AMD marketing and sales chief Henri Richard departs

AMD marketing and sales chief Henri Richard departs

Summary: AMD's Henri Richard is resigning from his position as executive vice president and chief sales and marketing officer, according to report in and confirmed by news.

TOPICS: Processors

AMD's Henri Richard is resigning from his position as executive vice president and chief sales and marketing officer, according to report in and confirmed by

At a press briefing in July, the outspoken, dapper Richard made the case that AMD would will win in its battle with Intel, which includes suing its rival for abuse of monopoly power. He stated that AMD allows OEMs freedom to create more distinctive products than they could working with Intel, and that AMD has no “monopoly tax.”


Richard is known for attributing AMD's past misfortune to Intel: "Since our OEMs are smart people, when the first Opteron came to the market and they could benchmark it, they could tell it was better. So why did it take so long for them to migrate over? I don't mind a good competitor. What I don't like is an unfair competitor," he said during AMD's Technology Analyst Day last month.

On the processor battlefield, AMD hasn't been faring so well of late. It's highly touted 65-nanometer quad-core processor, Barcelona, was six months late in shipping to OEMs, allowing Intel more time to close the gap with its 45-nanometer quad-core Penryn chips.

Richard had been with AMD since 2002. Prior to AMD he was executive vice president of worldwide field operations at WebGain, president of the Computer Products Group at Bell Microproducts and vice president, worldwide sales and support for IBM’s Technology Group.

So far, no word from AMD on Richard's replacement or his reasons for leaving the company...

Topic: Processors

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  • Sounds like sour grapes to me.

    Why didn't OEMs jump on the AMD band wagon? Because that is a HUGE leap of faith and people are resistant to change. Because AMD CPUs simply under perform compared to Intels. Becaue AMD has never spent money to market to the user. Actually the list is rather long...

    But putting that aside, he is leaving because he can see that AMD does not have a product to currently comepete against Intel and the future is looking very iffy.
    • Indeed

      Rats abandoning a sinking ship.
      Hallowed are the Ori
      • So, since Intel can only lay claim ...

        ... to having faster processors, RIGHT NOW, it doesn't matter that AMD's onboard memory controller is much better for virtualization than Intel's implementation and ...

        Oh, kick me, that's right, Johnny doesn't know SQUAT about virtualization and so it doesn't MATTER what OTHER things system builders might be interested in other than pure CPU speed.

        'Course, this isn't the FIRST time Axey and Johnny's Wad have sounded the death bell for AMD, and, gawrsh, they're STILL here!

        • LOL. So now virtualization is Intel's achilles heel

          Let's review the list..
          (2003) 64bits! Yeah. Gotta have it now! Windows64 is needed now!
          (2004) Integrated mem controller! Yeah, that's it. Intel don't have it. Nanananana. It's what AMD chips are the fastest in the world!
          (2005) Hypertransport! Yeah. The future! Intel FSB sucks and a huge bottleneck to performance!
          (2006) Native Quad Core! Yeah. WhooHoo .. Look over here. We ship in Q4/2006. Ya gotta wait cause native is where it's at.
          (2007) Virtualization! Yeah. That's the ticket. Let's dust off the IMC and slides of 2004. It's VT or bust!

          There is an opening at AMD marketing central!!
          • So, lemme get this straight:

            Anytime AMD has a new idea it's nonsense because, well, they just ain't Intel, and anytime Intel has an idea its GREAT because, well, heck, they ARE Intel! Have I got that right?

            And just how big is that monthly shill check you get from the x86 Monster?
        • Yes, and in 1708 AMD had...

          Oh wait, past accomplishments mean diddly in todays market. Face it, AMD is in DEEP kaka and all the ranting in the world won't change it.

          Well, thats not true, management can quit as we see happening...
          • By "today's market" you mean you recommend ...

            ... to ALL of your customers they run out and buy the latest and the greatest and the fastest and the MOST EXPENSIVE technology out there, Axey?

            I don't: I recommend they buy the BEST option for the BEST PRICE for what they need to do, and right now that is Opteron for the server and AMD64 for the desktop. And as long there are still THOUSANDS of common sense consultants like me out there AMD will survive.

            To say there there isn't a market for a more economical IT solution is REAL ranting, Big_Dull_Axhead, and is ignoring the advantages of other technologies such as open source.
          • Yes, in fact I do.

            Yes, my recommendation to my clients to go with the "biggest bang for the buck". Right now, today, that is Intel.

            Oh, and your silly rant about open sores has no place in this talkback. Do try to grasp wht the topic is.
          • Nope, Intel is "the biggest buck for YOUR bank," Ax.

            You have oftentimes expressed how you feel your customers are just a necessary evil for your business, and you have just proved it by ignoring what the current prices are for hardware.
    • No_Ax = Intel employee?

      Hey No_Ax. If you are an Intel employee, you should just come out with it. You are among the first to post on every anti-AMD story on ZDNet. A quick search of your posts is revealing.

      Or maybe No_Ax just needs to get out more, take some deep breaths of fresh air. Just please don't come up with another ironic name for yourself and keep on posting comments with less insight than Nelson from The Simpsons.
      • lol

        If it wasnt for AMD your Intel would cost $3000,If it wasnt for AMD you would still have power sucking P4 with Netburst. Buy the way Intel fans on 4 sockets and 8 sockets AMD still owns U.Because you processor doesnt scale well past 2 sockets.
        • Sour grapes...

          ...Henri is the first of more to come.
      • Ah, when you have nothing to say, rant at posters.

        Especially when you know the poster is right and you haven't a leg to stand on.
  • In a Parting Message Henri said,

    "You try and sell their crap? It's like trying to sell Iceboxes to Eskimos. Who do you think I am? Microsoft?"
    • lol

      you intel guys crack me up, He actually said this

      In a statement, Richard said he has decided to make a move to "a different business segment."

      "I am leaving AMD at a time when the company is in position to break the monopoly that plagues this industry. I am immensely proud of my contribution to AMD, and in particular, of the strong team I leave behind."
      • Intel Guy?

        I am responsible for the 2 AMD 64 desktops at work. Without me, they wouldn't be there. I am typing this post from an AMD Sempron 64 3500+. I have a 3000+ Athlon XP sitting a mere five feet behind me. I built my brother's AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+ and chose the specs for it myself. My Intels sleep in the basement, minus the Core Duo laptop which rests on my desk between my monitor and keyboard.

        Would you care to continue to bash me or just assume that I was making fun of the team that I support.

        You might want to learn who you bash before you bash them. One Comment doesn't make me. I am who I am and I stand by AMD. They are having a rough time and making some stupid moves. I am making fun of them for it. If they straighten up and fly right, I will continue to support them.

        If I act like a moron, I plan for my friends to call me a moron. If I act like I am making fun of AMD, I want to be known for making fun of AMD, not being a member of the Intel Fan boy squad.

        If AMD is in the position to break a monopoly, they are keeping some mighty big secrets under their hat.
        • Given a choice....

          [b]"Would you care to continue to bash me or just assume that I was making fun of the team that I support."[/b]

          I'd prefer to continue to bash you. Thanks for asking.