Adobe slightly warms to Apple again with iOS Reader app

Adobe slightly warms to Apple again with iOS Reader app

Summary: Adobe is releasing a mobile app for one of its former foes that is boasted to make reading and interacting with files easier than ever.


Adobe and Apple have had their very publicly-known differences in the past, and the source for those disputes have mainly been over iOS.

Adobe is warming up to iOS again ever-so-slightly with its new Reader for iOS app. Compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, many of the functions available on the desktop version is seen here, making mobile devices even more productive.

Users will be able to open and view PDF files from email, browsers, or any application that supports "Open In..." Additionally, iOS users can access encrypted PDF files (up to AES256) and those secured by Adobe LiveCycle Rights Management.

Other nitty gritty features include being able read text annotations (Sticky Notes), using bookmarks to jump to a section in a PDF, and search the text for specific information.

Taking advantage of the touch screen and iOS itself, the Adobe Reader app lets users zoom in on text and images for a closer view, as well as print wirelessly with AirPrint.

The Adobe Reader for iOS app is free and available to download from iTunes immediately. Adobe is also releasing Adobe Reader for Android 10.1 today.


Topic: Enterprise Software

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  • As I believed

    Adobe will have to cater to Apple. Not the other way around.

    Otherwise Adobe will have no reason to innovate and continue to distribute the same old bloated, security-riddled POS as it's done before.
    • RE: Adobe slightly warms to Apple again with iOS Reader app

      @ScorpioBlue ... I dunno. The new Photoshop is getting some serious attention. The de-blurring filter is pretty amazing. But I'm a bit off topic, here, so feel free to ignore.
      • RE: Adobe slightly warms to Apple again with iOS Reader app


        Uh...yes you are. We're talking about common apps at no cost.

        You do realize the vast majority of people out there aren't going to spend $800-1,000 on Photoshop, don't you?
  • It should be noted that this application only makes sense if you ever deal

    ... with encrypted PDF (since support of non-encrypted PDF is built-in the iOS).
  • RE: Adobe slightly warms to Apple again with iOS Reader app

    I can read all the PDF's I want already and store them in iBooks. This is a snoozer for me.
  • Well it was Stevie Boy who had his shorts in a wad with Adobe.

    So now that he is no longer around...maybe things will change.
  • Meanwhile back in the real world...

    Shall we just ignore the other twelve iPad apps and eight iPhone apps available from Adobe?
    The Texter
  • Why is this around?

    I believe Adobe only released this to have a foot-hold. I use Cloud Readers which is simple, effective, and fast.

    Don't need this...haven't looked at the app sze yet, but I'm not going to hold my breath in thinking it is tiny.