Apple delays Leopard; blame the iPhone

Apple delays Leopard; blame the iPhone

Summary: Apple said its operating system upgrade Leopard won't be released in June as planned.Why?


Apple said its operating system upgrade Leopard won't be released in June as planned.

Why? The iPhone has absorbed Apple's resources as it certifies it with AT&T/Cingular so it can ship in late June.

A Leopard delay wasn't totally unexpected. Word about a potential delay surfaced last month. At the time, the reason for the delay was reportedly to make Boot Camp work with Vista.

Apple said in a statement:

"(The) iPhone contains the most sophisticated software ever shipped on a mobile device, and finishing it on time has not come without a price -- we had to borrow some key software engineering and QA resources from our Mac OS X team, and as a result we will not be able to release Leopard at our Worldwide Developers Conference in early June as planned."

Apple also added that Leopard's features will be complete by June, but the company couldn't guarantee the quality.

"We now plan to show our developers a near final version of Leopard at the conference, give them a beta copy to take home so they can do their final testing, and ship Leopard in October. We think it will be well worth the wait. Life often presents trade offs, and in this case we're sure we've made the right ones."

The news is likely to result in some Wall Street tweaking to Apple's quarterly projections. Leopard was expected to help fuel Mac purchases. However, a delay of the iPhone by Apple would definitely be viewed as the worst of two evils. Analysts are expecting big things from iPhone sales so may give Apple a pass on the Leopard delay--as long as the iPhone launches on time.

In a June 11 research note, JP Morgan analyst Bill Shope said:

Any production glitches for the iPhone could represent a significant risk for the stock. Although it is still too early to determine if the iPhone's launch will be on time, this is a complex product for Apple and we believe delays in touch screen fabrication could alter the rollout and initial availability.

Some analysts have surmised that the iPhone could spur a new halo effect surrounding Apple much like the iPod did. Leopard has no such expectation.

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  • But it's Apple so we'll forgive them


    Now, my warm welcome to the Mac bashers and Windows bashers who will probably swarm over this posting within minutes...
    • But it's Microsoft , how can we forgive that 800lb gorilla ?

      Microsoft: Word 2007 crashes aren't a bug, they're a feature
      App meltdown from malformed docs is by design

      OEM BIOS emulators spoof Vista, make pirated copies look legit
      It's 'not our goal to stop every mad scientist,' says Microsoft

      Microsoft pushes back virtual server releases
      The company blamed ongoing efforts to boost performance, scalability

      Microsoft Office 2007 faces new bugs, exploits
      And Word 2000, 2002 users must wait another month for February fix
      I'm Ye, the MS SHILL .
      • Your Moniker is so...

        80s man. Get with it and crawl out of your hole.
        • Your Handle is so backwards man....

          but I guess it matches your bassackwards personality!
          • And your moniker reveals ....

            ... a serious character flaw. So what?
          • Sorry to burst your bubble but the Storm Worm hits Windows users again .

            Wow so much for security huh;

          • Sorry to burst yours ...

            ... but this is another non-event. The threat is to the mentally challenged and they are all running Macs!
      • Wow. You must be a total sucker. I bet you didn't even know it

        In case you haven't noticed, perhaps you have been off the internet the last several years; but here on Zdnet, generally speaking there are far far more then enough of the "We Hate Windows" gang to turn any negative story(however non-Windows related)about Apple into a total Microsoft and Windows meltdown. So you dove head first into a wee bit of a 'jerk-off' trap there my friend. Next time stay away from the hate mongering and just stick to whats actually relevant and your posts might carry some weight.
    • Guess you missed your projection...

      Only a single taker. Better up the ante and start writing like a Nothing But Microsoft Warez Deserves to be on you Computer person (like LD, No_Ax, et. al.).
    • Windows DNS Server code execution hole under attack !

      So these are all non-issues . people like you should just pack it up already . You don't know what you are doing/saying .

      So much for Microsoft looking into this .
  • Message has been deleted.

  • Apple is not despised in this country,

    Despised by ZDNet, yes.

    Personal agendas by a wannabe "news" and "blog" website is in by no means a clear picture into the insight of the people of America.

    It's a sad state of affairs that this site would have any influence whatsoever on what people think anywhere.

    You wanna know what people think?

    Go out live your life, interact with REAL people, not the "Windows-ONLY" world this site would like to lead you to believe.

    Propaganda, propaganda, propaganda...

    I go to this site for humor, that's all it's good for!!
    Kid Icarus-21097050858087920245213802267493
    • ZDNet no longer the Apple-disser it used to be

      Heck, some of their writers now use them regularly!!! Shock. How did the
      company remain profitable they are so expensive!!! LOL

      While ZDNet still likes to flame the Apple is expensive flames, even though it isn't,
      I have seen a dramatic shift in attitude towards Apple and I attribute that mainly to
      the switch to Intel.

