Apple continues assault on fake stores, seizes fraudulent goods

Apple continues assault on fake stores, seizes fraudulent goods

Summary: Apple continues to fight to shut down fake retail locations in New York state.


Here's a battle for Apple that it should have no problem winning. It became known in July that there were several fraudulent Apple Store locations popping up in China,

Although the Chinese government has gone into action to shut down some of these vendors, the Cupertino, Calif.-based company is taking on the problem itself -- at least stateside.

Earlier this month, Apple filed a trademark infringement suit against at least 50 John Does and unnamed businesses at the U.S. District Court in the Eastern District of New York.

Now, it is being reported that Apple has taken matters into its own hands and cracked down on two stores, Apple Story and Fun Zone, in the Flushing neighborhood in Queens, New York.

Up until Thursday, the court documents filed with the Eastern District of New York were sealed. Now that they're opened, they reveal that Apple has already gone and seized numerous -- based on specific warrants -- unauthorized iPod, iPhone and iPad accessories that carried fake Apple trademarks.

Here are some of Apple's claims in the lawsuit, according to Reuters:

The headsets came with packaging that was "nearly an exact duplicate" of that for genuine Apple goods, the lawsuit said.

"Defendants are trading on and receiving the benefit of the goodwill Apple has established in the Apple trademarks through considerable labor and expense over many years," Apple said in its amended complaint.

Although the released documents did not include specifics about the other 50 John Doe identities, Reuters also reports that "Apple has won a court order requiring the defendants to turn over access to their business email accounts, which could yield clues about other defendants to be named at a later date."


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  • RE: Apple continues assault on fake stores, seizes fradulent goods

    Apple seized or authorities with the proper warrants seized? There is a vast difference.
    • RE: Apple continues assault on fake stores, seizes fradulent goods

      Welcome to the Digital Millenium Copyright Act. Did you know that the RIAA has "raid teams" with jackets just like the FBI or DEA that say "RIAA" on them? The authorities come along to actually crack the door open, but once inside, the copyright owner's raid team does the boxing and seizing. Google "RIAA raid".
      Robert Hahn
      • And they can be sued, arrested, shot, or killed legaly

        @Robert Hahn
        if they come in to your business as any other theif would.

        Sure, they can come in an box everything providing they have a warrent to do so, but they must be acting under the authority of a certified law enforcement offical, with a warrent.

        Just having someone crack the door doesn't allow them to come in and start looking were ever they want, what they are doing is assisting law enforcement in the sense that they, not the police or detectives, actually know what to look for.

        They can walk up to yo and ask to see your computers if they want, looking for illegal downloads, but you can tell then to take a hike and there isn't squat they can do about it.
        William Farrell
  • I hate it when that happens

    Counterfeit goods are a pain. I ordered some of those green produce bags from a well-known online retailer and book seller, and got what were literally Chinese counterfeits. The box was identical (except for a certain misspelled word). Yeah, they took 'em back, but it's still a bunch of trouble to deal with.
    Robert Hahn
    • I purchased a fire detector at a mayor store .... it was fake

      @Robert Hahn The item was packed with the original brand name packing. But when I opened the plastic box, the item was nothing but a fake shell without any way to attach any power source.

      Although it had the right shape, there was no pins for the electrical power. The battery included was generic brand (FireX uses Eveready) and fully drained, and there were no metal contacts that could connect with the battery ports.

      One other thing .... the device was built to chirp when you pushed the test button .... Unless you pay attention, somebody who knows no better would think that they are protected when in fact the "safety" device was nothing more than an elaborate scam.

      When I took the device back to the store, at 1st they didn't believe me .... until I showed them the device would chirp without the battery installed. I went back a few days latter, and a kid told me that they found 3 boxes of the fake devices (by looking at the brand of the battery included).

      Counterfeit devices are not limited to home electronics .....
      • RE: Apple continues assault on fake stores, seizes fradulent goods


        Sounds similar to those fake i7's NewEgg found themselves with a while back.
        The one and only, Cylon Centurion
    • RE: Apple continues assault on fake stores, seizes fradulent goods

      @Robert Hahn

      ... A bit like the couterfeit caps that showed up in nearly everyones elcetronics from computers to tvs. Welcome to the Chinese way.