At Apple, everything is "revolutionary"

At Apple, everything is "revolutionary"

Summary: Apple launched its App Store for the Mac today with a press release that included this bit of puffery: "The Mac App Store brings the revolutionary App Store experience to the Mac…" Revolutionary? Hmmm, where have I heard that word before? Oh yeah, in just about every Apple press release since 1999.

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Apple launched its App Store for the Mac today. The press release announcing that the store was open for business includes this bit of puffery: "The Mac App Store brings the revolutionary App Store experience to the Mac…"

Revolutionary. Hmmm, where have I heard that word before? Oh yeah, in just about every Apple press release since 1999. Apple has declared a revolution for software, for Macs and mice, for its CD and DVD drives, for iPods and iPhones and iPads, for syncing music to a portable player, and even for its Internet strategy. Several of those "revolutionary" products no longer exist, and others were simply refined implementations of technologies that had already been done by others. No matter. If it comes from Cupertino, it must be revolutionary.

Here, from the Apple PR archives, is a little trip down memory lane. A word to the wise: If you plan a drinking game around an Apple press event, you might want to think twice before you include this word.


Apple Ships Final Cut Pro Video Authoring Software: Revolutionary Editing, Compositing and Special Effects Package  (April 20, 1999) "a revolutionary new software application that combines professional-quality video editing, compositing, and special effects in one package…"


Apple Unveils Internet Strategy (January 5, 2000) "iTools is a revolutionary new category of Internet services that takes advantage of Apple’s unique technology on both ends of the Internet… 'Our new iReviews, iCards and the revolutionary iTools offer amazing new ways for Mac users to take full advantage of the Internet,' said Steve Jobs, Apple’s iCEO. 'Mac users can now do things on the Internet that Wintel users can only dream of.'"

Apple Introduces Revolutionary Power Mac G4 Cube with "a revolutionary cooling design that does not require a fan" (July 19, 2000)


Apple Brings DVD Authoring to the Desktop with iDVD and DVD Studio Pro (January 9, 2001) "Apple today introduced iDVD, a revolutionary new application [that] comes preinstalled on the Power Mac G4 with the revolutionary new SuperDrive."

Apple Presents iPod: Ultra-Portable MP3 Music Player Puts 1,000 Songs in Your Pocket (October 23, 2001) "iPod’s revolutionary Auto-Sync feature makes it easy to get your entire music collection into iPod and update it whenever you connect iPod to your Mac. Simply plug your new iPod into your Mac with the supplied FireWire cable, and all of your iTunes songs and playlists are automatically downloaded into iPod at blazing FireWire speed."


Apple Announces iTunes 3: Now With Revolutionary Smart Playlists… (July 17, 2002) "a major upgrade to its award-winning digital music software for the Mac featuring Smart Playlists, a revolutionary new way to listen to your music."

Developers Rapidly Adopt Apple’s Rendezvous Networking Technology (September 10, 2002) "'Canon is adding our support to the growing adoption of Apple’s revolutionary Rendezvous networking technology,' said Amit Bagchi, Marketing director for Canon’s printer products."


iTunes Music Store Tops Two Million Song Downloads (May 14, 2003) "Apple today announced that over two million songs have been purchased and downloaded from its revolutionary iTunes Music Store since its debut 16 days ago…"


Apple Announces iLife '04 (January 6, 2004) "introduces GarageBand, a revolutionary new music application that turns a Mac into a professional-quality musical instrument and recording studio…"

Apple Announces DVD Studio Pro 3, which "features revolutionary new Alpha Transitions [and] also includes Compressor 1.2, the latest version of Apple’s revolutionary digital media encoding and compression tool" (April 18, 2004)

Apple Introduces Motion: Revolutionary New Application Redefines Motion Graphics (April 18, 2004) "“With its revolutionary technology, breakthrough ease-of-use and low $299 price tag, Motion may do for motion graphics what Final Cut Pro did for non-linear editing"


Final Cut Studio … "features state-of-the-art tools … including Soundtrack Pro, a revolutionary new audio editing and sound design application" (April 17, 2005)

Apple’s New iMac G5 Line Delivers Faster Performance, Built-in Wireless & Mac OS X “Tiger” (May 3, 2005) "Tiger delivers more than 200 new features and innovations including Spotlight, a revolutionary desktop search technology…"


Apple Announces iLife '06 (January 10, 2006) "iMovie HD 6 introduces revolutionary new Apple-designed motion themes …"


Apple Chooses Cingular as Exclusive US Carrier for Its Revolutionary iPhone (January 9, 2007) "'Apple chose Cingular because they are the best and most popular carrier in the US,' said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO. 'We are thrilled to be offering our revolutionary new iPhone exclusively with Cingular.'"


