What's On unavailable from the App Store (updated)

What's On unavailable from the App Store (updated)

Summary: NapkinWare's What's On (dead iTunes link), a killer (US$1) TV listings app for the iPhone, was mysteriously removed disappeared from the App Store some time in the last 24 hours.The app, billed as a "a portable channel guide for your iPhone/iPod Touch" has a beautiful interface that blows away the crappy on-screen guide that Comcast gives us.

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WhatÂ’s on removed from the App StoreNapkinWare's What's On (dead iTunes link), a killer (US$1) TV listings app for the iPhone, was mysteriously removed disappeared from the App Store some time in the last 24 hours.

The app, billed as a "a portable channel guide for your iPhone/iPod Touch" has a beautiful interface that blows away the crappy on-screen guide that Comcast gives us.

Features include/d:

  • 11,000+ unique channels and 13,000 providers
  • US and Canada (including Analog and Digital Over the Air)
  • Custom channel lists to show only your favorites
  • Multiple location support with "Locate Me"
  • Favorite shows with upcoming air times
  • Configuration for HD/New show preferences
  • Sortable Favorites and Searching
  • Show details and extended episode summaries

I stumbled across What's On yesterday on a fluke and got attached to it when I was able to quickly find stuff worth watching on TV that I never would have discovered using the clunky, four-line guide that comes with Comcast cable.

No word yet on why the app was removed but several have recommend the free i.TV (iTunes link) as an alternative.

Update: (from the developer)

Thanks for the email. Apple transitioned our developer account from a single license to multi-license account and in the process managed to fudge up our sales ability. We realized last evening that the app was no longer available after apparently everyone in Apple went home leaving us with no way to resolve it. We have been in touch with Apple and it should be back on the app store. Sorry for any inconvenience

Topics: Hardware, Apps, Mobility

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    Anyone who agrees to the app store take 30% off the top model to begin with...

    So cool how they can approve you and then turn around and cut you off with no recourse. Forget the slowing economy, you're toast now!

    I wonder if they just put a list of iPhone apps on the wall and throw darts at it.

    Who's next?
    Johnny Vegas
  • RE: What's On removed from the App Store

    "the Comcast"? is that like "the Google"?

  • RE: What's On removed from the App Store

    I'm about ready to take all my Apple products and send them direct to Steve Jobs along with a bill and a class action lawsuit against this monopoly. Apple has become an epic FAIL. QA is no longer used thus they put out broken updates and cripple their products... I'm done. Going back to Linux and selling my Iphone for Android.
    • Any one have Jobs email?...

      I think we should flood his email telling him how much Apple is beginning to suck and include some 1984 references incase they forgot.
  • RE: What's On removed from the App Store

    To Johnny Vegas: 30% will come off the top for any app on the G1 too. No difference.

    To paul_d: Very witty.

    To Obelix: I would like to be there when you send a bill to Steve Jobs. Ha-Ha.

    To All: Is it possible that they might have found a bug, an incompatibility, or a something else disruptive in this app?
    At least Apple checks their apps for viruses and inconsistencies which might disrupt the iPhone workings. The Android open platform is really ripe for attacks from the hacker front. It will be very soon that you will see the first virus for the G1.
    I would watch out what you download. It is really no better that opening up an unknown attachment in your Email......and you know that none of us would do that. Blind downloading of an untested and unchecked app is not for me. Open source is great until the one great virus comes along that will fry your G1. I will personally take a little Big Brother and be safe(r).

    To Obelix: How much do you want for your iPhone? :-)

    To all: This is a very good post with a question that could have a good discussion.....but I'm sure that I will get nothing but slams anyway.

    To Jason: iTV is really good. I just looked at it 15 minutes ago to see what is on. You will like it. Also, This is an article that could have some quality discussion but you will see that that is not ZDNet anymore. :-)
    • Not sure

      ... I'd have to check att cancellation policy to decide a price (slightly off topic it would be nice to switch back to verizon where I always get signal unlike att)

      As for apple, well you could have a quality discussion if they would disclose things. It's just recently they are letting developers communicate with each other... it's very true that the app could of had malware but who knows? It could of also been too nice of app and apple was planning on competing with an inferior app, could of been comcast asking to get it removed, could be an accident and be back on tomorrow. Unfortunately apple doesn't seem to care to notify anyone about anything, closed system with no communication is not good for consumers. And this app pulling is not a new incident... what happend to tethering? No one should tell me how I should use my computers. (Could you imagine wanting to buy photoshop then apple telling you oh by the way we aren't going to allow that)

      My other gripes with apple as of late is their push to get things out the door... my iphone even after the updates still is sluggish at times, and even turns it's self off from time to time. OS 10.5.5 corrupted my macbook (along with other peoples I've read on forums and people I know)... Quality Assurance has taken a complete back seat to things like "what new color ipod will we come out with next"

      I just want a platform I can do as I please with
      • Thank you !

        Thank you for a post that was worthy of reading. If I knew you in person you would get a big handshake for being the only person to post something sensible to one of my posts, with no bashing. Hallelujah!!!!! I can now leave the vast wasteland called ZDNet in peace and look for a site that has quality articles which are non biased.

        I agree with your point of the closed system and non caring attitude of Apple. I do not like to be told what I can have and do either but I think I am lenient with the iPhone because it is an awesome product which cannot be matched yet. The tethering ticked me off too.

        My iPhone works to perfection. I have never had a dropped call. I have never had an app crash. Honest truth....I am lucky I guess. No other device can come close to it yet.

        I have had the fortunate opportunity to 'play' with a G1 and it cannot compare to an iPhone. The open platform also scares me a little. Way to easy for a hacker to take down and I think it will happen. I personally like the virtual keyboard on the iPhone and type very quickly and accurately on it. I have never been a big fan of a flip out keyboard.

        I am in the market for a Mac-book but I need to do some research on which one of the new ones to get. Again I'll have to find a site where I can get unbiased reviews and hopefully some 'real' reviews from people.

        Off topic....I too had Verizon for many years and got great service. It was just coincidence that when the iPhone was coming out that AT&T got much better than Verizon in my area. No problems with them at all.

        May you find the perfect platform that you can do what you please with.

        You win the trophy for the first sensible, non bashing post that I have ever received on ZDNet. My thanks for that. Peace out.
  • RE: What's On removed from the App Store

    a app i purchased got removed from the app store."OneTapPorn" later i found out it was jobs decision. now the site is online tho http://www.onetapporn.com thx for that