Chinese government: Don't blame us for cyber attacks

Chinese government: Don't blame us for cyber attacks

Summary: The Chinese government officially denies involvement with cyber attacks and also notes that its regulation of the Internet is legal.


The official statement came out of Beijing first thing Monday morning:  the Chinese government didn't have anything to do with the cyber attacks on Google and other countries, according to reports. Furthermore, such accusations are "groundless" and aim to "denigrate China," a government spokesperson said, and the government is firmly opposed to that.

And, just to be clear, China says its regulation of the Internet is legal and, as such, should not be interfered with by outside parties - and that includes the U.S.

Earlier this month, when Google blew the whistle on the December attacks, it never came right out and accused the government of being involved. It simply said that, as a result of the attacks, as well as other reasons, it would no longer censor results on its Chinese site and was willing to shut down its operations in China over it.

Now, as the U.S. government has backed Internet freedom - and, indirectly, Google's position - tensions have increased between the two countries. In a CNET report, a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman is quoted as saying:

The U.S. has criticized China's policies to administer the Internet and insinuated that China restricts Internet freedom... This runs contrary to the facts and is harmful to China-U.S. relations.

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  • No one expected anything else.

    You didn't think they would admit to doing it did you?
    • No, but you would think that they could come up

      With something better than a flat denial.... maybe a scapegoat or two.
  • This is the equivalent of Tony Soprano saying...

    ..."Hey, I run a legitimate business."
  • We can't say anything - they own us

    But it was worth all the cheap toxic crap they sold us, right?
  • even if they did admit to it...

    What is our government going to do about it? It's like
    ejhonda posted "We can't do anything about it - they own

    God forbid we ruin our relationships with china.
  • RE: Chinese government:

    Someone has a credibility problem.
  • China doesn't own me

    Mostly because I'm not in debt to them personally. Nor am I in debt to them nationally since I am not the recipient of any of those "services" our government took out loans for. I can only be held responsible for our government if I'm allowed to personally administer any part of it.

    Of course it's legal for China to regulate the Internet within its borders. No one is arguing differently. Leave it to the deceitful PRC to deliberately troll a red herring in front of the world to confuse and obfuscate the issue. The rulers of China are just as stupid as the rulers of any western nation; just because something is legal, doesn't make it RIGHT.
    • No, it isn't legal

      When it goes against human rights. Even the people in the United States say that regulation of the internet is only acceptable in a VERY few cases.... child pornography and hate speech being the major two.
      • Yes... it is

        There is no overriding law for "Human Rights".
        I'm not saying that what China is doing is
        right. Believe me. I lived there for 4 years
        with my I-net access severely limited and
        monitored. So i have first hand experience.

        however, It is perfectly legal for them to do
        so. China has not given up its rights as a
        sovereign nation. International treaties
        aside, those are just "agreements" and not
        binding decisions with punitive actions if a
        country doesn't follow them.

        You say "people in the United States", that's
        exactly it. Fortunately, we DO have a say. In
        China, a FEW have a say.

        The Chinese government, whether it be PRC, KMT,
        or back into the dynasties has always been
        about controlling the populous in order to
        maintain peace and stability. Controlling the
        flow of information is the best way to exercise

        It goes back again to sovereign rights of each
        individual nation. Each SOVEREIGN nation can
        make whatever laws it sees fit and govern it's
        people in whatever way it sees fit. Doesn't
        mean we have to agree with it or mean it's

        It's the reality of the situation, but it is
        still legal.

  • Don't blame us? Yeah, right.

    Oh come on, really. Who else would benefit from a list of Chinese dissenters? What country's nationals practice by attacking sites that disparage the communist government and leave landing pages that brag "attacked by Chinese hackers?" What government regularly censors the press and filter web sites?

    Who else would we blame? Especially when google can track the attacks back?
    • Person who did this is smart...

      I'm not taking sides or anything, but if I were a cyber criminal trying to hide my motives, the thing I would do is create a "paper trail" placing blame on somebody else... in this case, the human rights issues in China.

