Xbench: Psystar v. Mac mini (and all three MacBooks)

Xbench: Psystar v. Mac mini (and all three MacBooks)

Summary: I've completed some initial Benchmarks of the Psystar Open Computer. The results below are from Xbench 1.

TOPICS: Apple, Hardware

I've completed some initial Benchmarks of the Psystar Open Computer. The results below are from Xbench 1.3 running on the following systems:

  • Psystar Open Computer, 2.2GHz Core 2 Duo, 2GB RAM, 10.5.2
  • Mac mini, 2GHz Core 2 Duo, 2GB RAM, 10.5.2

Open Computer 2.4 Mac mini 2.0
Results 146.87 99.35
CPU Test 133.49 125.63
Thread Test 192.73 187.97
Memory Test 137.86 129.88
Quartz Graphics Test 201.00 180.70
OpenGL Graphics Test 173.80 295.74
User Interface Test 286.67 266.94
Disk Test 74.01 27.16

Higher scores are better.


In short, the Psystar pretty much trounces the closest price Mac available from Apple – the Mac mini – in both overall results and the CPU test.As a point of reference, I also benchmarked Apple's current notebooks, after the jump...

  • MacBook Air 1.6GHz Core 2 Duo, 2GB RAM, 10.5.2
  • MacBook, 2.16GHz C2D, 2GB RAM, 10.5.2
  • MacBook Pro 2.4GHz (Penryn) C2D, 4GB RAM, 10.4.11

MacBook Air 1.6 MacBook 2.16 MacBook Pro 2.4
Results 46.50 103.81 136.85
CPU Test 84.30 134.51 136.18
Thread Test 154.82 203.43 357.67
Memory Test 140.32 134.86 155.48
Quartz Graphics Test 99.65 159.70 155.63
OpenGL Graphics Test 16.90 307.89 137.02
User Interface Test 108.25 225.28 273.72
Disk Test 21.45 29.66 58.13
Yikes! Those MBA numbers are low.Don't place too much stock in XBench's Open GL test though, it only serves to test whether a card supports Open GL, not how fast it is. The same is true (but to a lesser extent) for the Quartz and UI tests.Xbench also has a companion Web site that allows graphical side-by-side comparison of any out of thousands of submitted benchmarks.

Next up benchmarks using Primate Labs' GeekBench.

Topics: Apple, Hardware

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  • The tests Adrian refused to run

    I guess he was going to find that his Mac Mini was not a good purchase anyway.
  • RE: Benchmarks: Psystar v. Mac mini (and all three MacBooks)

    Well what do the numbers indicate ??? Larger numbers better or worse ????
    • the larger the better

      from comparing the results and comments...
      • I saw some of the comments too..

        but does it apply to all test's ???
  • Where's Apple in all this?

    They're being surprisingly silent about this machine. Is this
    just the quiet before the storm? This is not making them look
    real good.
    • They are busy rewriting the EULA.

      Instead Apple Labeled Computer, to Apple Hardware only :)
      • No lawyers required for this one...

        no no no... Apple isn't going to use the legal team on this one. Not at all. Why would they, when they have a much more powerful weapon at their disposal?
        Software update.

        If you read mac rumor sites, you would notice that 10.5.3 is taking forever... they are release test build after test build. What does that mean? If you read some of the news surrounding the Psystar they say that software updates may break the emulator used to run osx.

        So Apple is probably just waiting for a bunch of people to get some of these psystar's so then when they release 10.5.3, it will snap the hacked version of osx like a twig.

        Then once hundreds of psystar customers start screaming about their bricked computers that will give all the bad psystar publicity money could buy.

        And this can't really hurt apple. Apple has NO responsibility to support OSX on psystar's hardware. NONE.
        • Wow

          Wouldn't that be bad publicity for Apple? <br><br>
          If Microsoft were to do something even close to this, like making Vista so it won't run under parallels, there would be a cry of injustice heard around the world. <br><br>
          oh, wait, there is a double standard. I keep forgetting. :)
          • no, not a double standard...

