Microsoft buys Alohabob

Microsoft buys Alohabob

Summary: For years, Windows users have been complaining that the process of moving programs and data to a new PC is needlessly complex. Microsoft just announced that it's buying the most popular utility designed to solve this problem. But there's a catch.

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What took them so long?

For years, Windows users have been complaining that the process of moving programs and data to a new PC is needlessly complex. A whole cottage industry of less than perfect software utilities has grown up to deal with the problem.

Today, Microsoft announced that it’s buying Apptimum, Inc., makers of the whimsically named Alohabob PC Relocator line of products and the more buttoned-down Migrate DT products. (Alas, download links to both product lines have been scrubbed from the Apptimum website in the past half-hour. Update: Trial and for-purchase versions of PC Relocator were available for download from the domain for an hour or so after the announcement, but those download links have now been taken down as well.)

So why didn’t someone think of this a year ago? With a little foresight, this technology could have been ready for the launch of Windows Vista later this year. Instead, all Microsoft will commit to is this tepid announcement: “The first public release of a Microsoft product based on the Apptimum technology is planned to be an optional download for Windows Vista customers. Further details about the planned Microsoft product, including the timeline for delivery, are not yet available.” The current versions of both product lines work with Windows XP, but it looks like anyone who chooses to stick with Windows XP is out of luck.

If this development cycle follows the same timeline as the GIANT Software acquisition, it will be 18 months to two years before a ready-for-primetime Microsoft-branded solution is available.

Just in time for the first beta of Vienna, probably.

Topic: Windows

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  • But is it good?

    When I bought a new PC recently I purchased the AlohaBob PC Locator software. Then I read the reviews at and returned the package t the store unopened. I was afraid to try it after reading the reviews...
  • "just in time..." lol, sounds about right

    I gotta wonder, what the heck do all those people do over there? I guess it's easier to buy than create.
  • RE: Microsoft buys Alohabob

    im really irritated becuase I bought pc relocator with the cable and it doesn't work with the microsoft easy transfer wizard, i have to go and buy another cable, even though it's the same technology from the company they just bought, how stupid!!

    Plus, I JUST bought the software (still on sale at office depot) and now I spent $70 on software that doesn't have any support and the cable and software is completely useless now.
  • RE: Microsoft buys Alohabob

    Well, No body asked ME! Its a great software and works as advertised. I purchased in 2005 when I needed to relocate software and data from my old computer. The system worked flawlessly.
    Now in 2009 I'm trying to move again but, one coputer has XP the other Vista and Vista will not accept the drivers for the USB cabe provided. So, I've been looking for (which has been shut down) for support. Then I cane accross this article. Mystery solved. I still need support. I guess I'll contact Mother Microsoft!