Cisco slaps TiVo with patent suit over DVRs

Cisco slaps TiVo with patent suit over DVRs

Summary: Cisco sues TiVo over -- what else -- patent infringement, but Cisco wants some of TiVo's patents voided altogether.


It's another summer day, and a new patent infringement suit sprouts up in the technology world.

Now that Oracle v. Google has wrapped up all save for an appeal, U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California will be kept busy this summer not just by Apple v. Samsung and Yahoo v. Facebook, but now also Cisco Systems v. TiVo.

Cisco has slapped the living room entertainment company with a lawsuit over patent infringement regarding digital video recorder box technology.

Similar to another case that recently went on at the federal courthouse in San Francisco, this lawsuit, filed in San Jose also concerns licensing but comes with another twist.

According to Reuters, Cisco wants the court to grant an order that would void specified TiVo patents or declare that Cisco and its DVRs are not infringing them.

Cisco sells DVR technology through its subsidiary Scientific Atlanta, which was acquired in 2006. From there, Scientific Atlanta sells Cisco's DVR boxes to cable television providers nationwide, including Time Warner and DirecTV.

Thus, whatever comes about from this lawsuit could have significant ramifications throughout the industry given how widespread the technology is.

Reuters also quoted Brean Murray analyst Todd Mitchell as describing this lawsuit as a "a David vs. Goliath situation," with Cisco taking the place of Goliath. But if you really remember how that story goes, then TiVo should have a chance here.

Tivo is already in another legal battle with Motorola and Time Warner Cable over patented technology on DVR boxes. TiVo recently responded in that situation with a counter suit of its own in March.


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  • I hope more patents are thrown out

    I wonder how many should have been thrown out if the Patent Office had done its due dilligence and recognised those based on prior art rather than rubber stamped what had gone unchallenged by other companies.

    Will some future companies with deep pockets take the PO to court to challenge them and thus undermine the plethora of frivolous patents as well as prompt the PO to do its job properly?