Apple event slated for Jan. 27

Apple event slated for Jan. 27

Summary: Apple finally issues invitation for a big announcement - presumably a Tablet computer of some sort - on Jan. 27.


The invitation has finally arrived in the (e)mail. Apple has summoned the tech press out to San Francisco's Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, a favorite venue for the company, on Wednesday Jan. 27.

Apple is always big on themes - such as "It's only Rock n Roll" for an event focused around music. This time around the theme is "Come See Our Latest Creation," which tells me that we'll getting a peek at something completely new, something that's not iPhone or iPod or iTunes or iMac.

Of course, all the buzz is that Apple will announce a Tablet computer of some sort - so this would make sense. Some - mostly the Wall Street Journal - is citing sources who say to expect a Tablet with a 10-inch or 11-inch screen and priced at $1,000 or less. The latest rumor to hit is a report of a 22-inch Tablet PC slated for release in 2010.

Keep 'em guessing, Apple. I'll see you on the 27th.

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  • Apple's Creation? That's creative.

    Apple may either be unveiling their crippled clone
    of 5 year old tablet PCs or their crippled clone
    of 5 year old touch screen all-in-one PCs. A more
    accurate tag line would be: [i]Come see what we've
    copied this time![/i]
    • What ever it is, it'lll be Revolutionary!

      My guess is that Apple will invent some type of flat computer that doesn't have an actuall keyboard, but instead will operate totally on touchscreen of some sort, just like I saw in Star Trek one time!

      I'm surprised no one's come out with anything even remotelly similar to something like that.
      John Zern
      • OMG no way!

        Really? Like the PADDs? :O
        The one and only, Cylon Centurion
        • WOW! They must have been using...

          an iPADD! They stole the ideal from Apple!
          John Zern
      • Rumor (based on Apple patent filings) is ...

        ...that the device will have a virtual keyboard with a touchscreen capable of providing tactile feedback

        I was given a tablet PC 3 years and had no use for the tablet piece. My personal opinion: The physical stylus has been the downfall of tablet PCs--the stylus input model is just the PC mouse paradigm translated to a touch screen that can "go flat" and there's nothing much to be gained from that other than using your PC to give a presentation to a small group hovered 'round it instead of projecting something on a screen.

        And tablet PC's are still PCs with an equivalent footprint to a "regular" PC laptop. Actually that's not quite true. Tablet PCs tend to be slightly smaller so in return for a not very useful tablet feature I get a smaller screen and keyboard than I would in a normal laptop.
        So I, like everyone else in the group, was given an external monitor and keyboard to use when I'm stationary.

        High resolution combined with (human) touch sensitivity has proven that consumers will use a small device like an android or iphone for a lot of online activities (for the record, I have the same opinion of the stylus input model on mobile devices). It's not that hard for me to understand why a true tablet device that's something in between a smart phone and tablet PC would be appealing. Not sure I'd pay $900+ for one though.

        Usefulness is NOT a function of absolute feature count. That's why there are so many different versions of the "Swiss Army Knife". And I suspect that the bulk of knives sold are not the the ones that actually have everything you might ever need. And it's why I think the argument that "it's nothing new because we already have tablet PCs" misses the point.
    • hilarious

      hilarious as always. thumbs up!
    • Or more likely...

      Or more likely, Apple will release a tablet or touchscreen computer that
      presents the product in a more user friendly manner. Like the iPhone, it
      won't necessarily be anything new, but it will be fairly innovative in its

      Then, like most of Apple's products, the rest of the industry will pretend
      they know what cool is by copying Apple.
    • Reality Check

      You might argue that Apple is over priced or a few other arguable points;
      but the king of copy is Microsoft. Everything from the GUI which they
      copied from Apple many years ago, to disk compression which they
      "liberated" from stacker with a 5 finger discount, to dtabase which they
      liberated from Sybase, etc. Apple on the other hand has been king of

      So your argument here just shows once again that you live in a fantasy
      world. I am left only to question why I humor your fantasy with a reply.
    • This from the guy who

      buys a Mac Book Pro.
  • RE: Apple event slated for Jan. 27

    I'm going to laugh hard if they do not announce a tablet.
    Loverock Davidson
    • I Bookmarked This

      That way when they do you can eat crow loser.
    • "And now for something completely unexpected..."

      Dang, beat me to it. I'd be laughing because the
      tablet is the ONLY thing people have been
      guessing. Apple may actually announce something
      more useful than a tablet, whatever that might be.
      Garrett Williams
  • The only people posting are trolls...

    You guys used to be fun... now you are kind of sad...
    • no

      no, they are still fun!
    • Look, with all the speculation

      the "what ifs", the "could it be" blogs, why not go ahead and run with it, have some fun of our own?

      Its not like it's going to change what Apple shows off on the 27th.
      John Zern
  • Whatever it is, don't... an early adopter. Wait for version 2.
    Hatestone Johnson
  • RE: Apple event slated for Jan. 27

    yeah,glad to see jobs again~
  • Gonna be funny if it's just a Paint program for iWork. [nt]

  • Don't know what it will be.... Can't say if I'll want it.

    I am curious however. That's about it for me.

    Pagan jim
    James Quinn
  • Let's see what they come up with on the 27th

    Could be a hit, could be another product like AppleTV. Who
    really knows? But I can guaranty the boys in Redmond, will
    be watching closely.