I've got a free Microsoft LifeCam NX-6000 for the ZDNet reader who....

I've got a free Microsoft LifeCam NX-6000 for the ZDNet reader who....

Summary: Nearly four weeks ago, I announced ZDNet’s Deputy Tester of the Week program. That's where ZDNet deputizes its readers into walking in our shoes.

TOPICS: Microsoft, Oracle

Nearly four weeks ago, I announced ZDNet’s Deputy Tester of the Week program. That's where ZDNet deputizes its readers into walking in our shoes. We send you the technology. You test it out and let us know what you think. And then, you get to keep the tech. Not a bad deal, eh? In the first week of our program, I offered three free copies of PPTMinimizer 3.0 to the members of ZDNet’s audience who could tell us why they were the most qualified to test it. We had over 175 "contestants" for that giveaway.

Two weeks ago, I offered two ID Vaults from GuardID Systems. Then, last week, I threw two Sun Spot Java Development Kits from Sun into the mix. But the entries to be the deputy tester were sooooooo cool that I went back to the folks at Sun and asked if they might have two more to spare, and they did. So, I gave away a total of four. So, what's this week's giveaway? It's a LifeCam NX-6000 (see it on Microsoft's Web site) valued at approximately $80.


Unfortunately, we don't have any video of the product this week (our super hi-end Panasonic AG-HVX200 video camera is refusing to "boot-up"). But, at least we have a picture (left). The basic pitch is that this is a 2 megapixel video camera for adding video to your chats and it fits on the lid of your notebook computer. It also does 7.6 megapixel (interpolated) still images.

Although it's primarily designed to work with Windows Live Messenger from Microsoft (Microsoft's instant messaging client; it has a button designed to make a Live Messenger "call" with one touch), it can work with other video-capable instant messenging services as well.

The Nx-6000 isn't especially new (although the one I have is NIB; new in the box). It came out late last year and it's one of the devices that I've been meaning to get around to writing about, but just haven't. So, if you end up as this week's Deputy Tester of the Week, you'll find a lot of reviews of this have already been written. You'll have plenty of research at your disposal.

To participate in ZDNet’s Deputy Tester of the Week program, there are some rules and regulations that you should read (to keep our lawyers happy). Then, using the ZDNet TalkBack facility on this blog entry, make your best pitch as to why I should send the LifeCam NX-6000 I have here in my office to you.

Keep in mind we’re looking for people who are can tell us why they’re the most qualified to test the product in their real world environments. And then, once you receive the product, I’d love to hear back from you regarding your findings. Even if I don’t, you get to keep the product. Finally, if you are “applying” to join ZDNet’s posse of deputy testers, be sure to check back this Friday to see whether you’ve been accepted into the program, or not. So, good luck and let the TalkBacks begin!

Topics: Microsoft, Oracle

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  • I'd be a great tester!

    I work from home and the office, and carry my laptop back and forth, so it would be a good test for ruggedness. I've also got family out of state, and a teenage daughter who loves to chat with her friends all over the world - and having a camera like this would be GREAT for keep the grandparents updated on how she's doing. Please pick me!!
  • Deputy Tester

    I would use this camera for video conferencing with family. I have a 6-month old child, and we live a good distance away from our extended family. Right now, I use my camcorder via a video capture card to stream video, not the best solution. I'd test this device on a variety of systems, including a notebook via wireless LAN. Thanks for considering me for this.
    Real World
  • test away!

    I would make an excellent deputy tester. This would be an excellent device to test real time visual monitoring of key secure areas in my business, which is also my home. Being able to monitor when I am on the road would sure save me some time and money!
  • I'd be a great field tester!

    My clients have offices throughout the country, so being able to communicate with them visually (without cumbersome VTC applications) would be a big plus. Also, I'm deeply involved in meeting the emergency preparedness and continuity operations aspects of their programs. Being able to review the LifeCam for emergency management applications would be great!
  • I'd be happy to test it...

    In the sense that a tester tries to push it to the limits. I have access to Windows computers, Macs, and my personal laptop running Ubuntu 7.04. I would be able to test its operation on all three platforms and give you a well-rounded review. Plus, I'm no fan of Microsoft, so I'm not going to be overly deferential to it and baby it. It doesn't work, it gets smacked upside the head like all my hardware.
  • great tester cuz I break stuff

    I'd make a great tester because I don't care about breaking thing. Really.

    You have to be able to tell users how the product will work under XYZ circumstances. My weekly travel with two laptops (Vista 32 and 64 bit) staying in hotels with varying degrees of free internet and using my PCS phone as a modem too - I would accurately be able to depict how the camera would function.

    Not to mention, when it doesn't work - I will be able to figure out how to make it work, in most circumstances. If it trashes my software configuration - I will tell you. If it does something stupid, like openning up weird ports in a firewall, I will tell you.

    I'm a road warrior, I will be able to put this thing through travel - in and our of the case, the overhead, checked luggage (I to do it, but sometimes I have to). Then there are the kids, I'll let my 14yr old try and chat with friends - see if she can use it and accurately report.

