54% say Apple should do a recall of iPhone 4

54% say Apple should do a recall of iPhone 4

Summary: Leading up to today's Apple press conference, here's a look at what users think the company should do about the iPhone 4 antenna issue, based on a member survey from TechRepublic.


Leading up to today's Apple press conference about the iPhone 4, there has been plenty of speculation among press and analysts about what Apple will do or should do to remedy the iPhone antenna issue and the publicity nightmare that has resulted from Apple's response to it.

But what does the public think? TechRepublic surveyed its members on July 13-16 and got 2,257 responses. Of those, over half said that Apple should do a recall of the iPhone 4, despite press reports that Apple is not planning a full recall.

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  • But 90% of people are idiots

    So who cares what 54% of people think?
    • Your math is wrong


      38 + 54 doesn't equal 90.

      • RE: 54% say Apple should do a recall of iPhone 4

        @Joe_Raby That's because 100% of those 8% saying it's exaggerated are idiots and only 89,13% of the others are idiots.

        That adds up to 90% of all people being idiots.
    • Count yourself in that 90%

      this was a poll of TechRepublic members. A poll of white house staff on president Obama would be as accurate or meaningful.

      And the troll writing the article knows it.
  • The only survey that matters.

    How many of those people actually own one or have used one? Because those who have not have no idea what they're talking about.
    • RE: 54% say Apple should do a recall of iPhone 4

      @lumpy_blumpkin <br><br>Don't you know ZDNET's reader polls are the most credible polls on the web? Have you seen the "will the iPad be a failure poll yet" ? These <s>dolts</s>....I mean well informed commenters are always correct ;-)
    • RE: 54% say Apple should do a recall of iPhone 4


      I did.
      I now own a Nexus One.
      Wonder why it went back? duh!

  • Get a grip, folks!!!

    Not only does Apple get tons of advice on how to design their stuff, but now they're being told how to run their company! And even a U.S. Senator is joining in this madness!!! I would be very interested in knowing how many of the "public" that participated in this survey actually own an iPhone 4. I'll bet it wasn't 54%!!
  • 54% want to spend more on their gadgets

    That is where a recall of this sort will lead. Higher prices for all, not just Apple buyers. Analogous to class action lawsuits.
    • That logic should be applied to everything

      I think people should also stop complaining about every single little minor problem in Windows. If you don't like your Windows PC, buy a Mac, or install Linux. All you are doing by making MS fix problems is making everything more expensive, even OS X.
      • Don't be stupid

    • RE: 54% say Apple should do a recall of iPhone 4


      Do you have any clue how a price point is determined?

      • Yeah.

        @zenwalker <br><br>Has a little bit to do with being able to make a profit.

        Do you even know how to play chess? Any good at it? I doubt so.

        Sigh. Public schools today...
  • So what are the real numbers?

    How many people with a new iPhone actually have a problem? 5% of the owners? 95% of the owners? Finding out that might be a good starting point. Better than the fluff and drama we have been having.

    And what if the problems can be taken care of with a software or firmware fix? Will otherwise happy owners stick with the iPhone4? Or will they want their money back so they can but a HTC - which Consumer Reports actually ranks lower than the iPhone4.

    There has been a huge amount of fairy dust in the media recently. Let's see what the news conference has to say.
    • A good measure of that is the return rate

      but that is really low, and doesn't feed the agenda of the troll writing these blogs. So he ignores it.
      • RE: 54% say Apple should do a recall of iPhone 4

        Which return rate?
        to Apple?
        to an Apple division?
        to AT&T?
        all three?

        based on Apples past behavior (ex:blog censoring) I don't half trust those numbers.....
    • RE: 54% say Apple should do a recall of iPhone 4


      from a relative when asked how she likes her iphone...
      "this is really great! sometimes I have connection problems, must be the cell signal"....
      Likely very typical.....

      as for HTC, I dropped the 4, got an HTC and am very happy.
      Android 2.2, flash, better maps, better browser, call quality up, improved call connection.....

  • The burn spreads...

    Even my 2nd gen iTouch, which doesn't have any glass on the back (metal), got its casing annihilated by sand that got trapped between the case and the body. (beach trip) People are not only paying a lot of money for these gadgets (significantly more than it costs to make them, I might point out), but, add to that the overpriced cases, which are usually bought to PROTECT things, and you realize Apple has a HUGE responsibility here. They either need to start coating their stuff with a scratch-resistant material, or helping people out when they get the burn. (or both, realistically)<br><br>The average user isn't going to buy something from Apple, then come home and setup a workshop to figure out all the bizarre risks that might come along to ruin things. Leaving millions of people to help themselves with this type of avoidable mess is thinking backwards, and doing nothing to keep smiles on faces. (people buy products based on the emotions they create... and, later, they RE-buy, in large part, if those emotions created a pleasant memory that they want to re-live. Unfortunately, Apple has been doing all too much lately to destroy this...)
    Dario D.