XOOM vs. iPad vs. iPad 2

XOOM vs. iPad vs. iPad 2

Summary: DroidLife posted a chart comparing the Motorola Xoom tablet to the iPad. This made me think about about how the upstart Android tablet might compare to the iPad 2. Here's a chart.

TOPICS: iPad, Mobility

I was just checking out the nifty chart that DroidLife posted comparing the forthcoming Motorola XOOM tablet to the iPad. It got me thinking about about how Moto's Android tablet will compare to the iPad 2 -- which is probably a more fair comparison.

Sure, all of it is speculation right now and the iPad 2's rumored specs seem to change with the wind, but I bet that Apple has something up its sleeve -- and I don't think that it's a barometer.

I hope that the recent rumor that iPad will ship with an extremely weak 1MP rear camera doesn't come true though. 1MP doesn't bode well for video and if true, you can toss out 720p video capture. Putting a low-res rear camera in iPad 2 would be a huge mistake and allow a whole generation of Android tabs to move in on its turf. iPad 2 needs to include a camera as least as good as the iPhone 4's.

I'm also starting to lose hope that the iPad 2 will have a Retina Display, although I still hope that Apple finds a way to pull it off. I wouldn't be surprised to see Apple settling on 1280 x 800 -- it'd be bump up from the iPad 1 and would match up better against the likes of Samsung, Motorola and Toshiba.

Let's all collectively cross our fingers that Apple finally comes to its senses and includes a removable memory card slot and Micro USB port in the new iPad. Since it's unlikely that we'll ever see a removable battery from Apple again, SD and USB would be huge steps in the right direction.

What are your minimum specs for your iPad 2?

Topics: iPad, Mobility

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  • Redefining the tablet experience

    I believe that hardware specs, while important, is not what will matter in the end. What matters is software and the user experience. With XOOM supporting Flash with hardware acceleration and the new interface created specially for tablets by the same guy responsible for webOS, Android 3.0 is set to redefine the tablet experience.
    • iFad2 = Vaporware

      @BioNerd Agreed!!! ....and this hypothetical iPad2 is..... (in CrApple's Leader's own word) VAPORWARE!!!
      • RE: XOOM vs. iPad vs. iPad 2

        @i2fun@... I think there will be an iPad 2. It is not vapourware!
        The Star King
      • RE: XOOM vs. iPad vs. iPad 2

        @i2fun@... While iPad 2 is still vaporware, Apple does have a reliable release schedule. In terms of vaporware, we will likely see it before we see a Windows slate anytime soon.
      • While this mythical crApple iFad2 you mention might be vaporware

        @i2fun@... the Apple iPad is not.
      • I'm wondering why anyone would pay heed...

        @i2fun@... to the opinions of someone who insists on referring to Apple as "CrApple."

        Sounds like the "wit" of a 14 year old.
      • RE: XOOM vs. iPad vs. iPad 2

        @i2fun@... While the iPad 2 might be vaporware at this point isn't the XOOM also vaporware? Of course anybody that needs to use derogatory statements to get their point across isn't thinking from common sense or reason.
    • RE: XOOM vs. iPad vs. iPad 2

      Adobe Flash means that Xoom users will have half the battery life of the iPad and twice the out-of-memory headaches. Motorola should have called the Xoom the BigAss RAZR 5. Motorola should get out of the mobile business for good and leave the tablet business to Apple. Android tablets are just another path of redefining fragmentation for users. Apple will likely sell 10X the amount of iPad 2s than Motorola will sell Xooms. Motorola=mighty FAIL.
      • RE: XOOM vs. iPad vs. iPad 2

        @ConstableOdo Odd, Since in Tests, Flash fared better than HTML5 in terms of battery life. http://www.intomobile.com/2010/09/20/adobe-flash-video-html5/
      • RE: XOOM vs. iPad vs. iPad 2

        @ConstableOdo Flash is now hardware accelerated. Tegra 2 does a really good job optimizing Flash for the new generation of tablets. Now everybody will ship Flash, maybe even Apple will in a near future.

        And XOOM has 10 hours of video playback. Nobody will complain about the battery.
      • RE: XOOM vs. iPad vs. iPad 2

        @ConstableOdo Well, one thing is for sure for those of us who have an iPad and use it for tutorials and help in photographic programs > if the iPad 2 does NOT have Flash, we will take a hard look at Motorola. The rest of the post is sort of gibberish.
      • RE: XOOM vs. iPad vs. iPad 2

        wow you had me there for a minute. I really thought you were serious but now I can see that you were just playing around as a sarcastic Apple fanboi! That was funny!
    • you can get Flash Video TODAY on iOS..