  • Video Cam Tester

    I am currently going to school online. I am on disability and the only reason I can afford school is with the help of the VA. Part of my school is a chat room where all the people in the clss goes to discuss the material from the course. Most of the people in the class have a webcam that they use for the class, so they can see each other when they are in there. I on the other hand don't have one, so i can't see the others in the class, I can only "talk" with them. I have tested things for other companies before in my life, such as programs. I have also tested things for magazines like Field and Stream I tested a fishing pole and reel for. Because I have prior experience and a need, I think I would be the perfect pick for a tester for this camera.
  • I am the deputy tester you are looking for!!!


    My parents took me from the USA to live in England when I was just 13 (this was back in 1971). Last year, my wife and I, decided to move to Florida.

    Our sole method of communication with both of our families is with Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo IM, etc. We use IM every day to keep in touch with our daughter, parents, siblings, and friends, so the LifeCam would be very extensively used.

    Also, as a computer technician with many years experience of installing and supporting hardware and software, I would be in a very good position to offer opinions of how this device compares my current webcam, as well as the many others I have installed.

    I also have my own network at home, so I am able to test it on desktop PC's, as well as my laptops, and over wireless and ethernet, etc. to be able to give you a more practical review.

    Finally, you have a choice of languages for the review, English (US) or English (UK). How kewl is that!!!! So pick me as your deputy tester for a truly international, informal, and impartial review.
  • Pick me to test the Microsoft LifeCam NX-6000

    I am an internet software professional and will be taking time off soon to undergo some medical treatment. I use an IBM laptop at work and a Toshiba notebook at home, both of which have some or all of YIM, AIM, and Skype installed and used frequently. While I am away, I can definitely use this device to keep in touch with colleagues, clients, friends and family whom I frequently communicate with via one or more of the IM?s listed above. It would be great if I have this webcam installed and tested before my leave and have it ready to use during my treatment.
  • i should get it!

    because i will test and give honest opinion.. and i need a new one, cos i cant afford one at the moment, and as an avid ZDnet reader, i deserve it!
  • I can be technical and wholistic

    I wsill provide a lot of technical details about what I find with the LifeCam. I plan on using Windows Media Encoder to run a couple tests. I use webcams multiple times everyday, and have used a lot of different webcams (I can think of at least 4 I have used in the past month or so). I instant message with Live Messenger and AIM, and if you gave me the LifeCam I'd test it in other applications, too. I know what to look for in a webcam, and I know what people expect from a webcam. I would be more than happy to write an excellent review for you. Lastly, I would really really love a webcam to be able to take around with my laptop (that is better than my old Creative)! I have been looking at this one for a while and having it for free would be sweet!!! Please pick me! :)
    • Write ??

      With your grammer, it would be an article that I wound by-pass!
  • Would love to Test it by showing pics/vids of newborn to her grandparents

    They live in Florida i live in KY, we both use MSN and yahoo messenger and i'd love to tax the hardware for all its worth,
    Speed testing etc
  • I'd have great use for this.

    I'd be a pretty good tester for this item, I think. I love photography, so I would pay close attention to video detail. In addition, very shortly my girlfriend is leaving for Switzerland. Therefore, the distance will cause us to regularly use Webcams for communication. She will be gone for 2 months, during which time we may not be able to see or talk to one another much at all--the webcam would help bridge the gap a good deal.

    I'd love to test this out for the 2 months while she is overseas. Thanks again for bringing great products to ready and willing consumers.
    • Oh, and I forgot to mention...

      I don't currently own a webcam, but have had experience with a Creative Webcam (Instant, I think it's called) so I'd have some frame of reference on ease of use, quality, etc. using both Skype and AIM. Either way, this webcam would be put to daily use, despite the time differential, which would also mean the weekends would be used for extended time durations.

      Once again, thank you for the opportunity, and I hope to be selected for this or one of the other fine (although I guess I would be the judge of that afterward) products that is to be tested in this Deputy Testers program.
  • Pick Me!

    I've never owned a webcam before so I would be a great novice user. I want to see my girls (2yrs and 11months) from work during the day.
  • Experienced Cameraman & PC Tech Seeks to Reveiw PC Camera

    Testing a PC cam is right up my alley. Not only am I an experienced cameraman (profession cams to home cams & even SLRs both digital and film), but I ma also an A+ certified PC tech. Not to mention, what footage would look better than the camera's shots of my 6-month-old baby girl? I will get you a review with details and video if you give me the shot at it. Plus, I have been wanting to get back into journalism. I have a BS in Mass Comm. which includes training in camera/video work along with radio & journalism. Actually, my BA has a minor in journalism... Just send away!
    Rusty I
  • Please Pick Me

    I work in a Media Center where we are always checking out equipment for student, and faculty and staff. I need a camera that will withstand their use and will also be easy for them to use. I feel I will be perfect for this since we check out video equipment. Thanks Colleen
  • In the name of all that is holy

    In the name of all this is holy pick me. I am a guidance counselor. One of my programs is to catch a kid being good. We are going to start catching kids on video. We have a locally produced morning program that will air this via cc to the entire school. I am right, as we speak, testing small compact video cams for this project. So if you pick me not only will you get a report back on how rugged the cam is but how easy it is to use (these are 10 year olds) but, and this is the really important part, when you get to Heaven you will get not just the usual 97 virgins but three extra for this. Think of it, thats 100 virgins.
  • I am your Tester

    I have a webpage that I am dying to add live chat as well as streaming video. I am an avid photographer so I can make the best of both worlds. I am currently looking for a reliable and good quality cam for my laptop so that I can be more mobile with my webpage. All is all I am your tester