AMOLED display revenue surged in 2011 thanks to smartphones

AMOLED display revenue surged in 2011 thanks to smartphones

Summary: More mobile device manufacturers are installing AMOLED panels on their gadgets rather than TFT LCD -- specifically on smartphones.


Despite numerous and lenghty shortages of supply in 2010, 2011 turned out to be a great year for AMOLED makers.

AMOLED shipments are estimated to have reached 90 million units in 2011, which is up 97 percent on a year-over-year rate, according to the latest figures from NPD DisplaySearch.

At the same time, DisplaySearch predicts that AMOLED revenue grew to $3.36 billion, which is up 169 percent.

The main reason? More mobile device manufacturers are installing AMOLED panels on their gadgets rather than TFT LCD -- specifically on smartphones.

During the first three quarters of 2011 alone, DisplaySearch found that shipments of AMOLED displays 3.5-inches and larger designed for smartphones reached approximately 59.7 million units, which is triple the amount seen during the same period in 2010.

Thus, these results shouldn't actually come as too much of a surprise especially as Nielsen reported in September 2011 that nearly 60 percent of all new cell phones sold now are smartphones.

That number is bound to increase in 2012 -- along with it revenue for AMOLED display makers so long as mobile OEMs keep using those materials.


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  • The great thing for AMOLED makers

    They get paid even when the device sits in a warehouse collecting dust, as is the case with 95% of AMOLED smartphones and tablets.
    • RE: AMOLED display revenue surged in 2011 thanks to smartphones

      @toddybottom Amoled devices don't sit in the warehouse troll! They're the best screens on the market these days if you want a really vibrant image, great colors and true blacks as well as unbeatable viewing angles!

      Put any Samsung Phone next to an iPhone and ask people passing by which screen they like best... I bet it is overwhelmingly in favor of the Samsung phones.

      You know why this is? Because Retina Display is a gimmick and an Ad word, nothing more! Super Amoled+ is the real deal and it is evident just looking at the phones.
    • duplicate sorry

  • The great thing for Apple are true believers in propaganda


    Care to provide some links to substantiate your assertions?

    You probably said that since Apple is too lame to use any state-of-the-art AMOLED displays, having built so much hype on the proverbial retina display which is simply old LCD technology.

    Heck, eons ago even the Zune was using OLED:
    [quote]h t t p : / /
    The IBM T220/T221 LCD monitors marketed from 2001 to 2005 reached 204 PPI.

    The Toshiba Port??g?? G900 Windows Mobile 6 Professional phone, launched in mid 2007, came with a 3" WVGA LCD having ???print-quality??? pixel density of [b]313[/b] PPI.

    In January 2008, Kopin Corp. announced a 0.44 inch (1.12 cm) SVGA LCD with an astonishing pixel density of 2272 PPI (each pixel only 11?? ??m). According to the manufacturer, the LCD was designed to be optically magnified to yield a vivid image and therefore expected to find use in high-resolution eye-wear devices.[/quote]

    That's probably why rumors on the iPad3 predict will use two LED backlights instead of the one currently in use on the ultra-dim iPad2 display. You can't even see it properly outdoors...

    As to the numbers with substantiation:
    But Galaxy sales helped top the company off to record profits this year, amid sales injunctions and ongoing legal battles. It was noted late last year that Apple???s attempts to block the sale of the Galaxy line of smartphones and tablets ??? subject to patent infringement cases ??? made the Galaxy Tab a ???household name???.

    Reuters reports that Samsung sold around 35 million smartphones in the fourth-quarter, showing a 7 million smartphone sales rise between October and December. AFP adds that Apple???s 17.1 million iPhone sales was trumped by Samsung???s near-28 million in that quarter.

    Specs don't matter eh? Only to those sheeple who drink too much Kool-Aid.

    What I find hilarious is Apple still [b]only[/b] makes money off the back of its patrons, yet those consumers are proud of it?

    [quote]Excerpt from CNN talkback:
    SouthAustin said:

    While all you i***** buying overpriced Apple products were wasting your money the last few years I was spending mine on Apple stock . Nicely done Apple fan boys ??? you've secured my retirement and paid for kids college tuition. Keep drinking that Apple Kool Aid and I'll keep laughing all the way to the bank ![/quote]

    Everything is relative.
    ~ Albert Einstein[/i]