Angry Birds creator could be worth $1.2 billion soon

Angry Birds creator could be worth $1.2 billion soon

Summary: Rovio, the dream team behind "Angry Birds," could be worth over one billion dollars if its owners have their way.


There's no denying the global success of Angry Birds. The game, in which one simply throws birds at pigs to score points and move onto another level of the same activity, is available on nearly every kind of desktop and mobile platform there is. Chrome browser app, iPhone app, Nook Color app. You name it, and if it doesn't have Angry Birds, well it's probably on the way.

Thus, the idea that the popular game's maker, Rovio, could be worth hundreds of millions or more by now isn't all that surprising.

Bloomberg reports that the Finnish company "is in talks to receive funding that would value the company at about $1.2 billion" based on two unnamed sources who have "knowledge of the discussions." Yet, the identity of said investors has not been revealed as the talks are private.

However, Rovio's success is largely based on one game. As popular as the original Angry Birds is, Rovio is going to need more games and related products to keep that valuation growing.

We've already seen some evidence of that, with holiday spin-off versions of Angry Birds as well as a special Rio edition tied into the cartoon movie of the same name. Bloomberg adds that Rovio is also selling Angry Birds merchandise, such as stuffed animals and clothing, which should help the money pot overall. Kids (and sometimes kids at heart) love that stuff. We also saw some Angry Birds-themed iPhone covers last year.

Seriously, who predicted that something as simple as throwing birds at pigs could be so profitable?


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  • Seriously?? Are this "analysts" brain dead or something?

    Sure Angry Birds is a success ... but what else does the company have to show? Angry Birds by itself is not enough.

    I seriously question the intelligence of this so called "economic/business analysts" when the numbers they pull out of their rear ends are beyond any logic.
    • RE: Angry Birds creator could be worth $1.2 billion soon

      My thoughts too, without Angry Birds the Rovio company is nothing.
    • RE: Angry Birds creator could be worth $1.2 billion soon

      @wackoae and @Loverock Davidson
      +1. Now you have Angry Birds shirts, toys, coffee mugs etc. and they have movie Rio with others. All of these are originated from Angry Birds, and without Angry Birds, Rovio is never known.
      Ram U
  • One hit wonder

    They should have cashed in all their chips months ago
    chum is fum
    fum is chum
  • <a href="">Angry Birds Online</a>

    It's amazing how a tiny android game can go from nothing to earning over 1.2 billion per year. Angry Birds have got plans to go public.