Microsoft hints at Vista SP1 beta in August

Microsoft hints at Vista SP1 beta in August

Summary: An offhand reference in an obscure Microsoft document suggests that anyone with an MSDN subscription will have access to a beta of Vista SP1 very soon. And what's this reference to a new generation of graphics hardware?


I’ve steered clear of the Vista SP1 snipe hunt so far, partly because Mary Jo seems to be doing a pretty good job of it, and partly because the hype and accompanying unreasonable expectations around SP1 are getting extreme. If history is any guide, SP1 will fix some annoyances. It will correct showstopper bugs. It will add thousands of new and updated WHQL-signed device drivers to the Vista Driver Store. It will add a tiny number of tweaks to a few client pieces. It will not be a miracle cure, but it will be enough to allay the fears and ease the uncertainty for some corporate customers.

And it will apparently be widely available to anyone with an MSDN subscription. That’s the logical inference from a casual reference buried in the release notes for the August 2007 DirectX SDK. In a discussion of the Direct 3D 10.1 Tech Preview, the release notes say:

Direct3D 10.1 is an incremental, side-by-side update to Direct3D 10.0 that provides a series of new rendering features that will be available in an upcoming generation of graphics hardware. … This tech preview provides an early look at these features and the handful of new APIs that support them. The August 2007 Direct3D 10.1 Tech Preview requires the Windows Vista SP1 Beta which will be available to MSDN subscribers once it is publicly released. [emphasis added]

Despite some concerns that access to SP1 would be limited to a small core of insiders, it appears that won’t be the case.

Oh, and … “available in an upcoming generation of graphics hardware”? That sounds intriguing. Anyone want to hazard a guess on what that new hardware is?

(Thanks to ITsVista for the pointer.)

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  • available in an upcoming generation of graphics hardware

    i thought what i bought the $600 graphics card it was made for DX10. at least that was one of nvidias biggest selling points.

    could be they are talking about a physics card or something similar.
    SO.CAL Guy
  • Already?

    It's kind of funny that Microsoft took all those years to release Vista and in
    the blink of an eye here comes the Service Pack that should have been
    included in the first place. Unless the real reason is old Bill Gates planned it
    that way to shut down anyone stupid enough to actually pirate that sad
    excuse for an OS. How come I've never come across any articles speaking of
    anybody who's actually gotten bored enough with their life to actually hack
    the Activation Process?