Bing gains search share on Yahoo, Google

Bing gains search share on Yahoo, Google

Summary: Microsoft's Bing search engine maintained momentum in July and gained a bit on both Google and Yahoo.According to comScore data (Techmeme), as relayed by Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster, Google wound up with July search share of 64.


Microsoft's Bing search engine maintained momentum in July and gained a bit on both Google and Yahoo.

According to comScore data (Techmeme), as relayed by Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster, Google wound up with July search share of 64.7 percent, down from 65 percent in June. Microsoft was up to 8.9 percent in July, up from 8.4 percent in June.

Now these incremental gains don't signal a huge trend or anything, but they could add up over time. The more important item may be overall search trend growth. Here's what Munster said:

Bottom line is we view yesterday's comScore data to represent a potential headwind to Google's Q3, but note that paid click data will give a more accurate representation of the search marketplace. Google's total U.S. queries were down 4% m/m and up 21% y/y in July, which is the slowest y/y increase in queries reported by comScore data since 2005. We note that Google's monthly U.S. query total, as well as the overall U.S. query volume, has trended down m/m for the past three months following all time highs in April.

If Bing continues to gain share it will present an interesting wrinkle to the Microsoft-Yahoo search pact. Consider the following:

  • Microsoft continues to gain share on Yahoo;
  • The Microsoft-Yahoo pact takes two-years to implement and perhaps longer if regulators have problems with the deal;
  • Advertisers migrate to Microsoft today (from Yahoo) since it will have the ad platform going forward;
  • Regulators can the Microsoft-Yahoo deal;
  • Microsoft wins anyway.

Topics: Browser, Google, Social Enterprise

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  • Strange guesses or hopes?

    [i]"Advertisers migrate to Microsoft today since it will have the ad platform going forward"[/i]

    Why? Google makes MS look like a microbe and advertisers want to be where the money is, i.e. where the [b]people[/b] is.

    What MS has is an effort to copy Google and make money on ads, i.e. not much to write home about.

    Google founders did something very good a few years ago, invented a search that actually is useful. I seriously doubt MS has what it takes to do better. Google's role as The king of search is not likely to change anytime soon in other words.
    • You give Google too much credit

      It depends on who the advertisers are and who Google's target market is.

      We will see if this is no big deal as you surmise, by watching Google's reaction to this going forward. If they do absolutelly nothing, Then I will say you are totally correct, if they react, then it would be safe to assume they see some sort of threat.
      • thought this was clear but....

        When I wrote the Microsoft ad platform thing it was part of bullets attached to the Yahoo deal. I rephrased. What I meant was that Yahoo advertisers migrate to Microsoft's ad platform since that will be the dominant system when the Microhoo deal closes.
        Larry Dignan
  • RE: Bing gains search share on Yahoo, Google

    If Bing continues as is, that share will never grow.
    After giving Bing about a dozen chances and compared the same results using Google. The top ten returns on Bing have been for the most part useless. About 80% of the Google returns are relevant.
    I've made Google my primary search engine and removed Bing.
    • I decided to give....

      it a try for about a month and I have different results than you. After searching almost a year on Google for document I came up empty. The first search I did on Bing gave me the document I was looking for.
    • RE: Bing gains search share on Yahoo, Google

      I do the same test and Bing comes out way ahad of google.
      Of the google hits I had to go to page 14 to find qwhat I was looking for and Bing listed what I was looking for as the number one link.

      Guess it depends on what you're looking for.
  • Click fraud. Microsoft employees directed to set Bing

    as their default web page when opening IE. In the course
    of everyday work at Redmond, every time someone opens IE
    it hits the site.
    • Not enough Softies to make a dent...

      You really think MS employees setting their homepage to is affecting the numbers? I doubt it highly.

      I might buy that when MS rolled out their last patch it reset the default browser to BING. Some users haven't noticed or cared and some enterprise users are locked from changing it back (maybe).

      To think it's MS employees shifting the demographic is unrealistic.
    • Hoolywood ... we all know your agenda

      Your dislike anything MS clouds your judgment and therefore any real credibilty of your statements.
    • And what about Google's employees

      Surprised about this comment... You probably think that Google's employee default web page is or ?

