Another Apple Tablet PC rumor: Do you buy it?

Another Apple Tablet PC rumor: Do you buy it?

Summary: Asus has reportedly confirmed that Apple is working on a tablet PC (iTablet anyone?).


Asus has reportedly confirmed that Apple is working on a tablet PC (iTablet anyone?).

According to Crave UK, a part of CNET UK, an Asus tipster said in a "very hushed manner" that Asus is helping Apple build a tablet PC. The tip gets more credibility than usual since Asus makes other products for Apple.

The rumor sounds plausible. But color me skeptical. Here's why:

  • Would Asus really have a hand in helping Apple design a tablet PC? Apple has its own designers and is locked down on the trade secrets. Crave UK's mole confirmed that the tablet PC wasn't based on current Asus designs.
  • Aren't contract equipment manufacturers supposed to shut up? How drunk would an Asus exec have to be to spill the beans on one of its most valuable customers?
  • There's a big difference between a prototype and a real product on the way. Asus may have just been involved with a prototype.

But maybe I have just heard too many of these Mac rumors so I'll leave it to you. Do you buy this Apple tablet PC rumor from our cheeky pals across the pond?

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  • Don't hold your breath...

    Don't hold your breath. Apple has a ways to go regarding their handwriting
    recognition. Microsoft has a fairly well done implementation, and Apple isn't even

    Unless they have something up their sleeve, I don't think it's going to happen. If they
    do release one, expect complaints like the original Newton.
    • Are you sure about that?

      Forget not the Newton!!
  • Rumours

    Is it a rumour or not? Who knows at this point.
    I will tell you though that if Apple releases a paperback size or trade paperback size device, with their Touch screen capabilities, and with a fold-out or slide-out keyboard, I'll be getting one. But only if I can install software like on a regular Mac. I don't want a locked down device like the iPhone or iPod Touch. I want it to be a full-fledged Apple, just in a reduced form factor from the iMac 20". Oh, and it should be lightweight, and have a nice carrying case. Are you listening Apple?
  • A good reason why this is plausible

    The Axiotron ModBook has been out for a while now
    and has been very successfull from what I understand.
    It is basically a converted Macbook. It has no built-in
    keyboard, so navigation and handwriting-recognition
    in OSX must be working quite successfully. With the
    Modbooks popularity among those who know about it,
    I don't see why Apple would not be encouraged to
    pursue such a system themselves, and they could add
    the multi-touch ability they use in their iphones to
    help enhance the product.
  • Apple Tablet PC rumor: TRUE

    How come nobody has mentioned about the only Mac Tablet, that was part of the rumour before Macworld Expo 08. Its the Modbook by Axiotron. They have merged a Macbook & a Wacom Cintique touch screen in one package. It may not be a featherweight like the MBA but it sure is an amazing product.