Apple's iPad: 'Hundreds of thousands' sold and content squabbles

Apple's iPad: 'Hundreds of thousands' sold and content squabbles

Summary: Apple has reportedly sold "hundreds of thousands" of the iPad so far and the device's sales could top the iPhone's debut after three months.The Wall Street Journal reported the iPad's sales figures, citing "people familiar with the matter.


Apple has reportedly sold "hundreds of thousands" of the iPad so far and the device's sales could top the iPhone's debut after three months.

The Wall Street Journal reported the iPad's sales figures, citing "people familiar with the matter." The Journal's story detailed how Apple was racing to secure content deals ahead of the iPad's launch April 3.

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Apple and media companies are negotiating pricing on TV shows. Deals with publishers---newspapers, magazines and textbooks---have been put on the backburner for now.

Not so surprisingly, media players are apparently weighing the risks and rewards of making Apple the content gatekeeper.

In any case, it appears that the iPad won't be launching with its full content arsenal when it hits the streets.

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  • This will be a revolution, the first tablet design that finally is viable

    and produced in massive quantities.

    Not all the credit goes to Apple though, it is
    partially the falling prices for processors, RAM,
    flash, displays, etc, the SHRINKING of the
    components, and, the reduced heat disipation
    possible with more powerful processers that use
    less energy.

    But, give Apple credit for being the first to put
    it all together!!

    Me, I will wait for an equivalent and cheaper
    Android device with SD slot and USB.
    • It will be interesting to look back in a year

      You may want to see how the content battle shakes out.

      The iPad is sure to have many solid competitors, if/when it succeeds. However, just as iTunes (love it or hate it) has made access to music a simple user experience, the iPad will do the same for portable video.

      I'm not saying a more open and flexible device, e.g. USB, SD slot, etc, won't be a good option. But, for some, the overall access to content will be more compelling.
      • I think it is a given that the iPad will be the first tablet that ships on

        a massive scale to the general public, not just
        small vertical niches. The initial sales figures I
        imagine will be confirmed soon.

        And, though I will wait for an Android tablet with
        SD / USB, like you said, maybe the majority does not
        care. I imagine that iPad will far, far outsell
        Android in the first year. Apple design is second to
        • SD/USB may scare content providers

          The last thing studios and networks want is the ability to move content
          out of the ecosystem, so SD/USB might very well be a liability for
          platforms that offer it. For devices like the iPad content is key, and Apple
          is doing everything it can [live with] to ensure that iTunes has access to
          that content.
          • But a USB adapter is an option for the iPad

            so would it be a real concern? I think they'll be some type of embedded DRM in the downloads.
    • It's more of a media device like the itouch, than a true tablet...

      In fact, it's just like itouch only larger and with added features, like e-reader with the extra size. I don't understand where the market is for this, like anyone would need an itouch and an ipad...or there are that many people right now with that much disposable income.
      We own an itouch and I might consider this for my wife someday (itouch was a gift to her) but only after the prices drop and it's full featured.

      not going to buy a crippled device, as you would say if it were an MS tablet shipping w/o 3G and many other features already on the list for "future" versions.

      Donnie, humor me, why is the ipad not "crippled" based on your usual standards of "holding back featured to charge for them later, forcing everyone to buy the full item all over again". That is how you have used it in the past, at least part of your definition, so what's different here?
      Why are you not talking it down and trying to tell people about the crippled nature of this media device?
      • MS etc tablets so far are barely functional, lousy hardware UI integration

        what's the point of tagging on features when they don't work properly
        together. Every Win tablet so far has been a flop.

        The Win tablet so far is like a car where the engine, wheels and
        transmission aren't connected together, the seat is upside down and
        the steering wheel is facing the back. When faced with a monstrosity
        like that their supporters say "it's got lots of cup holders!"

        Wired review of the Archos Win 7

        "While you can theoretically use your fingers to operate the device,
        this is in reality a fool's errand of the highest order. Accuracy is a
        problem, but pressure sensitivity is an even bigger one. In mere
        minutes of use, you'll find you're jabbing at the onscreen keyboard
        (conveniently loadable at the push of a hardware button, thankfully),
        only to find you are missing the right letter half the time.....Delays of
        more than a minute for applications to load are not uncommon with
        the Archos 9, and its performance benchmarks are truly rock-

      • It's more of a true tablet...Probably

        I think this is a definition problem.

        A true tablet is what exactly?

        It is not a PC with a flip screen pretending to be a tablet.

        It is a tablet, not pretending to be a PC.

        So it is probably a true tablet, it claims to be an iPad.

        Nobody knows what a tablet is - that has been half the problem.

        MS and it's hardware partners wee always pretending to design a
        tablet - and trying to Say that a Tablet PC was what a tablet was, the
        market has said otherwise.

        If Apple is right, then a Tablet is a midway device, between a pocket
        media player and a Computer/Laptop.

        If MS was right then a tablet is a way to sell more laptops by adding
        another mode.

