Analyst finds jewels in Oracle's infrastructure strategy

Analyst finds jewels in Oracle's infrastructure strategy

TOPICS: Tech Industry


Topic: Tech Industry

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  • It's Big Hat, No Cattle

    Big hat, no cattle
    Big shoes, well you know...
    Big horse, no saddle
    He goes wherever I go

    Big hat, no cattle
    Right from the start
    Big guns, no battle
    Big belly, no heart
    -- Randy Newman
  • Longhorn migh as well be Mad Cow Disease

    Microsoft copied Apple with their first version of Windows and now they'll do it again. Nothing Microsoft does is original. Apple OS X Tiger has now what Bill Gates promises when they dump, err, release Longhorn they hope in mid 2006. How many computers will crash when upgraded? How many security flaws will come with this version? I've got one Windows XP SP2 computer and two Macs and even with OS X Panther they run circles around Windows.

    Apple: It just works.
    Microsoft: It just crashes.
  • Yes, it does matter

    I'm a user of OpenOffice both on Windows and Linux so I consider my self in a quite neutral camp. I saw a Longhorn presentation in California in December 2003 and it was already working fine!
    Even if Microsoft copies many features from others they have this great merit: they assure almost 100% compatibility with their older operating systems. And that's not an easy thing to do and it takes time!
    I welcome the new file system that is really a database and the new presentation 3D engine that can revolutionize our desktop. And the backward compatibility!
    Francisco Reis