Apple Adds New iPhone & iPod touch Models (February 5, 2008) "The revolutionary iPhone now comes in a new 16GB model … Both iPhone and iPod touch feature Apple’s revolutionary Multi-Touch user interface…"


Apple Introduces 17-inch MacBook Pro With Revolutionary New Built-in Battery (January 6, 2009) "Apple uses advanced chemistry, intelligent monitoring of the system and battery, and Adaptive Charging technology to create a revolutionary new notebook battery that delivers up to eight hours of wireless productivity on a single charge."

Apple Introduces iLife ’09 (January 6, 2009) "iMovie ’09 [offers] revolutionary super fast movie creation [and] the revolutionary Precision Editor…" plus: "the revolutionary new Faces feature in iPhoto."

Apple’s Revolutionary App Store Downloads Top One Billion in Just Nine Months (April 24, 2009)

Apple to Ship Mac OS X Snow Leopard (August 24, 2009) "Grand Central Dispatch (GCD) provides a revolutionary new way for software developers to write applications that take advantage of multicore processors"

Apple Unveils New iMac (October 20, 2009) "With brilliant LED displays and the revolutionary Magic Mouse, the new iMac delivers an amazing desktop experience...”


Xcode 4 Developer Preview (2010) "Download the revolutionary new development environment."

Apple Launches iPad (January 27, 2010) "'iPad is our most advanced technology in a magical and revolutionary device at an unbelievable price,' said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO."

Apple’s iAd Coming to Europe in December "Apple today announced it will expand its revolutionary iAd mobile advertising network to the UK and France this December, with Germany to follow in January…" (November 18, 2010)


Apple’s Mac App Store Opens for Business (January 6, 2011) "The Mac App Store brings the revolutionary App Store experience to the Mac…"

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  • The sad thing

    Not even one of those features or products actually was revolutionary, magical, or innovative. The only thing revolutionary about Apple is their marketing department.

    Note that I don't mean to imply that Apple products can't be good. My iPhone is great, as is my MBP but neither is revolutionary or innovative. Both are nothing more than evolutionary products.
    • RE: At Apple, everything is

      Numbers speak louder than words or ads... stock price today over 333! MSFT 26
      • RE: At Apple, everything is


        Yeah you can do that when you charge high prices on your products and make a huge profit that you sold to suckers by using words like Revolutionary and Magical. You would be surprise by how many people just buy an Apple product based on the shiny packaging it is in or because they think it is the only thing out there to get and it will make them feel like they are someone important.
      • RE: At Apple, everything is

        You seriously not comparing stocks that way... it is stupid. You need to look at the market cap! Anyway - yes Apple have a bigger market cap (but "only" around 20% higher - not 1300% higher like you tries to illustrate...).

        Another thing - I dont see why all people compare Apple and Microsoft. Microsoft is pretty new on the hardware market (compared with Apple...).

        By the way - I am a Linux-fan-boy... so whatever... this isn't even related to me ;)
      • $35.72 when adjusted for the same number of shares.

        @Hasam1991: Yes, AAPL looks impressive when you don't account for the difference in shares outstanding.<br><br>MSFT closed at $28.81 today, so the difference is roughly $7.00/share in favor of AAPL.
      • RE: At Apple, everything is

        Numbers have nothing to do with Ed's blog post's main theme. Yes, Apple is succesful. He's not arguing that (nobody can I guess). But it is also true that only a handful, if at that, of their products have really been 'revolutionary'. And in fact, seeing Ed's post after a while I see that Apple throws the 'revolutionary' word at just about anything. To them it has no meaning other than a buzzword to hike up a product's description a notch or two.
      • RE: At Apple, everything is

        @Hasam1991 ... In addition to what phpgeek and ye have mentioned, I seem to recall recently hearing that they refuse to do stock splits and other returns. This is what happens when a company is greedy and doesn't care about its investors.
      • RE: At Apple, everything is


        Microsoft's profit margin is 50% larger than Apple's. Remember, of course, that it's brought down by it's unprofitable entertainment division.

        So when you write "when you charge high prices on your products and make a huge profit that you sold to suckers" remember that. Microsoft's the one with the huge profit. Does that make you a sucker?
      • RE: At Apple, everything is


        Please explain how a stock split helps investors. Then explain to me why Berkshire Hathaway has been so bad to it's investors. They don't pay a dividend, and the price for the A shares at the close today was $120,600 per share.
      • RE: At Apple, everything is

        @Hasam1991 - Wow you know absolutely knowing of how stocks work.

        1) - Market cap is just the value of all shares multiplied by stock value at close. That doesn't mean one company is "better than another".
        2) P/E Ratio is more important to a long term investor. It is the earning per share (dividend payout) divided by the share price. Microsoft is around 11x and Apple is around 20x.

        So you will earn more money by purchasing Microsoft stock. If you bought one share of Apple at $348 and a similar value of Microsoft shares (28.3 x12 = 339.6) you would earn $28 from your Microsoft stock and $15 from your Apple stock.

        This shows Microsoft is more profitable. It also proves nothing about who is better, who will rule the tech world or who will still be here 10 years from now. Stock valuation, shows nothing of "what's better".