        One of these approaches is revolutionary, the other is marketing.

        And as for crippled, so is every smartphone for not being a laptop,
        they have the processing power.

        Many new TVs have the processing power, the display, and the
        internet access to be full on computers, but they are not, they are also

        For that matter Cisco 2500 series routers were largely the same as
        Macintosh SE/30s, why not deride them for a lack of screen and

        The point is the iPad is what it is.

        Maybe some people want a camera built in, so in that case they
        should not rush out and buy one, as I would be most surprised if
        there isn't one in a later model. I would also bet that many educational
        institutions and companies will buy one because of the lack of

        What model do you take to market first? the one with or without all
        features possible? or All options and create manufacturing problems
        and confuse the consumers at the same time as introducing a new
        class of device?
  • RE: Apple's iPad: 'Hundreds of thousands' sold and content squabbles

    I think that there have been tablet pcs in the past and that they received not attention whatsoever. I think the iPad will work the way people expect a tablet computer to work and that they will be forever disappointed in the competition for any number of reasons, not the least of which will be that the iPad is easier to use and easier to get the content they want out of it.

    It will not be able to do everything a tablet with a full operating system can do. Nor will it be able to scramble eggs -- and it will matter about as much since people don't really need their tablets to do much more than the iPad. V.2 with video conferncing ability will be cool, and perhaps some sort of 3D screen for the next version.
    David Scubadiver
    • It's not a "PC" by any definition. It's a media device...just like itouch..

      only larger. It's hard to believe there are that many people who really need this on top of the itouch. Apparently a healthy sign for the economy, or the core buying sight unseen.

      There will be Apple tards that can't wait the extra 3 weeks for 3G, that will buy one out of the gate, then another 3 weeks later cause they need 3G.

      If I were a large publisher or content provider, knowing Apple is trying to sew up an experience before this things launches, I would play Apple's game and hold out for an extra 30% of profit for the same package already in discussion.

      I don't see how it will do well as an e-reader unless it has some kind of glare reduction. Kindle is a specific purpose device for a reason and the E-Ink technology is worth it. I'd never trade my kindle for a software reader on a video screen.

      What does this device buy you? It takes total portability out of the picture. At best it's something you might take with you..what..on watch movies? I surely don't get it. My wife's itouch is a cool device but the HP mini 311 with full win7 gets used about 90% more often. At not much over 2 lbs with a fantastice touch 92% keyboard and nvidia graphics, it is so much more than a media device for watching movies.
      email and any input is obviously not something you'd do with it unless you carry around a keyboard too.

      The HP slate at least has office and a full OS to actually do something and take the place of a mini laptop on occasions where heavy typing is not required....or you can enjoy media of your choice.
      • This isn't even a challenge anymore

        Say the device is an epic fail. When it isn't, insult the intelligence of the

        Rinse and repeat for the next Apple product.
        • He has a point

          [i]I don't see how it will do well as an e-reader unless it has some kind of glare reduction. Kindle is a specific purpose device for a reason and the E-Ink technology is worth it. I'd never trade my kindle for a software reader on a video screen.[/i]

          There's no mention in any of the sales figures as to what these people will be doing primarilly with the iPad.

          He could be dead on with the e-reader part. Maybe most of these people are going to have other plans for it?
      • The iPad is not a netbook

        I have bought an HP Mini 311 for my girl friend 'cause she wanted a netbook capable of displaying offline and online videos like Youtube stuff, and it was the only ION netbook I could find in my area. And you know what? I could not even imagine watching videos on this crap again: it is the worst display I have ever seen. Even alone in front of the screen I can't get a correct andgle. The Atom CPU power of this netbook (I guess it's a single Core with HT) is ridiculous. The touchpad is a crap thus totally unusable. The whole thing is a joke. Even though I can be called anything but an Apple fanboy (many would call me a Microsoft fanboy for you to know), I can still tell you I would prefer to pay twice the price and get an iPad rather than this netbook.

        But to understand that you may have to listen to my needs, which obviously will not match yours: at home, I want to be able to browse the web anywhere except sat down at my desk in front of my main computer; I am already at a desk in fornt of PCs the whole day so I will not to repeat the scene at home. I don't want Flash, the only reason it is installed on my main PC is for my girlfriend crazy Facebook games. I may want to view a few of my pictures: I can have them synced through iTunes (which I admit is a rotten soft on Windows but anyway), or directly access them on my private Picasa Web Albums. No, I will not process or even organize my pictures and data on an iPad, nor will I on a netbook or even a powerful laptop. I have my 24" screen Quad Core PC desktop PC for that purpose and any task requiring me to use an actual PC, or personal computer, with a full feature OS (Windows in my case, but could be MacOS or Linux, whatever you prefer). Using Excel, Outlook or Visio on a 10" screen netbook with a touchpad?? Haha, no way. Maybe I could just make some corrections on a document with an iPad but that's all. To sum things up: the iPad would be for me the tablet device (and not PC) which my Asus UMPC on Windows 7, any clamshell netbook or laptop cannot be: an Internet browsing and media consuming thinggy you can use in your sofa or bed, or even elsewhere, on which you can fire a few useful apps (useful to you at least!), maybe a small game to occupy 15 empty minutes, make a few corrections to a couple of docs, read your mail, just with your fingers, and without bothering handling a full featured OS and the related super powerful apps which is clearly not the goal here. And if you're outside waiting for the train or drinking a coffee? Just fire up your mobile device which the iPad is not: an iPhone or any other Android or whatever smartphone.

