, Amazon, and Apple became possible, it seemed strange that I couldn't just as easily watch what I'd Tivo'd onto my hard drive in another room of the house.

    This is very exciting and I'll scoop one up as soon as it comes out. Sadly, it doesn't appear to support the Tivo HD, so we'll be getting one of these, not two.

    Thanks, Jason
    David Gewirtz
  • Streaming

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