'Twas the night before Expo

'Twas the night before Expo

Summary: ... and all through the house, not a creature was stirring except for Steve's mouse."Quick, change that keynote slide, he's got it all posted.""And you'd better do it quick or your ass is toasted!"


... and all through the house, not a creature was stirring except for Steve's mouse.
"Quick, change that keynote slide, he's got it all posted."
"And you'd better do it quick or your ass is toasted!"

The night before Expo is kind of a weird time, there's a kind-of quiet before the storm type of feeling but it's hard to take advantage of because the ether is buzzing with everyone's predictions and conjecture about what his Steveness is going to announce.

I broke an interesting little piece on the PowerPage about Apple plasmas coming to Expo on Friday and while I really believe the Sandwich Guy's story, I still have questions:

First, why plasma over LCD? The simple reason is cost. LCDs get absurdly expensive at larger sizes whereas plasmas plateau. Others say that screen burn-in will be a problem with a plasma, but the reality is that this can easily be dealt with in software. Sure lifespan is shorter with plasmas (you can't replace the bulbs like you can in an LCD) but you're not supposed to leave it running 24/7 without a screensaver or power-saving. Again software will take care of that.

Second, the name. What's this puppy going to be called? iMac 50-inch? iTheatre? iTV?

Third, the color. Please don't make them white! They should to be black or at least aluminum like the current Cinema displays.

Anyway, security is extra high on the show floor at Expo and word is that Apple hired their own private security firm to guard the booth. Even employees aren't allowed anywhere near the booth, t-shirts or anything until after the keynote address is over. Only Apple's A-team of insiders and engineers (12-16 people plus a few key execs) is allowed in the booth during setup) all of the other employees get briefed from the keynote stage, like the rest of us.

I'm wondering about the whole presentation of the plasmas, will they be unvelied during the main event or will Steve hold them for his famous "One last thing..." slide? And where's he going to hide them on stage? Since my little story on Friday, people will be looking around for them on stage, he certainly can't hide a 50-inch plasma in his pocket (like the nano) or on the desk (like the Mac mini). My guess is that it will rise up from the center of the stage (like the G5 tower did? Or was it the iMac?). Anyway, theatrics is part of his specialty, so I'm sure it will be good.

Also, will Intel President and CEO Paul S. Otellini take the stage to tout the Apple partnership and promote the use of Viiv technology? The smart money is on yes, Steve loves to have fellow CEOs on stage to share in the limelight. But not too long though Paul, Ok?

Stay tuned for Macworld coverage both here and on the PowerPage, I'll be posting during the day on whatever server stays up longer.

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  • I do look forward to the Expo's but I wonder if the hype

    this time around might be a bit too high?

    Pagan jim
    • I agree.

      The hype has been amazing and is bound to outshine anything that is announced today.

      Here's to hoping I'm wrong.

    • I always fall for the wrong thing. :-(

      Tech and Auto Expo's always seem to be a negative for me. I see a gadget or something new in a a concept car, fall in love with it, and it never gets built for the public. sigh...
      • I hear that...

        [b]I see a gadget or something new in a a concept car, fall in love with it, and it never gets built for the public. sigh...[/b]

        Back in 2001, at Comdex, National Semi had a nifty little gadget called the "Origami" that was the darling of the show - it was a proof of concept unit, a bit larger than a PDA that was, essentially a full computer. It had a couple of hinges that allowed the screen to be twisted in a number of directions, plus a camera AND ran a full copy of Windows 98 or Windows XP Embedded. It was utterly COOL. 8 converged items in one.


        I'm STILL waiting for it to hit the market 4 years down the road. (Not holding my breath though!)

        And since National Semi sold their geode processor line to AMD, the project is doubtful of ever seeing the light of commercially available day. <mega sigh>
  • Why? Why would Apple build a large flat screen.

    I mean how many companies are building/branding large format flat screens already? Seems this is a comoddity market where low price wins the day and that is not the arena Apple likes to play in.
    • Perfect home appliance

      Why wouldn't apple make a large format TV, with the guts of an iMac. Wirelessly access your movies, music, internet, built in HD tuner. I think Dell missed the boat with their HDTV offerings. Why not make it the center of the digital home. Just my 2 cents. Not saying apple is going to release one, but someone should, it would streamline my living room signifiantly
    • Makes a LOT of sense

      If Apple is buying into InHell's ViiV stuff, then you need a screen to watch that on, right?
      Roger Ramjet
    • Plenty of reasons...

      [b]Why? Why would Apple build a large flat screen.[/b]

      4.) Apple's take on the "Media Center" concept.
      3.) Makes for an ultra cool presentation device.
      2.) Graphics designers can use it

      Drumroll please....

      1.) Because they can.
    • None of your reasons make sense.

      Monitor - Computer. THey are not one in the same. I still see no reason that Apple would try to compete in TV displays when there are so many cheaper units to choose from. I suppose the Apple loyalist might be interested but I can't see anyone else buying them.
  • Seeing as there's ONLY TWO LCD panel-makers in the World.

    ....Apple will merely be making a 50-inch logo sticker...
    Feldwebel Wolfenstool
    • And a larger price tag.


      Now I wonder how many Apple fans will figure that out....
  • so no follow up

    YOU WERE SO WRONG!!!! And yet there is now blog about being so far off. I do believe you made up the whole story but if not I do hope you learned not to take tips from a clerk at a gas station.
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