Cloud support: Who ya gonna call?

Cloud support: Who ya gonna call?

Summary: My Google Apps work calendar has been down for more than five hours and the most frustrating thing: There's no one to yell at.

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Updated: My Google Apps work calendar was down for more than six hours and the most frustrating thing: There's no one to yell at.

The calendar just returned around 5:30 EDT.  But for most of the day my appointments looked like this:

Here's the support-go-round. Our internal support folks file a ticket with Google. You get a message like this:

We are experiencing an outage for Google Calendar. Currently, we do not have an estimated time on when it will be fixed, but we are actively working with the Google engineers to resolve the issue as soon as possible. We apologize for the inconvenience.

But resolving the issue really depends on Google's support, which hasn't really been tested yet. The Google Apps deployment has largely gone fine.

Now I lived without a calendar for a bit, but will want some sort of backup if there's a repeat. The most galling issue: There's no one to really yell at. At least if it's internally supported there's someone to vent to.

Topics: Google, Cloud

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  • Seen the movie "Back to the Mainframe"?

    Your problem is eerily familiar, Larry. I used to have similar problems, but then I got a standalone computer that would run my software even when the mainframe was down, or I was on an airplane. Heaven.
    • Spot on!

      @batpox Nuf said
  • RE: Cloud support: Who ya gonna call?

    And that is why the government didn't choose Google. Maybe you didn't get support because they were too busy playing with office toys.
    Loverock Davidson
  • RE: Cloud support: Who ya gonna call?

    I've also had lots of headaches with Gcal. After installing Gears with Chrome it would end up in an endless loop for Google Apps. All the suggestions in the support forums took me round in circles. Yep I wish there was someone I could shout at!
  • Cloud apps, so where is the offline catch?

    You have a calendar with no offline catch so you can work when the server is down? Hm... Maybe it is time to chose something that fits your needs better and has backup plan.

    I too can live with the back end system down for a period of time with the attendant I cannot add, modify or delete appointments online. However I need the information available to me locally all the time so I can meet my existing commitments (appointments).
  • RE: Cloud support: Who ya gonna call?

    What the hell do you expect - leaving your important data/whatever "up there" somewhere? How foolish can you get?
  • Who Uses This Stuff?

    I can't imagine a meduim or large company dumping desktop or internally served applications for some 3rd party cloud alternative. I could just hear our VPs screaming, "What do you mean you can't get them on the phone!? Fix this NOW!" No way Jose...
  • And behold...

    The generation of 2k10 and on are diving headlong into the 60's to 80's mainframe/minicomputer hell by putting all their eggs in one basket called "the cloud." At least back in the day the systems didn't "belly up" as often.
  • Ask (The) Who

    Go to the mirror, boy!
  • You get what you pay for

    One of my clients (50 users) just moved completely to google. The person who made the decision was, you guessed it, the accountant. No clue what he was getting his company into. Now every time their internet drops, their company is dead in the water. Wow, that saved how much a month? I make sure my phone is, ah, "broken" when they lose their connection...
  • Microsoft Outlook anyone?

    MS Outlook has supported offline mode for some time and its quite a mature feature now. It provides you with a local copy of your data, useful when the server is down. Maybe traditional client server apps like this need to be reconsidered and we slow down with the headlong rush into the cloud.