Ballmer egged in Hungary

Ballmer egged in Hungary

Summary: Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer was egged at a Hungarian University and had to take cover under a desk.The find, via CNET's Matt Asay, is crazy.

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Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer was egged at a Hungarian University and had to take cover under a desk.

The find, via CNET's Matt Asay, is crazy. Ballmer took it in stride, but makes you wonder. What if this guy had something much worse than eggs on him? In any case, it's worth a view.

Topic: Microsoft

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  • M$ thugs got exposed in Hungary

    Here we see a concern citizen that fights against M$ plundering his country using a non violent protest.
    Of course Ballmer had nothing to say about acusations because they are real and he can't accept any meaningfull debabe about M$ dirty deeds.
    Linux Geek
    • Post says Non-violent???

      Since when is throwing things at someone "non-violent"? Maybe they should have just non-violently keyed his car, or turned a hose on him???

      Sure, it wasn't deadly force or anything, but physical abuse is NOT non-violent is it?

      • Changing times

        When I was a kid throwing eggs was mischief. Now it's violence.

        Yes, throwing eggs isn't deadly force. Good observation. So what level of force is it? Nose-punching? Shin-kicking? Love-tapping?

        none none
        • It really depends

          on where it hits. I'm sure you wouldn't laugh it off as mischief if it hit you square in the eye to the point of vision loss, would you?
        • Maybe it's . . .

          attempted murder by trying to raise his cholesterol level from a distance . . . . ;)
        • Perhaps

          If it is motivated by Windows/Linux rivalry, perhaps Loverocking.
    • RE: M$ thugs got exposed in Hungary

      Chucking eggs at people isn't exactly non-violent.
      • Not Surprised

        Frankly, after some of his comments and his attitude towards Open Source and Linux, he's lucky it was only eggs. One catches many more flies with honey than vinegar.
  • RE: Ballmer egged in Hungary

    This was definitely done by a linux fanboy. They are the most ruthless, uncaring, and selfish group of the lot and have little regards for anyone's safety. We should be thankful that he was not injured this time but what if it happens again? And they decide not to use eggs but something much more lethal. On the plus side this only makes linux and its community look bad and gives one more reason not to fall for their deception. That guy should be put on trial for for assult and battery, intent to kill, and a hazard to the public. Lock him away so he will never be in a public place again. This my friends is what the linux community has come down to! Physical assults on some of the greatest leaders in the IT sector. We need to stand up against this behavior and eradicate linux from our lives so that we will no longer have incidents like this!

    At least a good leader like Steve Ballmer was able to proceed knowing that an assultive linux fanboy cannot stop him. Now that is power!
    Loverock Davidson
    • Please, Loverock

      ... give me one reason, other than your personal biases and possible delusions, why you think this person was a "Linux Fanboy".

      Any mention of Linux in the story? No.
      Any mention of Linux in the video? No.

      What could make you think that?

      Only one possibility - you associate people who oppose Microsoft as people who use Linux. Sad, prejudiced Loverock.

      NOTE: Though I can see your logical fallacies and unwarranted assumptions, I am also an SQL Server DBA, and a .NET programmer, and have never used or programmed for Linux. Logic and reality are separate from O/S, company, or programming language.
      • You just answered your own question

        [i]Only one possibility - you associate people who oppose Microsoft as people who use Linux.[/i]

        Isn't that true? From what I see it is. No one in their right mind would egg another person, especially a high powered CEO, in public unless they have 100% pure hatred for the person, which linux fanboys have shown over and over again to do. They offer death threats and physical harm. There is no reason to believe otherwise that this wasn't done by a linux fanboy. They have a documented history of being unstable in large crowds, especially when Microsoft is involved. So tell me how you think its NOT linux fanboys.
        Loverock Davidson
        • Nope

          OS-X users
          Solaris Users
          BSD Users
          Vista Home Basic Class Action Lawsuit
          Vista Ultimate Extras Dissolusioned customers
          Keep XP alive petitioners
          Hundreds of thousands who lost their jobs over the past 20 years of MS entend and extinguish.
          Heck, how about ex MS employees who fail to live in India and speak broken English?

          That said, it isn't only high powered CIOs who get egged. Military recruiters, the ultra conservative woman (pie I think), anyone who p*sses anyone off. The only good part of your post is too wordy.

          [deleted:They][B] People have a documented history of being unstable in large crowds[/B]

          Your post was not up to Coxian standards, far too easy to rebut.

          • Message has been deleted.

            Loverock Davidson
          • Much Better! 8.3

            You should have been that clear in your first fishing expedition.

          • Well

            I didn't think I would have to explain it to you 3 times, but that does show the intelligence of the average linux user.
            Loverock Davidson
          • Deleted for telling the truth?

            and you wonder why zdnet has gone to crap, and the new format isn't helping at all.
            Loverock Davidson
          • Message has been deleted.

          • You posted no truth.

            Just an opinion based on extreme prejudice and hatred. So
            extreme is your view that you actually see this poorly
            reasoned "opinion" as truth.
        • Maybe it's

          just pure anarchy! A group against any technology, regardless of OS bias. Beautiful, beautiful anarchy.
        • I hear...

          The story is that Steve Ballmer had himself egged. Odd as it may seem, it was the brainchild of his political adviser (that is another story). Steve's adviser told him that he needs to soften his image. The result: become a victim. I was so moved at the pathetic image of him hiding under a desk from an egg, (I know, he could have lost an eye!!) that I am submitting a petition to the U.N. to have eggs banned in Hungary from any chickens that use Linux!