Wrapping up Apple's iPhone OS 3.0 event (Updated 6x)

Wrapping up Apple's iPhone OS 3.0 event (Updated 6x)

Summary: Scott Forstall, Apple VP of iPhone software today announced that 100 new features and 1,000 new APIs are coming to iPhone OS 3.0 this summer.


Scott Forstall, Apple VP of iPhone software today announced that 100 new features and 1,000 new APIs are coming to iPhone OS 3.0 this summer.

Highlights include:

  • New pricing models for subscriptions, additional levels and new content charges within apps
  • P2P wireless for iPhone, iPod touch
  • Accessories can communicate through the dock
  • A2DP -- Stereo Bluetooth
  • Push notifications
  • Cut, copy and paste
  • Landscape mode for Apple apps
  • Shake to shuffle iPhone and iPod touch
  • WiFi auto-login for hotspots

New Apps:

  • Messages app -- MMS
  • Voice Memo app -- free?
  • Spotlight -- standalone app and integrated search across some apps

Spotlight-aware Apps:

  • Address Book
  • Mail -- can only search email headers, not message content
  • Calendar
  • iPod
  • Notes -- entire note
  • iPod -- music & movies
  • third-party apps

Updated Apps:

  • Stocks -- gets more info
  • Calendar -- Exchange, CalDAV and calendar subscriptions
  • Notes -- now syncs (only with MobileMe)
  • Safari -- Anti-phishing, remember login credentials
  • YouTube -- log in, share and save favorite videos, subscribe to channels, etc.

New API's:

  • Maps API -- embed maps in apps
  • Email sheet -- so apps don't have to quit
  • Proximity sensors
  • iPod library access
  • Streaming audio and video over HTTP -- goes through firewalls
  • Data detectors
  • VoIP APIs


  • Parental Controls extend to movies, TV shows, and App Store Support for more languages, improved keyboard for them as well.

That make the "still missing" features:

  • Flash/Video
  • Camera improvements -- video recording, image stabilization
  • Voice dialing
  • Data tethering over Bluetooth
  • Multitasking
  • Bluetooth keyboard/mouse support

Rumors that didn't pan out:

  • Tablet
  • Verizon Wireless carrier agreement
  • "Velvet Rope" section of the App Store
  • Time Capsule interface

How did Apple do?

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  • No tethering.

    Big mistake, real big.
    • Re: no tethering

      Here is a quote from the coverage:

      "There's two pieces needed for that: client-side needs to support tethering; second is working with carriers. We are absolutely supporting tethering on client side on iPhone".

      So it is the carrier's issue to address.
    • Tethering is available

      During the comment portion of the presentation, they said that the iPhone is capable of tethering. It'll just depend on the carrier whether they want to offer the service or not. Apple has little control over that.
  • RE: Wrapping up Apple's iPhone OS 3.0 event (Updated 2x)

    How SAD ZDNet is! REMOVING from the list a prior column and putting YOURS on top? Did you read my post and just copy/paste?

    Recapping 3.0 release:
    In App Purchase - Peer to Peer
    Accessories: Custom applications for accessories
    Embeddable Maps
    Push Notifications (for real!)
    Cut copy and paste
    Landscape keyboard across all apps
    Calendar gets CALDav, Stock enhancements

    "These are only a few of the 100 new features and 1,000 new APIs"

    Go go gadget iPhone!!
    No More Microsoft Software Ever!
  • Is it enough to get people purchasing/repurchasing?

    when new hardware hits? Or will there be a charge for the upgrade, as their sales slunp looks to show little sign of reversing, so they need to generate some more sales.

    Granted the money is in the Applications from the App store, but not enough to fuel continued growth would be my guess.
    • Weather System

      At this point it is enough to get people to continue purchasing
      because lots and lots of people need smart phones, economic
      catastrophe or no.
      Three major reasons:

      1. The App store is rapidly approaching $1 billion in revenue, that
      alone pushes the iPhone numbers because no one else has anything
      like the App store happening on any other smart phone. Developers
      will continue churning out cool new apps which will draw more new
      customers and which will sell more iPhones, etc. Microsoft may have
      >20K apps for WindowsMobile but they haven't seen anything like

      2. 16 more countries, not including China, coming online. That will
      drive new iPhone sales.

      3. You gotta believe that iPhone 3.0 was a precursor to some new
      hardware coming online by summer. That will also drive new iPhone

      4. So I lied, four points. The iPod touch is the wild card here because it
      helps drive iPhone sales by driving App store sales and broadening the
      OS base. Apparently, Apple has sold around 13 million iPod touches!
    • Not sure...

      that people should even have to purchase the upgrade... I am willing to pay for new features, but the fact I purchased a phone that was crippled by Apple and now that they are uncrippling some features it seems rediculous to have to pay for that. It should be 2 seperate updates:
      1- a free update for crippled features like MMS, stereo bluetooth, etc.
      2- a paid update for updates to spotlight, stocks, etc.
      • They don't

        iPhone user don't have to purchase anything. The upgrade is free. iPod
        touch users have to pay $9.95 for the new stuff.
        • oh...

          Thanks for clearing that up, I must have read it wrong when I skimmed through the article
    • I'll be upgrading Hardware

      I have a 4G 1st gen iPhone - all that was left day one... The 3G
      upgrade wasn't enough to move me - the only real difference was

      Not sure what will not be supported in the first phone - probably
      various location aware apps.

      I'm fascinated by apps that use the accelerometer for data collection -
      amazing stuff. Hope the 3rd Gen hardware uses an even better accelerometer.

      Hope the Camera is upgraded - love to have close focus since my
      principal use is "data shots" - What does this label say?

      I used to live on the bleeding edge - the first Apple Portable ended
      that. Now I like to lag a generation - let you young'uns take the