Apple iPad 3 to go HD, 4G?

Apple iPad 3 to go HD, 4G?

Summary: The iPad 3 is likely to hit volume production in February and hit stores in March. If so, Apple could face an iPad 2 sales slowdown.


Apple's iPad 3 will reportedly hit the market in March and work with Long Term Evolution (LTE) networks.

According to Bloomberg, the iPad 3 will land in the calendar first quarter. Bloomberg cited manufacturing partners in Asia. In addition, the iPad 3 will sport a quad-core chip.

The iPad 3 is expected to be one of Apple's big revenue drivers for the upcoming year. While the iPad 3 is critical, most analysts expect the iPhone 5, which is also expected to be 4G friendly, to drive sales more.

Volume manufacturing is expected to ramp in February, according to Bloomberg.

If Bloomberg's report is on target, Apple is likely to see a slowdown in iPad 2 sales, which may already be taking a hit from Amazon's Kindle Fire. There has also been speculation that Apple will keep the iPad 2 around and play multiple price points.

Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster handicapped Apple's iPad plans in a recent research note. He said:

Our model currently assumes iPad 3 will simply replace iPad 2; however, if Apple expands the iPad lineup to both higher and lower price points, the new iPads could support growth well above our current estimates. Our current CY13 revenue growth estimate for the iPad is 11%, with the bull case at 30%.

In a research note, Wedbush Securities analyst Craig Irwin said that the iPad 3 is likely to be a boon for battery suppliers. The iPad 3 is likely to have much more battery material in it. Irwin said suppliers like Simplo, Dynapack and Polymore are likely to benefit.

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  • RE: Apple iPad 3 to go HD, 4G?

    HD? 16x9 aspect ratio. According to Zdnet articles, DOA. :-D
    Now, who is copying whom? ;-)
    • RE: Apple iPad 3 to go HD, 4G?


      Nothing about HD is tied to a 16 X 9 screen ratio. Pixel density, yes. Screen dimensions, no. HD can be associated with a 16 X 9 display ratio but it is not a requirement.
    • RE: Apple iPad 3 to go HD, 4G?

      @BorgX The best and very affordable tablet that is only for 79$ check :
      • RE: Apple iPad 3 to go HD, 4G?

        @nomikhokher LOL...they are not even in the same league. The Novo7 is a complete piece of crap. A more realistic look at an affordable high quality tablet would be the Asus MeMo which is a nice quad-core tablet with amazing display and tons of features for only $249.
    • 16x9--no.

      @BorgX 16x9 is a bad idea for any device with an on-screen keyboard. iPad's current screen is much more flexible, especially for everything other than watching the odd movie.
  • RE: Apple iPad 3 to go HD, 4G?

    10 inch tablet from Apple coming.
  • Blackberry Playbook 1st gen is _already_ HD

    Nuff said
    • RE: Apple iPad 3 to go HD, 4G?


      And they have sold how many?
      • RE: Apple iPad 3 to go HD, 4G?


        Then why the big deal about HD iPad?
    • RE: Apple iPad 3 to go HD, 4G?

      As you are, should be aware.....the BlackBerry Playbook is junk.....
      Bought one to give it change and took it back next day... now, they are having problems with the new update.....GESSUUSS...
      I pad 2...AMAZING as usuall
      • Biggest surprise at CES 2012, Playbook OS 2.0...


        Hmm, wrong much?

        The Biggest Surprise at CES

        see also:

        "But from my early look, the update was not only worth the wait, but also may be what RIM needs to make its 7-inch PlayBook tablet more competitive and desirable. The free update will come to all PlayBook users in February."

        see also:

        "QNX Drives Home with a Best of CES Award"

        For the uninformed, Playbook runs on QNX, and was part of the QNX car package.

        Now, what were these "problems with the new update"? Facts only please. :-)
  • The Playbook Would Make A Great Doorstopper...

    Except its runs too slow to stop doors and it infests your house with bugs : )
  • Not Hd , it's retina

    According to the most of reliable sites it supports a retina display not an HD ( which means 1376x 766).
    • Retina needs to be about the 300ppi at 12in ...

      @aidin299 <br>... which makes for a tablet not much bigger than a Samsung GS2.<br><br>However, 'retina' is about the angle each pixel occupies, so the required pixel density is inversely proportional to the viewing distance. That is, double the distance (which is closer to usage), halve the ppi. But then, most tablets would match that!
    • Not really

      @aidin299 You're mixing things up a bit. Apple's Retina display has a pixel density of 326 ppi, it has nothing to do with the resolution of the display. There have been rumors that Apple is receiving shipments of a 2048x1536 display. If it is a Retina display, that would result is a 7.85" display.<br><br>The iPad currently has a 9.7" screen and has a resolution of 1024x768. I am not familiar with the 1376x766 resolution. HD refers to the 16:9 aspect ratio of the screen (which your 1376x766 is close to). When you hear HD 1080p, you're talking about a resolution of 1920x1080.
    • RE: Apple iPad 3 to go HD, 4G?

      @aidin299 Nope 1366x768
  • Assumption that any form factor Apple makes ...

    ... will be a runaway success may not be valid anymore.

    Yes they will sell lots, but many may be from those current iPad owners who may want a different size.

    And the 7" form factor is now being saturated by a company that has a REAL ecosystem, made of content, not just apps. Most would buy nowhere near as many apps as they would buy media content over the life of a device. Amazon is now setting the pricepoint and ecosystem requirements for the 7" size.

    While iPads are popular devices, they are still a minority computing device, and the majority of those who use a laptop want Windows functionality. With Win8 around the corner, providing real power management and tablet form and functionality (live update while asleep), and with the CPU grunt to run the Win apps they are used to, the numbers of future high end users of iPads are not a forgone certainty.

    The current iPad2 pricepoint, size and functionality may have been the best that Apple could have gone for in such a device, but whereas it had no competition above or below it then, it may now be the only remaining option viable for Apple.

    Apple had beaten its competitors to the fickle consumer market by being narrow in its offerings and keeping its development costs low. But now it faces two bohemoths with lots of money in R&D and ecosystems far larger, and teeth big enough to take chunks out of both ends of Apple's market.
  • Crap!

    Means another round of rebuying our apps again .....
  • RE: Apple iPad 3 to go HD, 4G?

    Apple finally 4G? took them long enough. Android has been on 4G for over a year now. And longer w/ HD. it's like Apple to not include something thinking Apple knows exactly what people want and prevent any freedom on their devices. You cannot use your devices as a Flash Drive, you cannot sync on two computers because that's copy infringement, and everything MUST go through iTunes. So why is the phone and pad so popular? Because since Apple is a hardware & software company, they can release devices to the market quicker than anyone else. The end result, is a fad of simplicity where consumers blindly purchase their over priced products.

    The #1 OS on the market is Android. You cannot find any iphones on the prepaid list, or on every network. Oh and if you want the latest OS, then get a Nexus phone and not one from just a random manufacturer.
    • RE: Apple iPad 3 to go HD, 4G?

      4G means very little to most consumers as the technology is not available everywhere.