            It's an agreement. Microsoft is open, Mac is not. That's
            the way it's always been.

            And the Mac is better for being a closed system. If you've
            ever used one, you'd understand. Less hardware
            configurations means easier optimization and unbeatable

            Honestly, I'm pretty sure this Psystar thing is just a hoax
            anyway. I'm not sure why we're even talking about it.
          • unbeatable performance

            And the Mac is better for being a closed system. If you've ever used one, you'd understand. Less hardware configurations means easier optimization and unbeatable performance.

            But wasn't it beaten in these tests?
          • Yes, but..

            The macs used in these tests weren't really "comparable" in hardware, only price. I think everyone knows a truly comparable mac would be more expensive. I think the real question is whether or not this small family business can support all the machines they're selling.
          • They didn't test it against an iMac

            Also, these tests don't really mean anything in real world
            performance. Real world performance means running 15
            apps at once plus downloading, uploading, printing and
            scanning. Macs NEVER crash. Will Mac OSX still have the
            same stability and reliability on non-Mac hardware. My guess
            is that you will start having the same problems that Windows
          • no comparison

            The EULA is completely different. You have the right to install a legitimate copy of XP on whatever it'll run on. No restrictions on teh hardware, other than the practical ones. Microsoft has to take it on the chin for charging so much for a license, though.
        • Worked on the iPhone, so your likely correct

          All the more reason to steer clear of Apple, if they don't like what their users are doing they bring down the iron fist.

          Get an OEM Linux box, nobody will brick you out of spite, and when its time for a major release it won't nail you for $200+

          Dell, System 76, and Zareason are all great places to shop for prebuilt OEM Linux machines. Or you can continue to let the Steve's decide how you compute and what is well and good for you.

          Freedom is a wonderful thing, thanks Linus!
          • His likely correct what?

            "Worked on the iPhone, so your likely correct"

            His likely correct what?
        • Maybe Apple will do Apple Genuine Advantage

          Just kidding!
          Apple will get an OS sale for each of these computers.
          Right now Apple sells OS upgrades only, but Mac OS X is
          about 5 times better than VISTA ultimate which sells for
          over $400. So if each of these clones has to pay for a new
          license Apple gets at least the $129 upgrade price and
          more likely something like a $199 full OS sale and the
          beauty of this is that Apple is not required to support
          other computers in any way. Trust me, Apple has known
          about Psystar from the beginning. If Apple were going to
          sue, not a single Psystar computer would have been sold.
          This also opens the door for home builders as well.
    • It makes them look REAL good

      they're not taking psystar seriously. They don't consider this company or this product to be a serious competitor. It really isn't, either. despite the price and the test results, it is a clear violation of the EULA; the Apple operating system cannot rightfully be put on this hardware, so there will be no support from Apple for the operating system, not that there ever is anyway. POint is, there's no threat, and Apple is behaving as though there is no threat.
    • Big Deal

      Apple's selling $50 million a business day in product. That's a long way to go for a startup to be expected to compete. And anyway, the real test is if the computer will run the software without a lot of hiccups. I don't see anybody running that kind of test.

      And you can bet that Apple knows exactly what's going on here.
  • Are you suggesting that Apple have run out of fairy dust?

    I mean, both computers are using standard off-the-shelf PC parts now, so the only difference must be the fairy dust that Apple lovingly adds.

    ...and apparantly it makes their computers slower.

    • Do you believe in fairies?

      There's a simpler explanation than "fairy dust." It's
      called, "comparing apples and oranges." In this case,
      Jason is comparing a 2.4 GHz machine in a full-
      sized enclosure to a 2.0 GHz Mac mini in its tiny
      form factor. Why, I'm not sure.

      Yes, they're around the same price, but then, so is a
      16 Gb iPhone. I'm sure that a big desktop processor
      in a large generic enclosure beats the iPhone in
      speed tests, too. So what? When Psystar is able to
      miniaturize its desktop system to fit in a Mac Mini
      enclosure, then we'll talk.