Son of WGA

Son of WGA

Summary: Microsoft has just released an update to its Windows Genuine Notifications software for Windows XP and other pre-Vista platforms. Last summer's WGA release was a horror show; will the sequel be kinder to customers?

TOPICS: Windows

Earlier this week, Microsoft announced it was about to release an update to its Windows Genuine Notifications software. I just checked Windows Update on a machine running Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 and found this waiting for me:


Last summer's WGA release was a horror show; will this sequel be kinder?

I’ve sent several e-mails to my WGA contacts at Microsoft and have so far received no response. But I did get a chance to listen in on a webcast announcing the new program, which is officially being released as WGA Notifications 1.7. Microsoft’s goals with this release are pretty much in line with the suggestions I offered last year in some conversations with David Lazar, Director of the Genuine Windows program.

I’ve done some follow-up surveys of WGA problem reports recently and I’ll be checking out the new WGA code on my own pirated copy of Windows XP to see what the experience looks like.

Meanwhile, I’m interested in hearing reports of any issues related to this WGA update. Leave them in the comments below.

Topic: Windows

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  • Could it possibly...

    Maybe not bug me EVERY time I go to an MS page? I mean, really. You'd think it would install, validate, and get the hell out of the way.

    Noooo... 10 times a day I have to wait for this thing to validate my windows.

    And MS wonders why people hate this useless crap so much.
    • Same Old Same Old

      Tired of the Same Old Same Old?
      Make a change.
      Come on over to the Linux side of Town.
      No Craplets, No WGA.
      It's all out in the 'open' and nobody's checking up on you.

      Heck Linux is so easy to install [i]"even a caveman can do it."[/i]

      If you don't believe me just ask my fellow cavemen compatriots.

      (tap tap. Ah hem. Is this mic on? What? Oh. OK.)

      [b][i]<<<Attention fellow cavemen: please step up to mic and speak!>>>[/i][/b]
      D T Schmitz
      • Snore




        Uh. Huh? Wha? Oh. Just another bunch of Linux trolls?

        Ed Bott
        • No it was just a bad dream you were having

          The problem is, you can't wake up from it! ;)
          D T Schmitz
          • Now, be nice to Ed.

            He was merely trying to behave like an adult. Besides, no matter how correct you are, evangelism backfires after a while, and preaching to a choir becomes irritating. Viva la Ubuntu! Viva la Debian! Viva la Linux CORE!
          • The Bad Dream...

            ...hasn't anything to do with Ed!
            D T Schmitz
          • Dietrich, please

            Stay on subject. With our 90 to 1 advantage, we could run you over like yesterday's news. Or have we already? Picture a tiny Linux slug in front of an asphalt-flattening steamroller. Or to make use of your own moniker, a caveman in front of an EASY TO USE computer (or heck, in front of that strange obelisk as seen in 2001: A Space Odyssey). LOL. Those weren't your ancestors, were they? The ones with the bones? ;)
    • odd

      I am surprised if I see it once a week. What are you doing that it comes up 10 times a day?

      And waiting? how long? Takes mine 2 or 3 seconds. Even if it came up ten times a day, that's a whopping 30 seconds. Not that I like WGA, I understand why they do it, I'd rather it was done some other way.... but still I can spare 30 seconds.
  • Update

    You don't think a WGA update would eventually diminish (cripple)the usefulness of XP so we'd all have to buy Vista, do you? Or is that too paranoid?
    • Yes, that's too paranoid, IMO

      Everything I've seen so far (and I've looked pretty carefully) suggests that we have already seen the very worst, and that this update actually does address the complaints directly.

      Sorry in advance to conspiracy theorists.
      Ed Bott
      • Too funny

        Imagine this conversation from 5 years ago:

        "Do you think MS would ever make XP activation so that it would cripple your
        computer if you didn't comply, or would that be too paranoid."

        "Yes, that's too paranoid."
  • No response? Usually, only companies who want to go OUT of business don't

    bother to respond...
    • I have received a response

      I changed e-mail domains lately and apparently the new domain is getting caught in spam filters at Microsoft. I got a very quick response from David Lazar at Microsoft when I contacted him through an alternate means.

      More details later this week.
      Ed Bott
  • Dunno...

    If I can blame WGA.

    I've been away from this computer for several months, running XP Home.

    1. I fire it off and do the updates that were waiting.
    2. Several days later it tells me I have the WGA update ready to install. I do.
    3. Microsoft Streets & Trips tells me I need to install some missing components, it worked before.
    4. By fiddling around I discover that I can get it to, apparently, run correctly after ignoring a bunch of messages. I do the reinstall because it's to much trouble to convince the stupid OS that it really is there each time I want to use it.
  • Can't stop the slide to irrelevance

    At this point I don't think there's anything MSFT can do to stop the agonizing slow motion slide to irrelevance. Modifying WGA now is rearranging the deck chairs on the Andrea Doria.

    As happens in so many companies, when they get to the top of their field they stop doing the things that got them there.

    Dell is the best example of that. It was their service and support, not their PC's that got them to the top of manufacturer pile. What did they do when they got there? Outsourced their support to India. It's been downhill ever since. No one lusts after the latest Dell machines any longer. Now they're little more than a commodity supplier with crap service.

    It'll take longer for MSFT, but irrelevance will happen. We've already started down the road.
    • Well I think Vista will accelarate the slide

      Microsoft has been following what Hollywood wants and not their customers, not a good thing.
  • Gee Ed....

    I saw the update for WGA in my pile o' MS updates too.

    Other than reporting that this is in the queue, what does this little blog entry have to say?

    Oh, you hope that they followed YOUR suggestions when they did it...

    Well, what were those suggestions anyway?

    Oh and you did get some response from your MS contact...

    Well we know that from a response in this talkback session; what was the response?

    Oh we'll get to know next week? in another completely empty blog posting?

    Do you get paid by the blog entry or by the word?
    • The response is...

      They're looking into it.

      And maybe you missed the follow-up posts. Sorry you found this post content-free.
      Ed Bott
  • So where's the details???

    I've got the WGA sitting in the download buffer and just don't want to install it if it's like the original one.

    But you DID say "more details later in the week"