AMD delays 9900, 9700 Phenom chips

AMD delays 9900, 9700 Phenom chips

Summary: AMD on Friday confirmed that it will delay its quad-core Phenom 9900 and 9700 chips that were expected in the first quarter. These chips will be pushed into the second quarter, but AMD will deliver an energy efficient Phenom and triple core offerings on time.


AMD on Friday confirmed that it will delay its quad-core Phenom 9900 and 9700 chips that were expected in the first quarter. These chips will be pushed into the second quarter, but AMD will deliver an energy efficient Phenom and triple core offerings on time.

An AMD spokesman confirmed reports ( and Ars Technica) about the delay. The company said the delay isn't part of a widely reported errata that has delayed the launch of its Barcelona server chip.

In lieu of the quad-core chips, AMD now plans to push its triple-core chips--a kind of tweener desktop chip that can improve yields--and launch energy efficient Phenoms. This roadmap audible comes just weeks after executives outlined a first quarter rollout for analysts.

A spokesman maintained that the AMD made the changes based on "OEM and partner input." AMD plans to launch the Phenom 9000E quad-core chip and its triple cores. The moves were based on "prioritization and resources."

Update: For good measure, here are the AMD talking points as emailed to us.

  • AMD launched its highest-volume versions of AMD Phenom quad-core processors in mid-November (models 9500 and 9600), and we shipped hundreds of thousands in Q4 2007. OEMs demonstrated production AMD Phenom processor-based desktops during 2008 International CES this week.
  • For the enthusiast market, AMD then launched a performance tunable “Black Edition” of the 9600 model in December 2007 to address the enthusiast market. This was an additional quad-core product added to our Q4 roadmap and is now available on major e-tailer sites.
  • AMD will now introduce the AMD Phenom 9700 and 9900 models in Q2 2008. This decision was based on OEM input on how AMD should prioritize its next two waves of AMD Phenom processor models. Based on these customer inputs, AMD will continue to prioritize volume-based Phenom products, including the AMD Phenom triple-core processor introduction for consumer and commercial markets this quarter, and now a new energy–efficient 65W AMD Phenom 9000e series processor in this quarter (instead of Q2). AMD Phenom 9700 and 9900 models will immediately follow next quarter.
  • Our OEM customers are placing more priority on our energy-efficient and triple-core processors, where the volumes and ability to differentiate products take precedence over the more prestigious, but much lower volume, higher performance quad-core products.

The talking points--along with my raw notes in the talkback below--should give you enough fodder to connect your own dots.

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  • Bummer

    I would like to know more about the cause of the delay. To tell me that there is a delay makes me want to read the headline and no farther. The news about the triple cores is nice. Hopefully they will be reasonably priced.
    • wouldn't we all

      AMD wasn't budging much. They were very clear it wasn't the errata. Here are my notes cleaned up slightly. I don't buy the OEM/Customer request line though. If that were the case they wouldn't have said Phenom would launch in the first quarter a few weeks ago.

      The notes:

      The 9700 and 9900 Phenom in Q2. that has changed. Instead based on OEM and partner input. Phenom 9000E series quad core CpUs. This quarter the energy efficient, triple core.

      Q2 higher frequencies will come. Based on prioritization and resources.

      Haven't given further guidance (on when in the first quarter these things will land). Nothing to do that errata. the errata wouldn't prevent us to getting to higher frequencies.
      Larry Dignan
  • Obviously another problem

    was discovered. Not to cruel but they just don't seem to be able to get it together in the FAB.
    • Promotions abound at AMD

      I was just told by my buddies at AMD that the guy who runs the desktop division was promoted last week to corporate VP, whatever that is. I cannot believe that after the original phenom slip from April to November, then the phenom frequency slip, then the phenom cache fiasco, then the latest frequency slip that anyone would get promoted there. My buds aren't planning to stay long though.... they are looking for more of a meritocracy. Can you say nvidia?
      • fully deserved promotions.....

        Now wait a second here. I am sure this lady or guy fully deserves the promotion given the market success of Phonom. Look at all the great press stories, reviews and that amazing stock price in reaction to its success. I am sure the entire desktop team got promotions, bonuses, vacation and accolades just like this VP. I am sure at AMD they treat the worker-bees just as good at the veeps. :>
    • Obviously

      . . . and now that the article is updated, it's obvious your wild speculation was wrong.
  • But Hector said....

    But Hector said they were past the engineering/production problems and AMD wouldn't be repeating them. I don't get can this be?
    • Oh...

      I get it: OEMs were putting priority on low-energy parts...just maybe this batch of designs are hogs!
  • A Good Trade-Off

    Pulling in the 65watt processors versus increasing frequency is a good call. With the black edition 2.3G part, people can overclock that to 2.8-2.9gigs, so who cares about the standard parts?
  • "Please delay your products again" - OEM and partner input

    AMD heard them loud and clear. Craxy, but if that is what the customer wants, that is what the customer gets.
    • missing the point.....

      They pulled in the schedule (READ:improved) low power parts and pushed out (READ: delayed) higher frequency parts. Anyone who knows the basics of CPU silicon knows this. It's a trade-off and a wash.
      • Pfffttt... No one cares about the past

        or the cheap CPUs. They currently offer nothing to compare (or compete) with Intel and that is going to kill them.
  • Thanks to the Phenom (9600) being blown away by the (faux) quad core Q6600,

    why won't AMD change its naming convention? 9600 is an obvious and damning misnomer if anyone thinks "9600" means it's going to put "6600" to its knees.

    Never mind all that when the 9600 is a native quad core, and the Q6600 is two dual cores stitched together.
  • Whatever

    Who cares? Intel's quad core processors might just be glued together cores but who cares about the cosmetics, it works damn well and I'd say lets cut this waiting game and just go for what's already out and working. We're tired of waiting AMD and we're tired of your set backs, you're turning into Microsoft ...over promise and under deliver!

    - John Musbach
    John Musbach
  • Turning a weakness into a strength

    You're not getting a chip with a broken core, you're getting improved energy efficiency!