      @BioNerd ..just use the Skyfire Browser.. if you really must have you Porn just use skyfire.. because when they say X% of web video is in Flash they're really saying X% of web video is porn.. people on iOS don't miss Flash at all.. you quickly realize it's totally overblown and 99% of legit sights now support h.264..

      Skyfire transcodes Flash video into H.264 in real time on it's servers and beams that to your iOS device..
      • RE: XOOM vs. iPad vs. iPad 2

        @doctorSpoc You must be pretty young or not involved in any of the uses of Flash for tutorials or educational videos; and, speaking for myself, have never needed to look at porn for any reason. Like many games, I choose to participate rather than watch.
    • "same guy responsible for webOS," .. eh Palm with WebOS went broke

      @BioNerd <br><br> you say "new interface created specially for tablets by the same guy responsible for webOS, Android 3.0 is set to redefine the tablet experience."<br><br>eh if its so wonderful why didn't it save Palm? Why isn't WebOS devices dominating the landscape instead of being a footnote? Palm with WebOS went broke and the shattered pieces were bought up by HP.
      • RE: XOOM vs. iPad vs. iPad 2


        Spoken by someone that has never used WebOS. It's interesting that each revision of Android and iOS have put in features available in the very first version of WebOS. WebOS 2.0 has already raised the bar much higher but the press doesn't even take notice.

        The main reason that Palm failed was not in the technology, but that they didn't have deep enough pockets to deal with the Apple and Google marketing onslaught. I haven't heard of a single Verizon sales anecdote that didn't try to convince users to by an Android phone over a Palm. We'll see what HP has to say on Feb 9th.
      • RE: XOOM vs. iPad vs. iPad 2

        @Davewrite Palm was broken. They spent all their latest resources making webOS and the two phones that followed. Then they were too weak to market and distribute it, with virtually zero cash to promote it, and were smashed by Android and Apple. Same happened with Apple with iMac -- they were almost broken at the time, it was make or break it, but in that case it worked.<br><br>Anyway, this doesn't change anything about the fact that Matias Duarte, who also created interfaces for SideKick and Helios, is widely acclaimed as a user experience designer and webOS is known for its unique interface and usability. Go google for "Matias Duarte" and you'll see that his work is well recognized.

        This is the same guy that will change everything with Android 3.0.
      • @ GAGendel. @bionerd &quot;marketing&quot; is supposition. Failure is FACT.

        @Davewrite <br><br>making excuses for WebOS when like I said it was a big fat failure in the marketplace? It lasted like a year before Palm keeled over. <br>When Palm tried to market WebOS devices to carriers they said "nah... They ain't better... " If it was better their reaction would be like carriers for the iPhone "I want, I want if for my network!!! ". <br><br>IF they were SOOOOO MUCH superior don't you think they would have sold them?<br><br>Investors like Elevation Partners poured hundreds of millions into it so they had money for the marketing push but when it tanked the dough dried up. Don't you think Investors would have POURED more money into Palm if the sales HINTED at success? Invesors would have said "ALL it TAKES is MARKETING so a few more bucks and WALLAH we would make a fortune." <br><br>Again poor marketing is a supposition. Total wreckage in the marketplace, carriers saying no, investors bulking , app developers not writing for it ... IS FACT. <br><br>and again touting a Duarte maker of a failed OS isn't saying much.<br><br>lol.
      • RE: XOOM vs. iPad vs. iPad 2

        @Davewrite No, in the smartphone business, promotion and distribution is much more important than having a good product. Nobody will buy a phone if they don't know it exists and salesman people push a different device at the store.

        I don't have to prove you that webOS is widely acclaimed for its usability and design. You can google it yourself and if you want to continue denying it, have fun.
      • I really like WebOS.. but it wasn't just marketing..

        @GAGendel WebOS IS a good OS.. but in today's market a good OS just doesn't cut it.. when you have crappy hardware and anemic apps and ecosystem.. you are going exactly no where..

        i have no doubt that HP will correct the god awful hardware but.. there is still going to be no ecosystem.. that's going to be a HUGE hurdle for even HP to jump over.. you can get almost any kind of app you can think of on an iOS device and android isn't far behind (no where near as many and quality of games though).. but Palm just couldn't attract enough devs..

        more important than the HW that comes out on Feb 9th is how HP is going to attract devs to the platform.. if they don't have a convincing answer for that crucial question on Feb 9th.. WebOS devices are basically DOA..