AntiSec hackers release 'largest cache yet' of law enforcement data

AntiSec hackers release 'largest cache yet' of law enforcement data

Summary: Hackers contributing to the LulzSec-inspired AntiSec movement released a 10GB cache of law enforcement data overnight.


Hackers associated with the AntiSec movement -- a LulzSec and Anonymous combined effort to breach systems with weak security -- have released a 10GB in size cache of data belonging to law enforcement.

Known as 'Shooting Sherrifs Saturday', this follows 'F**k FBI Friday' in June, where LulzSec published hundreds of hacked usernames, passwords and other details from an FBI contractor.

In the latest cache, over 300 email accounts, personal information of suspects and officers, police training videos, and the contents of an insecure anonymous tip system can be found. Confidential information such as personal details of informants and police officers alike are included in the cache, along with social security numbers and credit card information.

Since the Wikileaks' releases, this is thought to be one of the largest caches of government data to be leaked.

It is not clear which hacker group breached the systems.

The cache was posted on a torrent website and mirrored on a website accessible via the Tor anonymity network.

Across the Twittersphere, where a war of words broke out earlier this week between law enforcement and Anonymous, the group is acting 'in solidarity with Topiary', the LulzSec spokesperson charged with hacking offenses in London last week.

This leak comes only days after Anonymous and LulzSec were 'heading stateside' to look for further U.S. government targets.

Published on Pastebin, the AntiSec hackers showed no remorse:

"We have no sympathy for any of the officers or informants who may be endangered by the release of their personal information… we want them to experience just a taste of the kind of misery and suffering they inflict upon us on an everyday basis."

AntiSec's movement follows the initial work of LulzSec and continued by Anonymous, the movement is that of an ideological nature rather than an organised collective of people -- making the task for law enforcement far more difficult.

"You may bust a few of us, but we greatly outnumber you, and you can never stop us from continuing to destroy your systems and leak your data", the hackers said in their Pastebin statement.

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  • RE: AntiSec hackers release 'largest cache yet' of law enforcement data

    Hmm....from the sounds of their bravado, goals, and behavior the word 'terrorist' seems far more applicable than 'hacker/cracker'.
    • Edited out.

      Edited out.
  • RE: AntiSec hackers release 'largest cache yet' of law enforcement data

    @chipbeef: terrorists are these who instill terror in people and kill them. These anarchists are neither.

    By the way, text on Pastee actually might help Web developers secure their projects, since these hackers give logs/cues ways they "rooted" police servers (of course, mostly through "SQL injection"):
    • Um, what?

      @DeRSSS "terrorists are these who instill terror in people [and kill them.]" According to several sources, terrorism is "the use of Terror or Fear to coerce or force action in the pursuit of political aims" Where the killing comes in I have no idea. Wether or not you align with their ideology (which I do, for the most art) these groups are "terrorists".
      @chipbeef Why cant they be both? As society and its ruling governments begin to rely more and more on technology, disabling that can have the same effects as bombing a headquarters would have had in a pre-internet era.
      • RE: AntiSec hackers release 'largest cache yet' of law enforcement data

        @45yoyos same as bombing a headquarters? well, except for the shrapnel, loss of limbs, lives and bloodshed... yeah, it's EXACTLY like bombing a headquarters.

        And correct me if I'm wrong but you just identified yourself as aligning with the ideology of terrorists? Brilliant public move.
      • RE: AntiSec hackers release 'largest cache yet' of law enforcement data

        terrorism is "the use of Terror or Fear to coerce or force action in the pursuit of political aims"

        ...of course this definition would apply to those members of Congress who held the country hostage over the debt ceiling...yes?

        In fact I would suggest that with the countries credit rating being downgraded for the first time ever they have already done far more damage to this country and its people than this last release of law enforcement data.
  • tic,tic tic.

    tic,tic tic. There time will come and he who laughs last laughs the loudest. There not heros,only to criminals are they heros.
    • RE: AntiSec hackers release 'largest cache yet' of law enforcement data

      douche, douche, douche, what a useless comment.
      • RE: AntiSec hackers release 'largest cache yet' of law enforcement data

        Yawn,No surprise coming from a coward supporter like yourself.
    • RE: AntiSec hackers release 'largest cache yet' of law enforcement data

      Criminal and terrorist! Listen, the guys underestimate the strenth of the hammer. Local police, CIA, FBI, Interpol, various military intellengence, probably equal their numbers. When it come to intellengence,` there is no match
  • they have no sympathy for those that may be harmed. they are terrorists.

    whether they are trying to save the environment or pushing for better network security, the ends do NOT justify the means.
    terrorist is as terrorist does.
    they repeatedly advertise that they are going to harm people unless their terms are met.
    pure terrorism.
    this world is breeding unsymapthetic thugs like rats.
    it won't be long before this society crumbles under its own weight.

