Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google leading post-PC banking?

Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google leading post-PC banking?

Summary: A new report argues that Apple, Amazon, Facebook, and Google are leading the way in the post-PC world when it comes to banking and brand management.


The term "post-PC" is even more prevalent in the tech world this week after Apple CEO Tim Cook firmly declared the iPad as a stepping stone in the "post-PC revolution" on Wednesday.

To go further with that, a new report from consulting firm Javelin Strategy & Research posits that Apple as well as Amazon, Facebook, and Google are leading the way in the post-PC world when it comes to banking and brand management.

Researchers analyzes how these particular companies (dubbed in the report as the "gang of four") are shaping the post-PC market, which is becoming especially competitive as 40 percent of mobile consumers are expected to have a tablet by 2016.

The Gang of Four—Apple, Google, Facebook, and Amazon—is particularly well positioned to dominate in the mobile?social tech cycle. Within this cycle, traditional online companies have a huge head start if they can transition their current online services and products to the mobile environment because of the network effects that are created.

There are tons of opportunities here, especially when it comes to financial services at 50 percent of initial tablet adopters have already started using their mobile devices for banking.

Here are some of the other highlights:

  • Visa and PayPal were found to be the most trusted brands when it comes to e-commerce, while Facebook and Sprint are the least trusted.
  • Apple is praised as the "most innovative brand," followed by Google. PayPal makes an appearance in the top five.
  • Approximately 1 in every 6 consumers made at least one mobile purchase in the last year.

Available in full starting today, the report also covers many other topics, including how these companies will need to seek outside partnerships to make new concepts like mobile wallets stick with consumers, and how dependency on mobile devices has changed in terms of purchasing behavior and activity to promote growth for the gang of four.

Chart via Javelin Strategy & Research


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  • non-sense

    there is nothing like 'Post-PC', trying to distort reality with fanboy headlines is pointless. People doing banking using facebook and google? what a joke...

    With Win 8 it will be Microsoft that will be shaping the mobile banking market and not the so called 'gang of four'.
  • most trusted or most used

  • What a bunch of BS for an article.

    It was all based on guesswork, and wishful thinking, instead of predictions based on real movement towards making the wishes in the article come to fruition.

    The "post PC" bloggers will stop at nothing in order to try to make their predictions about a "post PC" world happen, even if the facts aren't there to support their wishes.

    Tablets are just another form-factor, and not replacements for PCs, and in fact, what is really happening is that, tablets are starting to "grow up" towards becoming the new generation of PCs. Tablets are now in the same stage as PCs were 20 years ago, with very limited capabilities, and the designers trying to figure out ways to give them more features towards making them more capable. Back to the future!