Apple preps Oct. 4 event, iPhone 5 on deck

Apple preps Oct. 4 event, iPhone 5 on deck

Summary: Apple will talk iPhone 5 Oct. 4 at its headquarters.


Apple has made it official. It will have an "executive presentation" Oct. 4 that is widely expected to include the iPhone 5.

The invite, sent to reporters, indicated that the event will start at 10 a.m. PT. All the invite really said is that it was time to talk iPhone.

A few observations worth noting:

  • The event is at Apple headquarters and appears to be a bit less imposing than the usual massive keynote.
  • There's even a cafe breakfast and coffee bar at 9 a.m. PT before the event.
  • The approach from Apple seems a bit different this go round.

Whether the event reflects a new Apple approach to the media remains to be seen, but the iPhone chat is notable because it's CEO Tim Cook's official coming out party.

The iPhone presentation isn't likely to include the pizazz of a Jobs keynote, but the fifth version of Apple's iconic phone is going to be notable. For Apple, the iPhone 5 will set the stage for the next year.

Rumors have been circulating for months about the iPhone 5, but what is known indicates some serious volume for Apple.

  • The iPhone 5 will be the first Apple device to be available on the top three carriers in the U.S.---AT&T, Verizon and Sprint. That latter one isn't official, but reports indicate that Sprint will get the iPhone.
  • While the iPad gets a lot of attention, the iPhone remains the cornerstone device for the company. "The iPhone is the cornerstone of Apple's consumer strategy, with few opportunities larger than the global handset market. Now it is positioned to ride a wave of smartphone growth that could top a billion annual unit shipments by 2015," said Morningstar analyst Michael Holt.
  • Apple's iPhone 5 will provide profit fuel for the next three quarters at least. Wedbush analyst Scott Sutherland argued that the iPhone 5 is a first installment of a new product cycle for the smartphone. He said:

Our checks indicate interest remains strong in the iPhone 4. We also see increased global distribution, especially in China and other emerging markets driving growth. Apple added 42 carrier partners in FQ3, with most added at the end of the quarter and more coming online. By comparison, RIM distributes through over 600 carriers, meaning Apple still has a large opportunity to increase distribution. We also expect new product launches including a new iPhone in early October with store training to begin soon, an iPhone targeting emerging markets, and a LTE iPhone in 2012 with an improved UI. We now expect 21 million iPhones to ship in FQ4, up from 20 million. More importantly, we expect 26 million units in FQ1, up from 23 million, due to seasonality and iPhone 5.


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  • It's about damn time!

    I have been waiting for this day for months!
    • Me too. About to buy first iPhone.

      @Mcleary316 ... My company is releasing its first iPhone app. So far the beta is a big hit. I have been waiting for the iPhone to mature before taking the plunge. Now I'm ready.
    • RE: Apple preps Oct. 4 event, iPhone 5 on deck

      @Mcleary316 Same here. I skipped the 4 and I am overdue for a hardware update. My main hope is that they improved the cameras versus the 4 and didn't make the design too ugly. The indications are that it looks more like a 3GS than a 4.

      I hope they put better cameras in the iPad 3, as well as a higher resolution display. Since the invites said nothing about the iPad, I'm guessing we won't see that until late Spring.
      • RE: Apple preps Oct. 4 event, iPhone 5 on deck

        @BillDem <br>As long as the battery life doesn't suck like many of the Android LTE handsets.<br><br>Same goes with the iPad 3.
    • RE: Apple preps Oct. 4 event, iPhone 5 on deck

      @Mcleary316 <br><br>iphone i0S 5 announcement is on OCT 4. The new hardware will be displayed a bit later. <br><br>The iphone 5 will have a bigger screen with retina resolution, ipad 2 cpu and gpu, a sleaker and sexier profile, supports 4G LTE, 8mp rear camera, 1mp front camera. <br><br>It will be released somtime this fall. <br><br>It will put all the new androids like the bionic and galaxy S II to shame.
  • RE: Apple preps Oct. 4 event, iPhone 5 on deck

    When will the mad rush for gadgets stop. How long have we had the iPhone 4? Now we are drooling for a 5........
    • RE: Apple preps Oct. 4 event, iPhone 5 on deck

      @paulchi If you don't love gadgets, why are you here? More importantly, why do you care what other people do?
    • RE: Apple preps Oct. 4 event, iPhone 5 on deck

      Yes! I do not have 4. And will only get the 5 after im sure it is worth it. We have an addiction to updates, new releases and technology in general. This is the subject of much of my new book "The Chotchky Challenge" published by Hay House and is do to be "released" in April.
      • RE: Apple preps Oct. 4 event, iPhone 5 on deck

        @barryadennis You're quite correct, it is an addiction to updates. At least in my case, that is. I don't have a 4 as well, and am looking forward to upgrading in Dec. The iPhone 5 may be an option.
    • RE: Apple preps Oct. 4 event, iPhone 5 on deck

      Actually Apple is one manufacturer that does not come up with a new iteration of their flagship product as often as others.
      The iPhone 4 is what, 1 year and 4 months old by now?
      • RE: Apple preps Oct. 4 event, iPhone 5 on deck

        @MG537 Good point. It's also hilarious that people are only now discovering that gadgets get regularly upgraded, and they want to keep selling you new stuff as often as they can.
  • RE: Apple preps Oct. 4 event, iPhone 5 on deck

    Why would Apple not announce the LTE version now? They have a real weak spot for wireless wide area connectivity. Why would a Verizon sub get a 5 now knowing the 4G version will be available next year? Is this why Verizon is pushing to get Samsung into the US for their tablet as apple refuses to take 4G seriously?
    • RE: Apple preps Oct. 4 event, iPhone 5 on deck

      @w2pm Because 4G drains batteries! and what good is it if ATT and Verizon restrict users, most 2 GB... pointles....

      Now when was the last time you saw BluRay on Macs or USB 3.0?
  • RE: Apple preps Oct. 4 event, iPhone 5 on deck

    After an horrible iPhone 4 and a buggy Lyon now comes iPhone 5. Really, Apple is losing the path.
    • RE: Apple preps Oct. 4 event, iPhone 5 on deck

      And which manufacturer sold more smart phones in the last year than that "horrible" iPhone 4?
  • iPhone 5 already done

    It seems the new iPhone 5 is already done... there's indeed a case for it!
    • RE: Apple preps Oct. 4 event, iPhone 5 on deck

      @Hasam1991 & w2pm: PLUS these all presuppose one can replace a drained battery with a charged spare - obviously irrelevant with the sealed iPhone.
      • RE: Apple preps Oct. 4 event, iPhone 5 on deck

        @jemshep What's your point? So you carry about an extra charged battery? Guess what, you can carry about charged options for the iPhone as well.
  • Good.

    Once I can see what is really coming out, I can drop or keep the next iPhone on my next phone list.....

    . 4"+ screen 4G SIM Card
    Android Y Y Y
    Win 7.5 Y Y Y
    iPhone ? ? ?

  • RE: Apple preps Oct. 4 event, iPhone 5 on deck

    Any idea if this will also launch iOS 5? That's what I've really been waiting for.