  • RE: AntiSec hackers release 'largest cache yet' of law enforcement data

    This is a very touchy subject that came from something simple. Publishing Assange's data was legal. Donating was as well. This is a war nobody can win. While the hackers are probably in the top 1/100th of 1% of hackers - or better, they are awaking, I'm sure, the NSA and trillions of wasted taxpayer dollars on supercomputers and tech that can, eventually hit back punch for punch. Both sides will claim a Pyrrhic Victory.
    • RE: AntiSec hackers release 'largest cache yet' of law enforcement data

      @dvfco true story-- i think the slow buildup of surveillance capacity by the government is a big concern, and hopefully one that more and more people will wake up and be concerned over. One day it could be pretty much game over, they (gov) win, total control, and then what? orwellian nightmare ensues.
      • RE: AntiSec hackers release 'largest cache yet' of law enforcement data


        Idiots like you who support these hacker clowns give the government ever more reason to watch everything and try to control whatever they can get their hands on. Thanks for that, nice work.
      • RE: AntiSec hackers release 'largest cache yet' of law enforcement data

        @aaronc0027 it's sorta chicken and egg. both sides are ignoring the law of unintended consequences. and both sides are strengthening the other's resolve. the problem is: only one side can or will ever back down... and that side isn't the government.
      • RE: AntiSec hackers release 'largest cache yet' of law enforcement data


        Sure. Chicken and egg. Governments have sprung up throughout history to help people deal with scumbag criminals. These hackers are just another iteration of the scumbag criminal. What they do is not noble, it's not moral, and it has no basis in right. They are petty criminals who are now a clear and present threat to society. Because of them, not only will the rest of us suffer through having the possibility of data compromise, but we will also have to deal with the growth in government control that always comes with trying to stamp these kinds of clowns out. Anarchist-type criminals have done more to create big-government than any liberal. They give the government over-reachers the perfect excuse to grab more power. Unintended consequences are often the result of morons having more power than brains. These Lulzsec and Anti-sec groups fit that description to a tee. Stupid, immature children with hacking skills who have no thought for the consequences of their actions. A few prison rapes on their caught-comrades might wake them up, but the problem with immature morons is that they usually have narcissistic notions of infallibility. They love to say that there is a moral or righteous reason for what they do, but any thinking adult can see right through that silly claim. So let's start calling a spade a spade - these guys are terrorists and a-holes and will be solely responsible for creating more of the government control that they allegedly hate so much.
      • RE: AntiSec hackers release 'largest cache yet' of law enforcement data

        @sucitivel -- I still can't figure out what on earth are they fighting for. Maybe the right to annoy government offices and police forces.
        <a href="" rel="nofollow">Fisher Capital Management Warning</a>
  • RE: AntiSec hackers release 'largest cache yet' of law enforcement data

    @aaronc0027: you don't seem to have a firm grasp of what government is for ...

    ... you said "goverments have sprung up throughout history to help people deal with scumbag criminals" ...

    A criminal is someone who breaks the law. Laws are created by government. Therefore, the government MUST exist before there can be any "criminals". So that kinda shows that your statement is silly nonsense.

    Governments are originally created for the same basic purpose: to organize the population for the benefit of all. Unfortunately, many (most?) of the people who become part of government tend to be those with a lust for power and who want to control other people for no purpose other than self-aggrandisement or to enjoy the feeling of control and power over other people. And so many governemnts end up with dictators or other authoritarian systems.

    I don't consider the hackers to be terrorists because I'm not frightened by anything they do. They don't threaten the general public with any kind of harm. They are at times simply committing "civil disobedience" and in some cases directly targeting a few small groups in the government with criminal hacking. But nothing they've done can realistically be called terrorism. Anybody that believes that activity is 'terrorism' is either very ignorant or simply a moral coward and one of the 'sheople' who due to said cowardice allow governments to become totalitarian.

    We Americans live in a de facto police state. Your every move *can be* monitored by the government ... cameras on street corners linked to databases, gps trackers used without court order, phones tapped, emails read, every url you ever visited is now in the hands of the 'government'. It's too late for civil discourse, the hard-core right-wing ideologues have ensured that there will never again be reason and compromise found in the halls of Congress. The ignorant and cowardly sheople are so frightened by their own shadows that they willingly surrender all civil rights to the police state, human rights are next on the chopping block. "Don't tax me to pay for (streets, hospitals, highways, sewers, clean water, good government, assistance to the elderly) but by GOD there better be enough cops looking in peoples bedroom windows to make sure those guys over there get thrown in prison for whatever sexual activity they may be thinking about engaging in that I consider to be deviant" <-- Official Teabagger / Repulicant Party Credo.
    Gravyboat McGee
    • RE: AntiSec hackers release 'largest cache yet' of law enforcement data


      Don't tell me what I do or do not have a firm grasp on, son. Your ill-informed opinions about the purpose of government show that you do not have the slightest understanding about natural rights, which is what most governments have (at least in the beginning) been set up to protect. Right and wrong doesn't have to be codified in law. Theft and trespass were still punished prior to governments (Or would you be okay with having all of your belongings taken from you if there was no law on the books to say it was wrong? Yeah, that's what I thought.). People took it upon themselves to prosecute the crime. The courts are simply more civilized and designed to give everybody a chance for justice.

