China clears Google, Motorola merger: Deal to close 'within days'

China clears Google, Motorola merger: Deal to close 'within days'

Summary: Following China's approval of the deal, Google is set to acquire smartphone maker Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion as soon as this coming week.

TOPICS: Banking, Google, Mobility

Chinese antitrust and competition regulators have cleared Google's move to acquire Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion, completing the worldwide regulatory review process.

A Google spokesperson confirmed the Chinese government had given the merger the green light on Saturday. The deal is set to close early in this coming week.

The deal had to be approved by a series of regulators around the world, not limited to the United States and Europe.

Both authorities across the pond cleared the deal within hours of each other in February, leaving Israel, Taiwan, and China to mull over the deal.

China was the last hurdle in the chain of regulators to approve the merger. A second phase of the review caused the investigation to be delayed, as tensions between Google and the Chinese continued to stir.

After all, it comes only a couple of years after Google accused the Chinese government of hacking its networks, which led the search company to famously leaving the country altogether.

The Associated PressReuters, and the Wall Street Journal are reporting that to attain China's approval of the merger, Google had to agree to make Android "free and open" for at least the next five years, presumably to keep Google--Motorola from denying other handset makers access to the mobile operating system or from giving Motorola-made handsets an advantage over competing devices.

The move is significant for Google, as it allows the Android mobile operating system maker --- which has the majority of the global mobile market share --- to complete the smartphone ecosystem by acquiring handset maker Motorola Mobility.

Google will also receive Motorola's vast portfolio of around 17,000 patents and 6,800 pending applications in the deal.


Topics: Banking, Google, Mobility

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  • Good to see the Communists have the final word

    Attaboy. Makes me proud as a flag waving dolt.
  • Awesome

    Happy that it is finally done! Now the awesome hardware of Moto combined with he awesome Software of Google without the junk. This could make for the best team in the business.
  • Google this is flight command. All systems go. You are clear for launch.

    This is grand news, especially considering Motorola Mobility's huge win before the ITC yesterday. I was fairly doubtful China was going to sign off on this deal, what with their issues with Google.

    We get to have our mobile revolution now, and it can't be stopped. 24,000 patents and applications arsenal for the defense of Android! Unbelievable.

    Google's stock is sure to make a solid bounce on Monday. HP and Dell had better watch out.
  • I thought they weren't in China?

    I thought they were avoiding China? Why did they need Chinese permission?
    • Motorola is

      It appears you didn't notice at all that Google was buying the "mobility" version of Motorola.
  • apple, M$ & ORACLE ARE NOW TOAST

    WITH a iron fist Google will knock it's evil foes!
    The Linux Geek
    • Errrr

      Sniffing the glue again? Or was it some other redneck high.
  • Coincidence?

    Did anyone notice that Google's plan of expanding the Nexus program for five OEMs leaked just before China's approval?
  • Google Is Unstoppable!

    If Google gets any stronger the government might seriously start viewing them as a monopoly. But if you think about it Google isnt necessarily stopping other companies from competing. Anyone with the right amount of money and KNOW-HOW can start up a Search Engine, and add on additional services and products as they grow financially.
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  • Finally....

    I can finally get my money from my MotMob shares.