Aaron vs. Goliath (box.net vs. Google's gdrive)

Aaron vs. Goliath (box.net vs. Google's gdrive)

Summary: Over the weekend, Garrett Rogers, our resident blogger on everything Google blogged a post about Google's forthcoming G-Drive project.  Said Rogers: The GDrive service will provide anyone (who trusts Google with their data) a universally accessible network share that spans across computers, operating systems and even devices.

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Over the weekend, Garrett Rogers, our resident blogger on everything Google blogged a post about Google's forthcoming G-Drive project.  Said Rogers:

The GDrive service will provide anyone (who trusts Google with their data) a universally accessible network share that spans across computers, operating systems and even devices.  Users will no longer require third party applications to emulate this behaviour by abusing Gmail storage.

Knowing that such a service exists already (box.net), I contacted the company's founder Aaron Levie to get his take on the Goliath's encroachment onto his turf, not surprisingly, Levie had already blogged about it in a post entitled "Beating Google:"

That is pretty exciting. Imagine being able to offload all of your data to the internet, where you could then access it from anywhere at anytime. Or, even better, you can synchronize your files to your webdrive so that in an emergency you will have a backup copy available. Sounds appealing, no? The only thing is… Box.net does that!.....All I can really say is, we’re prepared for the challenge, and understand that there is bumpy road ahead of us. What else could make this business more interesting than competition from Google? Ok enough with the G word.

Box.net offers 1GB of online storage for free and 5GB for $5/month.  Of course, if those Y- or M-word folks want to get in Google's face before Google launches, they know who to call. If I had to place my bets, it would be on Yahoo.  Via acquisition, the company has been amassing a very large portfolio of API-enabled services.

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  • Great service this box.net

    Really, I just uploaded one file (2,2 MB), then I clicked on "Share". So far so good. Then i placed the link on my blog and... only thing that I can get is message saying "This user is out of bandwidth". Great service, just what I need, service that will say to everybody that I am out of bandwidth. They give 1GB free space but 2MB of bandwidth per.. what, a week? :-)
  • GDrive will be successful

    Google's track record in search and email is impressive, and I don't see any reason why they won't with online storage. box.net is a simple online storage play that won't have a chance. But specialized and widely used online storage services such as IBackup (http://www.ibackup.com) would have a better chance at competing with gdrive with their range of services.
  • needs to add google desktop search

    box.net does have some nice features like -- being able to drag files from local drive to box drive and now viewing your files from various homepages (google,netvibes.)

    accessing box.net via integrated google desktop search would by huge, IMO. (if you can't beat'em join'em!) this would help box grab market share before the lauanch of Gdrive (can an API built to do this without G's acquiescence?)

    lastly i am not aware of any web storage systems that integrate with AutoStore from notable solutions (allowing you to scan files directly to folder on a server -- in this case, web-based.) let me know if there is one out there.
  • A list of the best free online file storage


    Hope that the list is useful.
  • GDrive is no comparison with DriveHQ.com

    I have been an enthusiastic DriveHQ user for almost 2 years. Their service is great!

    All GDrive features are long available and better on DriveHQ.com. Visit www.drivehq.com and watch the demo.

    # Backup. DriveHQ Online Backup works great. It has a lot of high-end features, much better than GDrive, including versioning, scheduled backup, encrypted storage, compressed upload, incremental backup and resuming, etc.

    # Sync. DriveHQ FileManager can sync multiple PCs, multiple user accounts.

    # VPN-less access. You can access your data from anywhere using a web browser, any FTP client, or DriveHQ Cline software, or SMTP/POP3 email with Outlook!

    # Collaborate. DriveHQ Group Account service is a true enterprise class collaboration platform. You can easily share folders to different people with different access rights. DriveHQ Group Account owner / admin can create/manage/delete sub-accounts.

    # Disconnected access. On the plane? VPN broken? All your files are still accessible as DriveHQ FileManager can cache the data for offline access! DriveHQ even offers SMTP/POP3 emails for offline Outlook access with unlimited email storage!

    DriveHQ offers basic service for free. So why the hype and why the wait? Sign up at: http://www.drivehq.com/?refID=2925384
  • GDrive vs. SmartFile?

    There are a ton of players in the internet file hosting, ftp online storage business. But some of them are really aimed towards the consumer. We use SmartFile http://www.smartfile.com for web ftp, and file upload. They allow us to brand our domain, logo and color scheme and do it cheaper than everyone else.
  • RE: Aaron vs. Goliath (box.net vs. Google's gdrive)

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