BlackBerry outage reports pile up on the three major BB forums

BlackBerry outage reports pile up on the three major BB forums

Summary: At this hour (just before Midnight Pacific Coast U.S.

TOPICS: BlackBerry

At this hour (just before Midnight Pacific Coast U.S. time) the three major BlackBerry Forums are filling up with "my BlackBerry service" is down reports.

This is consistent with the news earlier this evening that most BlackBerry email is down, worldwide.

Here are the forums links where you can read the travails of BlackBerry users and get updates via new posts:


BlackBerry Forums

Howard Forums

I'd appreciate your stories as well. Just submit them as comments. 

Topic: BlackBerry

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  • How horrible (not)....

    I have a vision. I see Crackberry users everywhere pacing around talking to their devices with tears in their eyes. "Where is my email, dear God.... where is my email?". Some may already be in the fetal position under their desk.

    OTOH, maybe they will have to act like humans and survive more than 10 minutes without staring at their little box and punching buttons.
  • my ChuckBerry is down...

    but I ain't mad... I'll listen to some BB King instead.

    (Note: This message is an allegory. don't edit it out without reflecting on the content!...)

    • Should we cave in on it?

  • Another BB forum to reference

    This covers all Asia Pacific:
  • My Treo is working fine

    Just another reason that I prefer the Treo
  • I got this message on my blackberry

    Wonder where the outages are. I received this story on my BB. Maybe it's just customers without Enterprise Server.
    • Re: I got this message on my blackberry

      Yup, so did I and I'm not on an enterprise server. I think it is related to a few major services like AT&T and Verizon.
  • O2

    No problem here. Is "Western Hemisphere" more accurately stated as "United States"?!!!!!
  • I'm getting messages as of 11:45 EDT

    Seems to be clearing messages from yesterday
  • blackberry outage?

    I did not experience any interuption in service. I am in Charlottesville, VA