Unlimited data only temporary for Verizon iPhone, $30/month

Unlimited data only temporary for Verizon iPhone, $30/month

Summary: Verizon today announced that it will be offering unlimited data to new iPhone users for $30 per month, but there's a catch.


Good news. Verizon will offer unlimited data on its iPhone 4 for $30 per month when it goes on sale next week -- but there's a catch.

Verizon COO Lowell McAdam, told WSJ that its unlimited data plan is only "a temporary offer" indicating that the company will switch to a tiered pricing model (similar to what AT&T offers) at some point in the future.

McAdam knows full well that AT&T still has millions of subscribers grandfathered into unlimited plans and that they won't switch to Verizon Wireless if it means losing their precious unlimited data. Count me in that group.

“I’m not going to shoot myself in the foot."

His "limited time offer" is one of the oldest sales tricks in the book ("don't miss out on this one folks!") and an obvious ploy to create a sense of urgency.

But at the same time, it could be a brilliant strategy too.

Think about all the people that purchased iPhones after AT&T dropped unlimited data plans in June 2010. Although they're locked in a contract through June 2012 (at least) customers that use a lot of data might entertain paying the (pro-rated) Early Termination Fee to jump ship. Especially if the AT&T coverage is bad in their area.

AT&T has to be thinking very seriously about matching it.

Is unlimited data a reason enough to get an iPhone on Verizon?

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  • Verizon going that for all smart phones

    Not just the iPhone. They have been talking tiered service for some time and with LTE just around the corner, I think they want a pay per GB structure.
    • RE: Unlimited data only temporary for Verizon iPhone, $30/month

      Verizon will screw over customers once they have them. The limited time offer I suspect will only be good for the iPhone 4, assuming the next iPhone will be 4G capable Verizon will not offer unlimited data and may force existing customer to change data plans if they want a 4G phone. I don't trust them at all!

      AT&T is no better...
  • RE: Unlimited data only temporary for Verizon iPhone, $30/month

    Brilliant strategy, like you said a lot of people would have staid put because of the unlimited data they have at AT&T, some would have stayed put to see how well Verizon dose with the iphone on its net work for a few months and to wait out there contracts with AT&T. <br>But now some of the people that were stuck in AT&T restrictive 2gig plan will pay to get out of there plan to get the unlimited data, and people that have the unlimited data and were going to wait it out will be thinking I need to switch now before unlimited data it is gone forever. LOL<br> Verizon knows that after the initial launch that people will grow complacent in what ever carrier they currently have for the iphone but tell people that something is for a limited time and if you don't act now you will miss out on a great deal and people will go nuts. Verizon will get a bigger jump of scribers from AT&T during the iphone launch to combat our knack for complicacy in the U.S. I would make sure Verizon is also going to be grandfathering people into the unlimited data before I switched, and then they tell everone well that was just a limited time offer we said that at launch that it was a limited time offer, just like our 150mb $15 plan was for a limited time. the way the plan stands now with unlimited and $20 for 2gigs of wifi hotspotting is a good deal that won't last long.......Brilliant marketing!
  • RE: Unlimited data only temporary for Verizon iPhone, $30/month

    Why use Verizon when I can hotspot with my Android phone for free on T-Mobile?
    • RE: Unlimited data only temporary for Verizon iPhone, $30/month


      T-Mobile is a joke... their 4G BS is a joke... their network is enhanced 3G not 4G and their coverage is the worst... enjoy!
  • RE: Unlimited data only temporary for Verizon iPhone, $30/month

    T-Mobile? Har har har har!
  • RE: Unlimited data only temporary for Verizon iPhone, $30/month

    Thanks to all, for once a good group of intelligent posts on an Apple product. Well that is most of the posts.

    Very helpful for those of us who are considering the iPhone but not AT&T.

  • News Flash: Verizon Has Other SmartPhones

    I can appreciate the interest in the Verizon iPhone, but let's not lose sight of the fact that Verizon also carries a number of non-fruit smart phones, the Droid family, for one. Those smart phone also have data plans, including the $30 unlimited one and, while the plan might go away, I really doubt it will go away - or remain - just for the iPhone.

    What Verizon is doing is requiring more and more phones, down to and including some "feature phones" to also have data plans, starting at $10 a month. If Verizon can get enough customers to buy phones that require data plans simply because the plans are a condition of getting the phones, it may be able to keep the $30 unlimited plan after all.
  • RE: Unlimited data only temporary for Verizon iPhone, $30/month

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