      All China needs to do is to come up with a warrant to get this information. If they are as corrupt as we all think, then it should be no problem to get this type of document front and center in no time. Why go through all the trouble to hack in and expose Google's weaknesses so they can patch them... hence, removing that chance to exploit it later?

      And I guess the other websites that also got attacked, like Adobe, has got human rights information on their servers as well?

      Doesn't make sense.

      I don't like the words "false-flag" but this looks to be like that kind of operation.
      • I agree 100%

        If the Chinese Government wanted data from Google's servers, they could have just sent the troops in.

        Who could/would stop them?

  • RE: Chinese government: Don't blame us for cyber attacks

    Let's be blunt here... outsourcing our economy to a dictatorship is treason, no matter how much money you make off it. We can never trust China, or the oil countries (other than Canada, to a point..) as we need to be somewhat in control of our own country. If China "cuts us off", we simply devalue our currency, and renounce our debts. Will it hurt us? Damn right, but we'll survive... and even learn how to manufacture again.
    • Easier said than done...

      Devalue the currency and renounce debt? that would be the end of the global economy as we know it. Thanks to your suggestion, if the US does this, what's stopping other countries from doing the same thing? Pretty soon, we'll all be back in the stone ages in terms of the economy.

      Why don't you guys just do what you always do. If you have a population of people sitting on a goldmine of resources, and unwilling to give it up, just make them your enemy and move in... Sound familiar? If not, entertain yourself and go watch Avatar and learn the moral of the story.
    • You have to be kidding?

      We can never trust China, or the oil countries (other than Canada, to a point..)

      Other then a point??? What point is that? You have to be kidding. If the U.S. ever gets in trouble with energy and comes knocking on Canada's door, if you have a brain you know that Canada would be right there with a helping hand. Don't be critical of Canada just because Canada doesn't march in step with everything the U.S. wants to do. There are hardly two closer political friends in the world besides the U.S. and Canada. All your kind of thinking does is make the rest of the world not trust the U.S.

      You talk like some right wing maniac. "Its us against the world!!" Ya, right. Thats been a political winner throughout history. Take a good look around the world and then through the history books and you will get a pretty good idea on how the "us against the world" mentality has panned out in the past for other countries.

      Its the same story with your type. You are so proud of your country you would gladly throw it over the cliff in the thought that it can survive anything. Thats simply a good way to start the downward spiral that has no good resolution to it.

      If you want to toughen up to help your country survive, learn how to toughen up a bit and bite your tongue once in a while and let your country work its way through the political quagmire thats far far more tricky then most right wing nationalists care to admit.
  • Earth to Chinese Government....

    We know you are incorrigible liars. We know this
    because you are an evil dictatorship. Every evil
    dictator turns to lying to cover up his crimes, we know
    you are no exception.

    Why, we have enough trouble with democratically elected
    leaders lying to cover up their evil. So of course we
    know you do it too.

    We also know that evil dictators think they are
    achieving a great victory when they steal private info
    from dissidents. We also know that evil dictators go
    into a frenzy of hatred when a dissident exposes their
    evil deeds to the light.

    So of course we know you are guilty, your lies cannot
    cover it up.

    On the contrary: Google has done the entire free world
    a favor by exposing your thieving, lying ways.
    • We know...what?

      Well, sir, you don't know sh*t!
      China is not a dictatorship. Are you confused China with N Korea? That's right, being a redneck American, you probably can't even find Washington DC on the map.
      "Steal private info"? It's not necessary in China. Most things are recorded and stored in the government systems. Sure, there's less privacy, however, this is a western cultural aspect and value.
      China is a democratic country, maybe not the same democracy definition and practices, still it's democratic country. How did you learn anything about China? That's right, media. If it's printed in the papers, it must be true.
      This is just another consipiracy by the US govt if you ask me. Things are not looking flash back home, let's look for something to take people's mind off it. Iraq is getting old, let's pick on China. I wonder how much Google got paid or what treats have been promised...
      • Take your meds, dude!

  • LOL

    "Chineses cannot be trust it"

  • Case Closed

    If the Chinese Government says they don't restrict internet freedom then thats the end of it. Google can remove censorship - end of problem.