gives up on search, surrenders to Google gives up on search, surrenders to Google

Summary: is calling it quits in the search business, admitting that Google was too big to challenge.

TOPICS: Browser, Google
6, a search engine that tried for years to get Web surfers to conduct their searches by asking a question, is giving up on its core business. Company executives told Bloomberg that it is cutting 130 engineering jobs and ceasing its work on algorithmic search technology.

Five years ago, media mogul Barry Diller bought for $1.85 billion, thinking that it could innovate itself enough to become a bigger competitor against Google. But in an e-mailed statement to Bloomberg, Diller said: “We’ve realized in the last few years you can’t compete head on with Google”

The engineering operations will be consolidated at the company's headquarters in Oakland, Calif. and will focus on developing an online Q&A service.

Topics: Browser, Google

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  • That is sad...

    As people say "the more the merrier", but in this case it is less and not looking good. There are now how many true search engines? Two? Three? The point is not very many. Ahh, the good ol' days of AskJeeves. Well, everything must come to an end at some point. Right now, my primary search providers are Google and Bing and hopefully they don't go belly up anytime soon.
  • Finally

    No more of the toolbars being bundled with software. Both Bing and Google should stop this horrendous practice too.
  • was bad news!

    I blow slimy Ask off every 'puter I service.<br>mywebsearch spyware would flood the machine if you let it in. And, unless vigilance was maintained, it would sneak onto your program list.<br>Even its 'uninstaller' would refuse to uninstall, but try to reinstall.<br>Good riddance!
  • RE: gives up on search, surrenders to Google

    agreed with all , AskJeeves was cool ,The toolbars from he** ruined them
  • sure you can go head on with google

    you just need to be willing to lose obscene amounts of money and never ever have to worry about that pesky profit and loss thing. just ask microsoft. msn search, live search, bing, whatever... have lost billions and billions and billions of dollars. that's how you go head on with google.
  • RE: gives up on search, surrenders to Google

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