      Bing is truly gaining market share and this trend will continue for a while until Google comes up with a better search engine. Google have been the ?king of the world? for a few years and honestly their search engine has not evolved for some time. It seems like everybody was happy with it? so why make it better? It reminds me of Internet explorer when Netscape got out of the way. Competition makes things better but who am I to remind anybody this fact.

      Bing came along, loaded with new and interesting features that make us realize that we can expect more from a truly semantic search engine. In terms of search results, Bing is pretty much equal to Google except for local search than needs to be improved (Still no version for Canada either). Bing is not perfect but Google isn?t either. In the end it is us, the users that profits from the new, true and refreshing search engine war. I?m no big fan of Google or MS. Both companies have good and bad products. I am honestly tired to read comments about Google fans that take anything positive said about MS or anything negative said about Google very emotionally. I am simply here to remind you what these tools are: Plain and simple tools and not one of your child or anything else that you should really care about. The Mac, Google, Microsoft, Open source community are simply more tools for a better understanding of our world and to make our day to day a little easier.

      Cool is the way to go I think. It makes us use the best tools.
      • There is a Narrative here, Microsoft is your dad trying to be cool

        Their success is due only to milking money from a monopoly. Their music player - it's very name has become synonymous with failure. Every product they make that has to compete in a truly competitive marketplace fails. They're in a long period of decline and the board of directors sees fit to have a salesman in the captains chair, rather than a technology visionary. Sometimes people are just so loathsome that it's enjoyable to watch them fail.
        What would change my mind? If they actually did come out with products two or three generations ahead of anything that's out there. They've got more money than God, so why aren't they doing this?
        I was unaware of the IE update switching everyone to Bing. I don't ever use IE, so I didn't notice, but thanks whoever pointed that out.
        • Again... the conspiracy theory

          Once again, someone is complaining about MS?s market share and forgets that every time he goes on the Internet, Google is cashing from it?s add program. Some of you are missing the point here, If the actual trend continues, we will end up in a situation where Google will own the web. I can see the Google (mystical) ranking decide the success of anyone on the web. I can see a situation where Google can interpret the web and show its own version for all kinds of reason. I hate this vision. What we need right now a strong other player in the search market, sorry but Yahoo is just lame. M$ is the only player that seems to have decided to join the game. Better features, an alternative ranking, and another view of what the web contains. It makes sense to me anyway.

          It is not MS products anyone should be offended by, it?s their business model. But as far as I am concerned their doing ok and the Open source community is there to remind them to make sure we pay for what we get. Right MS have competition in every market including OS where they seem to have lost some market share due to the flawed Vista. If anyone doesn?t like a MS product, I suggest the just don?t buy it. That?s it and the market will take care of the rest.
        • The update...

          didn't switch me. The search results did. It also only switched using the express install.
          • Switched my Search Suggestions from Bang to Google

            That search suggestion switch they gave everybody
            via Windows Update is probably single handedly
            responsible for the little 1/2 of 1% market share
            bump they were so thrilled about that they sent
            out press releases.
            You can switch in internet options, and replace
            bang with suggestions from any number of others,
            including Google.
        • Mr. take your medication...your name says it all

          the land of fruits and nuts
    • Click fraud? No, anti-trust violation.

      Somewhat irrelevant. What is relevant, however,
      is that (1) Bing is added back to the list of
      search engines you use when you install IE8, een
      if you have previously removed it (or if you
      have removed Live Search, which Bing replaces),
      and (2) IE8 is now a "critical update."

      So anyone who either has Windows Updates set for
      automatic, or who performs Windows Updates
      monthly, now has Bing in their list of search
      engines, and Bing will get a hit every time they
      open IE8.
    • And Crome Browser uses Google by default

      Of course they are going to make their employees use Bing. Jeez! If you worked for GM and showed up to work in a Prius you'd definitely be asked about it by you boss. That's part of being in a company.

      I'm guessing you work for a small company, 100 people or so, and don't understand how a large corps. work. Basically, its like this: when in public, shut up, drink the cool-aid, or get out. Anyone at MS who would even suggest that anyone should use Google would be out of the company so fast.

      BTW, how many Google employees do you think use Bing?
      A Gray
    • That's over 60K hits each morning! (NT)

      No More Microsoft Software Ever!
    • Ever hear of "Dogfooding"? Get your education right here...

      I think your tinfoil hat is cutting off oxygen to your brain...
  • Isn't Bing Yahoo?

    Or has Bing taken over yet?