Free T-Mobile BlackBerry Curve 8320 offer now on Amazon

Free T-Mobile BlackBerry Curve 8320 offer now on Amazon

Summary:  Not only that, but after rebates, you wind up being in the black $50.01.



Not only that, but after rebates, you wind up being in the black $50.01.

You are already looking at a pop up spawned from this offer's main page on Here's the link.

Of course these rebates are contingent on you being good for 181 days.

Good as in what the fine print says:

Your price paid includes an Equipment Discount of $250 that has been provided to you in exchange for activating a new, non-substitute line of service with T-Mobile and your agreement that for the 181-day period following such activation you will

(1) pay your balance due to T-Mobile each month and otherwise maintain your account in good standing,

(2) not disconnect this T-Mobile line of service,

(3) not transfer this equipment to another T-Mobile line of service,

(4) not change your T-Mobile service rate plan to a lower monthly service rate--this includes canceling or removing required PDA, BlackBerry, or smartphone features after your product has shipped,

(5) not use this line of service to replace an existing account with T-Mobile. If these conditions are not met, you hereby authorize to charge your credit card $250 as reimbursement of this Equipment Discount without need for further approval.

Hmm, 181 days. That gets us toward the end of April, 2008.

Given that length of time, patience would seem to be as much a requirement as a personal virtue. 

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