2011 in review: ZDNet's top galleries

2011 in review: ZDNet's top galleries

Summary: Windows 8 screenshots and apps were in big demand in 2011.


Windows 8, smartphones and executive disasters led 2011 in pictures (and screenshots of course).

Here are the top galleries on ZDNet this year based on your clicks.

  1. 20 of the coolest gadgets and must-haves for your office!
  2. Best smartphones of 2011 ... for now
  3. Ten tricks every Windows 7 power user should know
  4. Ten catastrophes: All-time worst tech industry executive decisions
  5. iOS 5 out today: 20 features you need to know
  6. Windows 8: The 'out of the box' experience (screenshots)
  7. A decade's worth of Windows mistakes that changed Microsoft (for better and worse)
  8. Apple iPad design - it's been done before (images)
  9. Microsoft's iPad battle plan for partners
  10. 10 must-have apps for iPad 2 owners (screenshots)
  11. The best iPad apps available now (images)
  12. 50 sexiest geeks in costume of 2011
  13. 10 iPad 2 apps for business
  14. iPhone 5 wish list - 20 new features we want the most (photos)
  15. 10 Best Tablets for Kids
  16. Verizon iPhone 4 Teardown
  17. The Definitive Facebook Lockdown Guide - Securing your profile page (Sept. 2011)
  18. Windows 8 - a first look (screenshots)
  19. Ten epic Windows 7 pranks you absolutely must try
  20. Holiday Gift Guide 2011: Our 20 favorite tech gifts
  21. Cracking Open the Samsung Galaxy Nexus

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