      They knew nothing about the power of the G3, G4 and G5 so they had to diss it.

      I personally find the Intel processors freeze my mouse cursor often and are really
      farging slow to wake up sometimes, not to mention the back lighting doesn't
      always work.

      I don't think those are software issues, I think they are processor issues. But hey, I
      dunno. It's just a little disappointing - NEVER EVER had that with the G4 and I
      used all the same apps.
      • You really think the CPU controls your backlight?

        I'm not flaming you, I just wonder why an engineer would hook a light up to a CPU instead of a power supply.
        And you are right, we never did figure out what the heck you guys were so into the G series about, they were sssooooo sloooowwwww on anything that wasn't Adobe, no matter what Jobs was telling you! And I do have a G3 and a G4, and I hate them.
        On the other hand, my PC with a core duo is smoking fast, never freezes on anything, and cost under $800 with a better video card than any Mac under $2000, and a FSB of 800 MHZ or more, which is where I think your mouse and wakeup issues are; the (relatively) slow RAM and FSB. In fact, the Mac's 667MHz PC5300 RAM is so bad (compared to the other stuff out there) that you can buy 2 gigs for about $110 right now. Unless you buy it from Apple, of course; then it costs $250 to have it put in your new machine. And why on earth didn't Apple go with PC5400, which theoretically actually passed some QC at a slightly higher speed?
        Anyway, have you checked the forums for your mouse issue? here's what I found:

        Ahem. Seek and ye shall find.

        Here. ( Here. ( Here. ( Here. ( Here. (

        So things to try...
        1) Update to 10.4.6
        2) Try the Apple "Keyboard and Mouse Update"
        3) Get Apple (or the retailer) to replace the keyboard and/or mouse
        4) Get Apple (or the retailer) to replace the whole thing
  • Quit looking for a job!

    India has already lost 30,000 'off-shore' jobs because their 'talent' is non-existant. It seems only the upper-cast folks have the real talent and off-shore relies on the lower-cast folks.
  • The same could be said of Microsoft

    but with more hatred because of all the problems hitting Microsoft users . Storm Worm alert !

    Don't these old problems ever go away for Microsoft ? I must say Windows users are taking a real beating this week . Now you have more to worry about when you are opening up e-mails . Nope , sorry to say but this little sucker will get past your anti-virus scanners . What a BLAST-er ! Here comes more bloatware ,,,
    • Yeah, but check this out. <br><br>

      I think that's a record for any OS!
  • India?

    Great idea, send more work to India and to other countries. Are you out of your mind? Do you want America to truly be the fast food nation where the only thing people do here is entertain and serve food to people? Lets ship every job to Asia and India, better yet lets just bring Asia here as it is pretty crowded there and I am sure they would like a little more room to move about. I have friends that have trained phone support people from India and then the person they trained returns to India only to take their job. Why not just put all Americans out of work because you think they are under qualified? I say we work on education in this country and allocating funds to that. If we focused more on education in this country we wouldn't have the issues.

    I am just sick of everyone saying outsource and allow more visas when we have a talent pool here in the US that just needs to be tapped.

    • Amen, but who will do that educating?

      Many universities won't train for that, it isn't "professional" enough, and those that will can't get enough instructors, since everyone who knows how to code is making more money than a college teacher; not to mention, as soon as you take a year to be a teacher, they change the darn language, switch over to a new architecture, and the field has passed you by. And unless you really believe "Revenge of the Nerds" was based on a true story, you know that "computer science" is not high on the "majors you should take to become a successful world conquerer" list; despite all the evidence to the contrary (Bill and Steve); everyone wants to do political science, sell real estate, get an MBA, or work for an oil company. High schools can't train for anything in the tech field, they are too busy trying to get teenagers to shut up and learn to read and add; or how to play basketball and football. The ITT tech style of schools out there are not seen as prestigious enough; so where do we get the educating done?

      I agree with you, the talent pool is there, but our society has made tech look like a blue collar, low status, geeky field, or one that only the really supersmart guy can do. They think techs are people who played with computers as kids 'cause they weren't cool enough to play football or hang out with the girls. They don't realize that there is a skill set that can be learned, they think IT folks are just born that way.

      just my 2 cents on that
      • Need a vacation.

        Tech can be taught. There's a need for more adequate education in this field. I personally find it annoying that all the learning the I've had to do was self taught and researched. It feels as though I'm always just behind the curve.

        There is plenty of talent in this country and a lot of potential for really expanding that talent. The resources needed are just not readily available. We loose productivity and miss out on creativeness because we (I) just get stuck somewhere and have to go off looking for more information on a new subject. It's just frustrating.... miss a week and spend 3 months catching up. That might just be the reason fewer Americans, (esp. in the tech fields,) take less vacations.