Acer: "no short-term plans" for Chrome OS mobile device

Acer: "no short-term plans" for Chrome OS mobile device

Summary: Acer said today that reports of a Chrome OS mobile device making its debut in Taipei next week are false.


Acer is squashing rumors about the debut of "mobile devices" running Google's Chrome OS at Computex Taipei early next month. Venture Beat last week cited "multiple sources" when it reported the rumor last week.

Acer responded today with a statement that called Chrome OS "an exciting product announcement" but said it has "no short-term plans for such a product," according to a press release posted on Engadget.

There's a bit of eagerness around the debut of mobile devices running al alternative system by Google, whether Chrome or Android. Earlier this month at Web 2.0 Expo, there was a lot of blog buzz about an Android-powered tablet at the Adobe booth. It was there - but it wasn’t the big deal that everyone made it out to be. It really couldn’t even be considered a prototype.

Google has said that Chrome OS would be ready in late 2010.

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  • Real artists ship.

    Rumors, rumors, rumors. Let's see a shipping product! Say what you will about Steve Jobs, but when the man talks about something usually you can go buy within days, if not immediately.
  • Is this the Slate, Pt. II?

    And we all know what kind of vaporware M$ tried to pull with it's OEM lackey HP, now don't we... ;)

    Let's see the Chrome beef, shall we...
    ubiquitous one
  • RE: Acer:

    High 5 Acer. Google Chrome OS is the most dangerous OS that I have ever seen. When you save a file to a Chrome OS stateless HD you lose complete ownership of that file. The only access you have is the access you license.

    While you retain copyright, you retain a limited copyright. Google will have limitless access to your file and because of the way copyright is created combined with how documents are authored ... google will have copyright over your work.

    From (FAQ)
    When is my work protected?
    Your work is under copyright protection the moment it is created and fixed in a tangible form that it is perceptible either directly or with the aid of a machine or device.

    But, as the OS can often times tag files with the author, and your files are on a Google HD, they become author at that moment.
  • RE: Acer:

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