Bright ideas, big wait on tech payback


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  • Potential of many ideas still not realised

    In the article it was stated that Larry Ellison took Codd's ideas from IBM and implemented them.

    This isn't really the truth. Ellison took IBM's proposed implementation of Codd's ideas.

    We are still living with the consequences of this flawed implementation.

    We might consider the following facts. Oracle still can't deliver a DBMS that will perform adequately with a logically correct database design. This means that all sorts of compromises have to be made regarding logical correctness with consequent corruption of data and inaccuracies. I think there is a direct connection between the fact the the database design for Oracle CRM is riddled with columns duplicated in other tables and documented as "denormalized for performance reasons" and the fact that more than 20,000 bugs were reported in Oracle CRM while they were implementing the software at a major European customer.

    Oracle are in many respects the DBMS equivalent of Microsoft. They have brought something to market that was good enough to make sales at the time of it's inception but clearly failed to realise the ideas on which it was based. In fact in all sorts of ways openly flaunts the basic principles with serious consequences for data quality, productivity and performance.

    Sadly basic research in the RDBMS arena is a sadly neglected field. The main vendors seem to be mainly preoccupied with "fixing" SQL until it has been so thoroughly "fixed" as to be totally illogical.
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