      The very clear point that you failed to address (and obviously failed to understand) is that these criminal terrorists who pull this crap (regardless of their motivations, which are nowhere near as pure as a simpleton like you attributes to them) give the "law and order" government types all the excuse they need to push for more control. If you support these criminal cyber-thugs, which you obviously do, you support the consequences of their immature actions, which is an ever-growing big-brother society. Thanks for the big government, dude. 'Preciate ya...

      And to clear up another ignorant statement (I know, there were a lot of them), hacking into police databases is in no way, shape, or form considered by any serious person to be "civil disobedience." When they acknowledge that they don't care if their actions get cops and informants killed, they are engaging in criminal terrorism. I find it amusing that enough "stick it to the man" immature children like yourself exist and buy the crap these guys sell that we even have to have this discussion. Moral relativism is alive and well, eh?
    • RE: AntiSec hackers release 'largest cache yet' of law enforcement data

      @Tivolier - Terrific. They aren't terrorists because you don't fear them. Wonderful. We can all relax now.

      How naive can you be? We don't live in a police state. Talk to someone who lived in East Germany or in Russia during the Cold War if you want to know what a police state is. If this country has drifted to the right too far for your tastes, then support the left and change it. That is the beauty of this form of government that a police state can never support (it wouldn't do you any harm to read some political science texts to learn a little more about government along the way - for someone who espouses to be so into the politics of the situation you show a strong lack of understanding about it).

      These terrorists are not fighting for my rights as a citizen, or as a person. My desires and needs are not of any concern of these groups. In fact, they don't even live here, if their posts are any indication. They aren't, as one poster suggests, equivalent to the founding fathers because they are imposing their will from the outside, not from within the population of people involved, and because they were very public about who they were and what the cause was. These crackers are neither public, nor are they operating with a public mandate for change within the society.

      This is NOT civil disobedience. Civil disobedience requires two things: It cannot harm third party bystanders, and the perpetrators must be willing to accept the consequences of their actions. Go back to the late sixties to see all kinds of civil disobedience in action. Even the sit-ins of the day were effective - the people involved were willing to be arrested for their actions. In fact, a principal tenet of the concept is that they must EXPECT to be arrested, and to do so in a way that doesn't harm the officers arresting them. They break the law and go to jail to make the point. And that is the point - to raise public awareness of the injustice.

      What these guys are doing is not civil disobedience. They don't care who they harm. They said it themselves. They whimper that they are being investigated (I suppose) by the police, so they unleash their fury and say that the police and those that work with them are getting a taste of their own medicine. What a crock. No one is gunning for them, no policeman will ever shoot to kill them because of some perceived wrong. That is an entirely possible outcome of their actions for the policemen and their informants, however. One might suggest that their actions are equivalent to putting an add online for someone to kill your spouse - an action that IS a criminal act. In any event, once again, we see a group of naive thugs who want to blow up the Interstate because they got a speeding ticket. And they have no sympathy for the drivers on the road at the time. Which means they have no sympathy for you or me. This isn't a struggle for human rights or liberties. This is thuggery.

      What these guys are doing is not civil disobedience. They are not willing to go to jail for their actions, in fact they hide behind silly code names so that no one will know who they are in real life. Even Osama bin Laden didn't use a code name. Their purpose is to bring down governments, not raise public awareness of injustice so that the people will change the government for the better. And they do it in a completely hidden way, using any means they can to avoid public exposure. And who, exactly, are the cowards?

      I am a bleeding heart liberal, and I don't like where the right wing end of the political system has gone any more than you do. You may feel that government is out of control. But if you live long enough, as I have, you will see amazing changes (some good, some bad) in the way this country runs. You can be a part of that change and work from within to fix the things you think are bad, or you can sit back and let it happen, but you don't have the right to destroy the system to change it. Go read Thoreau's "Civil Disobedience" or even the Wikipedia entry on the subject.

      And get off the "I am doing this for you" kick. You, or they, if you are not involved, are not doing this for me, my country, or the world. They are doing it because they don't like that someone has any form of control over them. They are anarchists. This isn't about humanity, it is about their own petty, individual bloodlust. Are you not a sheople (sherson? sheeperson?) for following them?