WWDC 2007 predictions and historical announcements

WWDC 2007 predictions and historical announcements

Summary: Apple Gazette has posted their predictions for WWDC 2007. With less than 17 days before the big event it's time to start placing your bets.


crystal_ball.jpgApple Gazette has posted their predictions for WWDC 2007. With less than 17 days before the big event it's time to start placing your bets.

Here's Apple Gazette's list:

1. Multi-Touch in Leopard 2. New GUI for OS X 3. New iLife w/iTunes HD 4. Blu-Ray Support 5. Leopard/iPhone integration 6. New Mac Minis and MacBook Pros,

and one more thing...

7. Ultra Portable iMac w/Multi touch screen

    We already know that Apple will be demoing the "feature complete" version of Mac OS 10.5 Leopard and will be giving attendees a beta copy, so that's going to be good for a few surprises. But what else?

    WWDC used to be the show where no hardware was announced. That changed in 2002 when Apple used WWDC (which was then held in San Jose) to announce the Xserve. Since then Apple has made several significant announcements at WWDC:

    • WWDC 2002 - Xserve
    • WWDC 2003 - Power Mac G5 and iSight camera
    • WWDC 2004 - Redesigned flat-panel Cinema Displays
    • WWDC 2005 - PowerPC to Intel migration
    • WWDC 2006 - Mac Pro, Intel Xserve and Leopard demo

    The two products most in need of upgrades are Apple's MacBook Pro and iMac (Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster thinks that new MBPs are a “near certainty”) so they're probably most likely. But I'd love nothing more that for Apple to finally release the subnotebook that we've all been asking for.

    There are also rumblings that Apple is considering dropping the Mac mini and the 17-inch iMac – but what would they replace them with? An enhanced Apple TV?

    WWDC 2007 runs from June 11-15 at Moscone West in San Francisco.

    What are your predictions for WWDC 2007? Chime in in the TalkBack below.

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    • Weighing in...

      The Mac Mini has been very quiet and I would almost assume once they pushed the product past the $500 dollar mark, the appeal was lost.

      If they could get their cost back under that magical number, I think sales would pick back up.

      As for the Mac Book Pro and the iMac, both products are in dire need of an update. Though I am itching for the Mac Book Pro update just because I want one personally.

      iPhone looks like it should be out and ready to roll. I don't know about the portable iMac although the 17" iMac I could see fading away just because LCDs are just becoming increasingly cheaper.

      Wish Leopard could make the big party, but may be the fall.
    • yes new mac mini

      Apple will once again hit right on target .....
      they finally understand that low end user needed a low cost machine .
      AT 299 us or 349 can
      the only thing that the Itv need to because a nice low-end machine is a optic driver and a bit more ram period

      Because at home most user are mailing stuff ,writing stuff , downloading stuff and surf the web ....

      when they wanna play game they go with something that will make there eye bleed ps3

      excellent work apple keep the excellent work
      • Yes, Apple is excellent

        [i]excellent work apple keep the excellent work[/i]

        Excellent at exposing its users to [url=http://blogs.zdnet.com/security/?p=240] root remote code execution exploits [/url] !!

        • And how many Mac users have suffered?

          Compared to Win users over the years?

          What actually hits the users is what counts.

          "Exposed" - that's like when I was in the Navy I served on a nuclear
          powered ship and had the POTENTIAL of radiation exposure, but it was
          only a very tiny, potential exposure risk that never happened.
        • Look who's here!!!!!

          Do you really want windows links to exploits posted here...you really need help.
          • When dealing with...

            trolls, it's best to ignore them.
        • Ouch?

          You're in pain? What happened? Did you try to think?
    • How about....

      How about offering an iphone at half price, with the purchace of a new Mac
      Mini or an Imac.
      • Not enough overhead

        Try when they buy a Mac Pro or a MacBook Pro.

        Best yet, offer that kind of deal with a Cinema Display. Those things are a bit over-priced.
    • Original iMac introduced at WWDC 1998

      Remember that the original Bondi Blue iMac was introduced at the WWDC in May
      1998 and start shipping in August of that year. So Apple started announcing
      hardware at lease since 1998.