        So if you don't have the need for a user friendly but somewhat limited internet and media consuming device, feel free to use a super powerful set of software on a small and totally crappy device, your take. But don't get insulting to others who don't have the same need as you have. Thank you.
      • ...

        [i]It's hard to believe there are that many people who really need this on top of the itouch. Apparently a healthy sign for the economy, or the core buying sight unseen.[/i]

        They probably don't. Then again, life is full of things we want and don't really need. I would like to see of the people who buy the iPad and already own an iPod touch, if one gets used all the time while the other becomes ignored.

        Perhaps even more iPod touches will end up on ebay.
      • Interesting

        Didn't you predict that the iPad would be a fail? And yet here we are and they've sold hundreds of thousands of the units already.

        I have to agree that it is IMHO a larger version of the iPod touch - one that seems to be geared more towards the visual media (i.e. movies, ebooks) than the audio media... I have yet to read about anything that the iPad can do that the iPod touch can't and it quite honestly does not meet a need I have. And in all honesty I thought it would do well but this exceeded my expectations.


        Insulting those who see the iPad differently, insulting those who have a need for the iPad is kinda petty.
  • RE: Apple's iPad: 'Hundreds of thousands' sold and content squabbles

    When are many of you going to understand that this device is not suppose to be a full fledged computer. Period!

    Why would any computer manufacture produce a tablet that has all the ports and all the features of a portable computer, especially at a much lower price. It would kill the sales of their laptops.

    It brings another price point and SKU to the market place

    And, for those of you who don't understand the demographic of this device. It's truly brilliant!

    And, it's not for the Techie!

    The iPad targets...

    1. It's for the casual email, internet surfer who wants to use it around the home or take on vacation where they can watch video, read and a few other things.
    (example- your Parents or grandparents)

    2. It's for the person who has a desktop and would like a portable device to do a few things.

    3. It's for the first time Apple customer
    (which there will be many)

    4. It's a great travel device for all ages.

    This device will change a lot of things (Apple has a habit of doing so)

    For me, I am buying one for my parents who only check email and rarely get online. Who also happen to read and love pictures of the grand kids.

    I am buying another one for my sister who needs another device to check email because her kids wont get off the main computer in the home.

    lastly this device may even reach the business side of things.

    So those of you complaining about what it doesn't have, should try and see what it is. It's exactly what a huge part of the market is wanting.
  • RE: Apple's iPad: 'Hundreds of thousands' sold and content squabbles

    I agree with you.

    If the next gen gets a front facing camera for Skype, I'll get one for my retired parents who live overseas. It was a challenge trying to teach them how to use a Vista laptop, only for checking email, using Skype and viewing pictures of their grandson.

    Something like the iPad, a user friendly media device/very basic tablet is right up their alley, again, given that a front facing camera or camera attachment with mic is possible.

    For myself, I'd love one to check sports scores and updates, or even reading magazines and web browsing, while watching TV. It could also easily double as a picture frame with slide show pics.
  • RE: Apple's iPad: 'Hundreds of thousands' sold and content squabbles

    I am a full-on hard-core Mac owner (I also use PC's at

    That being said, I have never owned an Ipod, classic, Nano,
    shuffle, Itouch, Iphone etc. I just never felt the need, even
    though I am a big fan of multimedia content.

    But, and here it is... I can't wait for the Ipad (i've pre-
    ordered), big screen (my eyesight is failing), I will actually
    get to watch a movie without squinting though a
    magnifying glass. I will be able to read magazines and
    books and load the 32 Gigs worth of tuneage I have sitting
    on my Powerbook. Manna from heaven.

    The Ipad doesn't have a phone? I don't care and it's a bit
    big to hold next to your ear.
    I have a cheap mobile ($50 bucks), $10 a month and it
    makes phone calls... it's a phone, I don't need the rest of
    the gak they load onto those little things, and my big
    oversized meat mitts can't press the tiny little keys on
    those tiny little keypads. And the cameras on 'em? Gimme
    an SLR instead.

    Rock on Ipad!
    Mr. Toad
  • All this proves is...

    ...there are "hundreds of thousands" of people with more money than brains.

    Can't wait until v2 & v3 are released with more functionality for less money...just like the iPhraud.
    • Exactly

      You have people inventing their need for the thing. Then they'll complain about lack of functionality and wait for Apple to release new models which they will go and buy. In that aspect I must say Apple is genious. They have people breaking their necks to buy the same device over and over with nothing more than a software update.