        Also, by your analysis Google makes Apple look stupid with a $623 and $24 EPS.
    • RE: At Apple, everything is

      @NonZealot and Ed Bott

      Hey guys .. check out Larry Dignan's CES video post about Microsoft's new Surface 2.0 hardware.

      About one minute into the video, the MS presenter uses the word "magical" to describe this new Microsoft Technology.

      Magical ... I was grinning from ear to ear when I heard that.
    • Sure if you ignore the innovations

      IPhone redefines he mobile user experience. The app store redefined the distribution model for software. Even the layout of your MBP, and all other laptops on the market today, was defined by Apple.

      Apple is a marketing machine, but to deny it's inventiveness is ridiculous.
      Richard Flude
      • RE: At Apple, everything is

        @Richard Flude
        But everything you mentioned is the evolutionary next step. The iPhone started out as one step ahead in terms of UI only, while lacking technical features.
        App stores have been around for a very long time. Look at Steam.
        Of course the Mac Book pro was defined by Apple, they made the thing.

        Apple is good at what they do, but just like most companies out there, they rarely have a revolutionary product.
      • RE: At Apple, everything is

        New and improved... now with unicorns!!! :))
      • Darkninja962 how can you say the iPhone was evolutionary

        It's redefined the market with it's multitouch interface and software distribution model.

        It's as ridiculous as saying the Macintosh was just an evolution from the Apple II. The Mac defines the modern day desktop computer. The iPhone/iPad is defining mobile/tablets.

        Everything is built of previous experience, however some ideas transform markets. That is revolutionary.
        Richard Flude
      • RE: At Apple, everything is

        @Richard Flude

        Each modern day OSes are just an updated ripoff of the Xerox STAR. There have been "improvements", but no real advancements. Same thing with hardware, nothing has really changed since the first mouse in 1963.
      • RE: At Apple, everything is

        @Dark Ninja

        I agree that Apple has had very few "out of the blue" raw inventions that has been completely different then anything on the market- but thats not what anyone is saying. What Apple is known for is being the first company to do those things right.
      • RE: At Apple, everything is

        @Richard Flude

        The laptop as the MacBook Pro is today was suggested by Xerox over 50 years ago. Take a look into Apple's history. Heck, read "iWoz". The laptop like they did had been done. The GUI, the app store, all of it. The multitouch crap that is so "cool" today came out in like 2001. Synaptics put it into PCs way before Apple had it, and no one wanted it. When it comes down to it, multitouch has nothing on a mouse.

        The thing Apple does well is UNIFYING an experience. They are extremely good at taking someone else's idea and tweaking it to fit into their soft/hardware set. Take multitouch and only let users do it for 3 things: scroll, zoom, and rotate. HOLY CRAP! BECAUSE THEY MADE IT EASY TO USE IT'S A REVOLUTION!

        A revolution is defined as: "a drastic and far-reaching change in ways of thinking and behaving". That isn't a drastic change in behavior. It's not a different way in thinking, either. Apple's thing has almost always been "make it easy for the end user". Ever since LISA's failure, they've shot for it. Since Jobs's return, that's ALL they have done. Unless they are a 20 year revolution, they are not revolutionary. They are evolutionary ("A gradual process in which something changes into a different and usually more complex or better form."). Evolution IS inventive, but it's NOT revolutionary. The last seriously evolutionary thing Apple did was add a mouse. And that's before many of the readers of this blog were born.
      • RE: At Apple, everything is

        @Richard Flude <br><br>If I am not mistaken several Linux distros had app store type applications years before Apple ever dreamed of doing a app store. Linspire and Ubuntu both come to mind as early adopters of app store like applications. Apple did not go willingly into the app store model, they were forced by over whelming consumer demand for supported third party apps to adopt the model.<br><br>I don't deny Apple's creativity and vision but they have been more evolutionary than revolutionary since they rarely are the first to create the products they make.

        (I love my iPod Touch btw)
    • RE: At Apple, everything is

      @NonZealot I'm going to take issue with that, in 1999 Final Cut Pro was a revolutionary application, there was nothing like it.

      The iTunes music store was revolutionary - before that we had Napster, you couldn't buy stuff, but you could steal it (judges decided this was a bit TOO revolutionary)

      Motion falls into the same category of revolution as Final Cut Pro.

      Even you've got to give the iPhone a "revolutionary" badge. Before the iPhone touch screen phones didn't exist (you had "jab with a little stick" phones - but that isn't the same thing at all)

      If Microsoft can call their new Touch Mouse "innovative" (copied from Apple) then quite honestly I'd grudgingly have to give them the Magic Mouse too (ouch!)

      The App Store has to be given this badge, nobody was doing this before, now everyone is doing it.

      The iPad has actually started a revolution all of it's own.

      Maybe they do overuse the term, but given how PC venders talk about their products, I think we've probably got to let Apple have a pass on most of Ed's examples.